Communist inquisition: torture of spiritual practitioners

Below is the article from the JoS book Black Sun 666, Inquisition is NOT over.

I recently went on vacation to the west coast. When visiting Chinatown, an elderly Chinese woman approached my mother and me on the street corner with some newspapers. The newspapers contained accounts of mass murder, torture and other heinous crimes against humanity committed and ongoing by the Chinese communists. I informed her that myself and others were aware and were working against this monster. She bowed to me and hugged my mother.

Upon reading the paper, the theme was of how the communists are persecuting practitioners of Falun Gong.

Falun Gong is somewhat like Chi Kung. Practice of Falun Gong, like Tai Chi and the internal martial arts transforms the soul and amplifies the chi/witchpower, which is a threat to Jewish control. Unbeknownst to most people, Christianity is a preparation for and a stepping off point to communism. Many are deluded as to the root of communism, which is the International Jew. Normally, there are the Gentile front men and the controlling and advising Jews working behind the scenes who have full control.

People are deluded and blame the Russians, the Chinese and others who have been victims of this program, but the root is the Jews who believe they are entitled to be “God.” In truth, YHVH is the Jewish people. Few understand how this all works as the Jews who are behind this are highly intelligent and masters at lying and deception. Most people here know about and work with energy and magick [the occult.) Remove all of this knowledge, as the Jews have done, via their tool of Christianity and the masses are helpless against it. Curses thrown, workings for incredible wealth and such face no confrontation or competition. With the removal of all spiritual knowledge, the Gentiles are disarmed and at the mercy of the ruling Jews. The sad fact is many have been paying out the ass both spiritually and financially for their own damnation via the odious program of Christianity.

Quote from the Talmud:

Nidrasch Talpioth, p. 225-L: “Jehovah created the non-Jew in human form so that the Jew would not have to be served by beasts. The non -Jew is consequently an animal in human form, and condemned to serve the Jew day and night.”

Like communism, where the leaders such as the late Chairman Mao Tse-Tung, Vladimir Lenin, Joseph Stalin and others become idols to worship- enforced worship; the Judeo/Christian Bible has stolen the spiritual concepts and the identities of Gentile Gods and replaced them with imposter Jewish characters for Gentiles to slavishly worship, this is no different from the program of communism, which has its foundation and basis in the Nazarene’s “Sermon on the Mount” and all of his other teachings and parables. All of this has powerful subliminal impact.

In addition, the Judeo/Christian Bible has been infused with much occult power both from the enemy Jews and from centuries of millions upon millions of deluded Christians putting their psychic energy into this monster.

Any true spirituality and truth is a most serious threat to the ruling Jews who have secretly kept and used occult power for centuries to curse Gentiles, and seize all of the wealth and power of the world.

Quote from the Talmud:

Seph. Jp., 92, 1: “God has given the Jews power over the possessions and blood of all nations.”

To add to the delusion and confusion concerning Jewish communism, Christianity, unbeknownst to most of the world, has been working in collusion with, to promote and advance communism, which the end result is the total removal of all spirituality, personal liberties and like the Christian Church- control through ignorance, fear and torture. All of these Jewish programs come under the pretext of brotherhood and humanity. Nothing could be further from the truth. Jewish college professors and their ilk drum the virtues of communism into the heads of students, along with other lies to deceive in order to gain control. Mention of this, I heard was included in the book “Harvard Hates America.”

To further delude people in regards to Christianity and communism, Christians forever whine how they are “persecuted” at the hands of the communists. This is just for show. They have you both ways. Communism falls and then their supposed nemesis [who has been and is their bulwark and ally) the Christian Church then again infests the country, pretending to be their enemy and people are back at square one, screwed either way. This is and has been happening in Russia, after the fall of communism, the Christians are back with their program again, preparing people and keeping them ignorant to be as slaves. Any idiot can see plainly, THERE IS NOTHING WHATSOEVER SPIRITUAL ABOUT CHRISTIANITY OR ITS COHORT PROGRAMS!!!!

Christianity is nothing but a Jewish tool to remove all spiritual knowledge, indoctrinate people to be slaves [rebellion is of Satan, thus “evil”) and prepare them to work for and enjoy their sufferings and abuses and live for their deaths at the hands of the ruling Jews. Wealth and power are no-no’s, as all wealth belongs to the Jews. The Jews are the ones who run the “state” in communist countries, and own all of the property, while the populace live lower than animals and in constant fear.

That pedophile criminal Catholic Pope [the latest one) publicly visited a Jewish synagogue on his recent trip to the USA. As Adolf Hitler wrote in Mein Kampf, when the Jews feel confident they are close to their goal, “they drop the cloak” meaning- they no longer maintain the secrecy that both were and are working together all along.

Further delusions include how the Jews forever whine about that phony “holocaust” whenever there is REAL persecution of Gentiles, to deceive the masses into believing they are victims, same as the Gentiles, and to take the heat off and divert the blame onto others, when in truth, the Jews themselves are behind and always have been behind these crimes against humanity.

Proof the so-called “Holocaust” is a HOAX!

Most people can’t see past the delusion and think it is the Gentile Chinese, Russians, Bulgarians, etc., who are responsible for and desire communism. The International Jew is in all races and cultures. The invasion of Tibet, is for the purpose of destroying spiritual knowledge [Tibet has been isolated from Christian infestation, due to its geographic location in the treacherous Himalayan Mountains and its being closed to outsiders) and to murder and torture spiritual leaders who have this knowledge.

The same methods used by the Inquisition, are used by the communists upon those who are suspected or have been found guilty of any spiritual practices. Here are a few excerpts from the Falun Gong newspaper I mentioned above:

“Electric shock clubs used on sensitive body parts such as the genitals, breasts, mouth, head, and anus.”

“Twenty- seven year old Ms. Chen Hui and thirty year old Ms. Sun Yan were also tied up in a spread-eagle position as torturers repeatedly thrust long rods into their vaginas as blood ran down their legs. Other objects included toilet and shoe brushes. Other accounts included practitioners being tortured with cattle prods, while being iced with cold water to intensify the pain of the shocks. One woman who was a high profile Falun Gong practitioner had her trachea ripped right out of her throat with no anesthesia in order to make her an example to others who would speak out against these atrocities. She died a slow and painful death.

A photo of a Falun Gong Master before he died revealed beatings and systematic starvation- he was severely emaciated before he died of being beaten to death. The torture methods used upon practitioners are very similar to the Inquisition.

As the International Jew is always looking to exploit misery and to make a profit-never mind how, the organs of these victims are being sold. As we all know, the Jews have full control over and run the medical professions world wide.


It is not the “Chinese” the “Russians” the “Cubans” etc., who are behind communism, but the international Jew! The entire Judeo-Christian bible is a blueprint for communism. It is a stepping off point and prepares believers for Jewish world domination and control via communism.

Christianity and communism are *not* enemies. Both have been working Secretly for centuries to make communism a reality in a one-world slave State, where all spirituality will be removed, and the jews who are “jehova” Will be as gods, with the gentiles as their slaves. Persecutions of
Christians are just to put on a show to fool and delude the masses. While the Chinese communists claim to persecute any religious activity: According to the Chinese Amity Printing Company to date, the company has produced 41 million bibles for distribution in China and 9 million bibles for overseas distribution…..

The Amity Foundation: Made-in-China Bibles for the 2008 Olympics

Printing of the 50 millionth Bible to be celebrated

They promote the Bible ,yet they outlaw, destroy, and burn Falun Gong Books and torture to death practitioners.

Quote from the Talmud:

Nidrasch Talpioth, p. 225-L: “Jehovah created the non-Jew in human form so that the Jew would not have to be served by beasts. The non- Jew is consequently an animal in human form, and condemned to serve the Jew day and night.”

3. Jewish programs come under the guise of brotherhood, equality and humanity. The Jewish controlled media and educational systems continuously work to enforce this lie.

– High Priestess Maxine Dietrich
Joy of Satan