Real State of Affairs During WW2

Hitler never had any intentions of invading England. The Battle Of Britain was simply to destroy the Royal Air Forces ability to conduct aerial bombing raids on Germany. As England starting bombing German cities first.

Sea Lion was a ruse by the German’s to trick Stalin into thinking they where looking West. When in reality the German military knew the Soviet Union was building up the largest military force in history on their eastern door. With the purpose of invading the rest of Europe in the Spring of 42. Which is what caused the first strike against the Red Army by the Axis. They couldn’t survive fighting a defensive war against Stalin. Especially with the Red Army having the upper hand of the first strike.

What happened was Britain made a deal in 1940 with Stalin in Moscow in which Stalin secretly agreed to come into the war on the Allies side by the period of either 42 or early 43 when the Red Army was built up enough. Here the narrative of the British and American’s goes to shit. The fact is they intended to hand all of Europe over to Communism with Stalin in 1940. Because the hand of the international Jew was behind this. The war was simply a method to advance global Jewish power by Communism. Which was the plan from the start. They didn’t expect the blowback in Europe during the 20’s and 30’s. Which created the Axis nations.

The original plan was Britain, France, Poland and Germany would bleed either out in war. Then Stalin would roll right in and take the whole thing for Communism. That failed, then the attempt to do this failed again with the Axis strike into the Soviet Union. It got so bad Stalin told his jewish brethren in the West if they didn’t open up a second front they would lose in Europe. This ended up with Communism not going as far and the cold war. Then due to the long term effects of the war. The Soviet Union collapsed down the road.

-High Priest Mageson666