Why Poland was invaded

Firstly why did Hitler Invade? Four reasons.

1. The poles were systematically massacring and destroying the volksdeutche who were Germans that were forced into Polish territories as a result of the treaty of Versailles. These volksdeutche were being massacred in brutal ways by the hundreds of thousands. This wasnt something new. The poles were indoctrinated and told to have a fatal and cynicall and evil hate for the Germans even from before the 1850s. For example, Poles were told that Germans were pigs, the Germans deserve to die and the Germans were scum and should be killed, thus proving the current hate of Germans by poles eminated far before the actual war.

2. Hitler made a non aggression pact which secured a peaceful agreement that neither nation would show any sign of aggressive behaviour towards each other, for example, making pacts with other nations in order to ultimately destroy each others integrity and security on the militarilial aspect. So what did Poland do? Nullify the treaty by signing pact with the USSR and France that made Germany very vulnerable by circling it’s borders.

3. Danzig was annexed by Poland and not given to them This is very complicated so I will not go into it right now.

4. Jews in the USA and F.D.R were encouraging, paying, conspiring and supporting High ranking poles, but mainly Jews in Poland to wage war against Germany. This can be seen in a vast multitude of letters sent between the Jews in the USA and in poland. Again, I will go into detail with this later.

Hitler was in no way brutal and not were his soldiers. German soldiers were told that of they were to commit brutality such as rapd in any nation they will be executed. Secondly , the Germans are praised by how moral they were in the invasion. I have heard stories from Polish friends, such as how German soldiers walked into her grandmothers house with guns, the woman got scared because they had guns, then the wermacht soldiers said we only want to chat and have some tea, please.

Hitler praised the Polish military on numerous occasions. Hitler did not want the destructions of any Aryans, because if he did, he would have destroyed the BEF and French soldiers at Dunkirk with out getting a single man escape and he would have destroyed Britain.


Heil Hitler! Heil Himmler! Sieg Heil!

“This battle is not one for the present, but first and foremost one for the future!” – Adolf Hitler
23 heroes died for your future, 9 million good men were brutally murdered for it , so at-least work to preserve it, it is a duty as your future is in you hands alone