Stalin’s War

In May 1941, in a room filled with military and Party officials at a banquet that followed Stalin’s speech to graduates of the Soviet military academies. In which Stalin dropped numerous hints as to the future war in Europe between Soviet Communism and the West. Mainly Germany….

Lieutenant General A. K. Sivkov, had just toasted to Stalin’s peaceful foreign policy. To which Stalin intervened and spoke:
“Allow me to make a correction. A peaceful foreign policy secured peace in our country. A peaceful foreign policy is a good thing. For a while, we drew a line of defense until we re-armed our army and supplied it with modern means of combat. Now, when our army has been rebuilt, our technology modernized, now that we are strong enough for combat, now we must shift form the defense to offense. In conducting the defense of our country, we are compelled to act in an aggressive manner. From defense we have to shift to a military policy of offense. It is indispensable that we reform our training, our propaganda, our press to a mindset of offense. The Red Army is a modern army, and the modern army is an army of offense”. –Stalin

“On May 5, 1941 Stalin made it perfectly clear to his generals that there would be a war with Germany and that the Soviet Union would be the aggressor. It is interesting to note that a few days after the celebration in the Kremlin, Lieutenant General Sivkov, who made a toast to Stalin’s peaceful foreign policy, was discharged. “

It was also in May of 1941 that the largest military in history that of the Red Army was being shipped by the millions to the Western border in Europe The trains ran day and night by the tens of thousands full of troops, tanks, guns, fuel, material in general for the war Stalin was planning. Stalin had mobilized 34.4 million people of the Soviet population for war and spent three five year plans in which the entire Soviet population had been literally enslaved from industrial serfs to agricultural serfs. For the purpose of building the biggest and most advanced war machine in history with the purpose of attacking all of Europe. This was the reason for the slave labour quota’s Stalin fixed for each year. That the NKVD would fill by kidnapping civilians off the streets, under false arrests. To beat them and break them in cells till they confessed to anything. To have the slave labour to work to death mining the gold and raw material from the earth needed to build Stalin’s war machine of the Jew. This was also the major motivation behind the Holodomor in the Ukraine. Which purposely exterminated around sixteen million people. To literally enslave the entire farming population of the Ukraine in a brutal, feudal serfdom owned by the Communist regime leaders. Total feudalism. The industrial workers were just as enslaved with twelve plus hour days six to seven days a week. Any accident on the lines, showing up even five minutes late, not working fast enough, or just about anything. Would end one up a place like Kolyma. Under charges of sabotage. Millions of people cruelly perished in the death camps of the Gulag’s, mass graves and firing squads, and in NKVD cellars.

To understand the historic context of Stalin’s war, we most look back to the rise of the Jewish Bolsheviks regime in the last days of the Czar. The Jewish Warburg’s banking dynasty had just delivered their fellow Jew, Lenin through Finland to the capital of the Russian Empire, St. Petersburg. Along with a criminal mafia of other Jews, such as Trotsky who the Jewish Rockefeller’s set up, Stalin who was recruited by the agents of the Jewish Rothschild’s and many other criminal Jews had been gathered together in the Russian capital for one purpose. To overthrow the Czar and install a Jewish dictatorship. The original Communist Government in Russian in 1918 was almost one hundred percent Jewish. With Jews in all the important and top level positions. And as recorded in history the entire Communist revolution in Russia was funded by the Jewish banking houses off Wall Street. Karl Marx and Moses Hess the two Jews of Rabbinical families who created the Communist manifesto for fellow Rabbinical class Jew, Leon Rothschild. Both wrote in their own works that Communism’s purpose was to create a global Jewish dictatorship over the earth and enact the Messianic Kingdom the Jews were promised in their Torah by their god. Moses Hess is the credited intellectual father of Zionism of which he wrote, Zionism is simply a global Jewish dictatorship ruled from Israel. Stalin created Israel and was the first world leader to recognize it as nation.

This is the secret of the “Revolutionary Holocaust” Marx bragged of. The brutality of Communism is not in the fact of liberation by an altruist group of their fellow peoples. It’s the actual violent conquest of a group of people, by another people, an alien Jewish race that preaches nothing but hatred, murder and enslavement of the non-Jewish world. Calling non-Jews, cattle or Goyim in Hebrew.

Let us examine the events in Europe starting in 1917 and up when the Jewish revolutionaries attacked Europe under the Bolshevik banner……

In 1917 after the Communist coup in the Russian capital under the leadership of the Jews Leon Trotsky and Lenin. Lenin issued the peace decree Ending the war with between Russia and German and her allies. And the generous Treaty of Brest-Litovsk in March 1918. This was all a ploy to keep the war going in the West. While the Jewish Bolsheviks consolidated their grip on power and built up the Red Army and spread the Communist uprising to come…

“Lenin’s plot was simple: let Germany and Austria fight against Great Britain, France and the United States. Let them ware out each other strengths. Most importantly, do not allow the flames of war to be extinguished. Russia would remain on the side and add fuel to the fire. While “peace” was being made on Lenin’s orders in Brest-Litovsk, intensive preparations for a revolt against the German government were under way in Petrograd. The revolutionaries published half a million copies of a Communist newspaper in German. Die Fackel [The Torch]. Even before the Brest-Litovsk Treaty was signed in January 1918 a German n Communist organization, Spartakus, was formed in Petrograd. The newspapers Die Weltrevolution [The World Revolution and Die Tote Fahne [The Red Banner] were also born, not in Germany but in Russia under Lenin’s order, while holding peace with Germany’s government. Communism would become deeply rooted in Germany…”

“Finally, World War I ended In November 1918 Europe’s condition was exactly what the Kremlin leaders had hoped it would be. The economic hardships caused by war had reached their limits in all the nations. Europe was facing an unprecedented crisis that encompassed all spheres of life, including the economy, politics, and ideology. Germany admitted her defeat. The monarchy crumbled. Anarchy and famine furled the land.”

“Just, then, Lenin and Trotsky’s love for peace vanished. The government of Soviet Russia issued, on November 13, 1918 to the Red Army to begin offensive operations against Europe. “

“A review of the protocols of any of the countless meetings and congresses of that period revels that the only question on the agenda was the World Revolution. The aim of the Soviet advance narrowed down to installing Communism on the European continent. In a few days the Red Army crossed into the Baltic countries. The Communist government of Estonia was formed on November 29, that of Latvia on December 4. Lithuania followed on December 8, 1918. On December 17, a manifesto published in Riga named Germany as the imminent object of the offensive. The most important goal of the operation: fuel a new world war. “

“Lenin’s calculations were precise: Worn out by World War I, the German empire is unable to bear the pressures of another war. The ends with the crushing of the empire and is followed by a revolution. In war-torn Europe, on the remaining fragments of the old empires, Communist countries arise, remarkably similar to Lenin’s Bolshevik regime. Lenin was ecstatic: “We are at the doorstep of world revolution!”

“In 1918 Communist parties formed in many European countries. In Kiel, German navy semen called a strike on November 3,1918. Two days later, the strike spread to all of norther Germany, and on November 7-8 it reached the main industrial regions of the capital city, Berlin. The strikes were suppressed. But in January 1919, a Soviet republic was declared in Bremen. The Hungarian Soviet republic formed in March. In April, the Bavarian Soviet Republic followed. These Communist nations formed Red Armies and secret police squads, which called themselves “extraordinary commissions in the struggle against counterrevolution.” These extraordinary commissions immediately instigated a reign of terror against all layers of society and the Red Armies threw themselves into revolutionary wars to “liberate” the neighboring nations. A part of the Hungarian Red Army marched into Slovakia and, on June 20, 1919, proclaimed the Slovak Soviet Republic. A Communist government formed immediately and declared a policy of nationalization of all private lands and annulment of private property. It nationalized all commercial enterprises, banks, and transportation systems. …. At the same time the Soviet Ukraine declared war on Romanian, and began preparations to advance west, to connect with Soviet Hungary.”

This is why the Jewish elites had their Communist underlings pull this off it sabotaged the German offensive on the Western Front. That had won Germany the war in 1918. If Germany came out on top the whole scheme was over. The Communist uprising collapsed it, all led by Jews. The Jews then put Germany under conditions to weaken them for the Communist final strike.

“In the Summer of 1920, the western front of the Red Army, under the leadership of the ruthless General Mikhail Tukhachevski, began to advance with the objective of crushing Europe. Excerpts from order #1423 given to the western front of July 2, 1920, announced: “Fighters of the Workers’ Revolution! The fate of the World Revolution will be decided in the West. The path of the world fire lies over the dead body of White Poland. We will carry happiness and peace on our bayonets to the working people of the world. To the West! To decisive battle and thunderous victories!”

“In the days when the Red Army was advancing toward the Polish cities of Warsaw and Lvov, a second congress of the Comintern was taking place in Russia. The Headquarters of the World Revolution then issued a call:

“On July 23,1920, directly from the Comintern congress, Lenin telegraphed Stalin at the Polish front: “Situation in Comintern is outstanding. Zinoviev, Bukharin, and I think that it would be proper to encourage a revolution in Italy. My personal opinion is that, to do so, Hungary has to be sovietised, possibly along with Czechoslovakia and Rumanina.” In the conversation with the French delegates to the congress, Lenin was even blunter: “Yes, the Soviet troops are in Warsaw. Soon, German will be ours. We will conquer Hungary again; the Balkans will rise against capitalism. Italy will tremble. Bourgeois Europe is cracking at the seams in the storm.”.

All of Europe was under assault by Jewish Bolshevism, trying to conqueror the whole of Europe by armed invasions and staged uprisings. Europe was falling under this storm and the attitude was Poland would fall and nothing would stop the Red Army from sweeping across Europe as they intended. But then by miracle something changed…….

Tukhachevski’s Red army was annihilated in a surprise move by the Polish forces and what was left was driven back into Russia. Were massive uprisings of the Russian People against Communism then occurred and sucked the Red Forces into the civil war that ensued. While this was going on the rest of Europe was able to stabilize and anti-Communist forces took over in many nations. When Stalin became the leader of the USSR he spent the three five year’s plans building up an unstoppable force to carry on Lenin’s directive of a new world war to install Communist control over all of Europe. Stalin turned inwards and purged the Party, and somewhat the old leadership of the Army. But not as heavy as the propaganda lead people to believe. Just the failures like Tukhachevski. In this time Stalin was waiting and preparing.

The war, the Jew Lenin declared on Europe, simply never ended. They just used a fake peace to build up a nation, industry and Armed Forces that could not be stopped. And to attack again later on. They lost a battle but not the war.

Note these Communist revolutions were all planned and lead by Jews. Russian was already mentioned. The Spartacus revolution in Germany was led by the Jews, Rosa Luxemburg and Karl Liebknecht. The Hungary Communist take was led by the Jew Bela Cohen. The leader of the Bavarian Soviet was a Jew, Levine. The list of Jews is almost endless in this.

Note with the second war it was forced on Germany by International Jewish Elites as the book: ”Churchill And The Jews.” Wrote by a Jewish author shows. The Jewish Rothschild family put Churchill in office, he was not elected by the British people. For the sole reason of war with Germany. Hitler’s invasion of Poland was to stop the massacres of the German People which was reported by the International Red Cross, that the Poles were slaughtering the German People in Southern Poland at the time as was the case. This caused the war. The Polish government such at Broomberg wear in day 55,000 German men, women and children were murdered by Polish death squads on orders from the Polish government. This by itself is an act of war on the behalf of the Polish side. The Polish Army was bigger then that of the British Empires Armed Forces at the time and had been attacking the German frontiers for awhile. And had been illegally occupying German soil since 1919, Churchill and America’s Secretary of State: James Bacon. Later admitted Poland had been encouraged to engage in such behaviour by the Western Powers who wanted to cause a German reaction. So that they could then officially declare war on Germany. The International Jewish Elites were behind the scenes staging the whole thing against Germany.

Hitler fought the entire war as the underdog, between Poland, Britain and France, German was outnumbered three to one at the start of the war. Hitler was declared war upon. The only reason the Soviet Union did not fall totally at the time was the Jewish elites in control of American banking, media and government used America resources to keep it going. The Global Jewish Elites declared war on Germany.

The reason America came into the War was by that time the Jewish elite were in control of its vital networks and so did everything to push America into the War. Under crypto-Jew Roosevelt [of Dutch-Jewish ancestry ] and his staff with reads like a synagogue list. Roosevelt in a telegram to the French Premier Reynaud on June 15 1940. Promised to double American aid to France on the condition it continue the war against Germany. In December 19 1339 an American warship the Tuscaloosa maneuvered a German passenger vessel the Columbus in to the hands of the British navy while in the security zone. Of which was scuttled by the Germans. In January 1940 the American warship Treton in violation of internal law reported the movements of the German merchant ships Arauca, LaPlata and Wangoi to enemy naval forces. On June 27 1940 Roosevelt announced a limitation on the free movement of foreign merchant [Axis] vessels in American ports which is also in violation of internal law. In November of the same year Roosevelt allows for American warships to chase the German merchant ships Phrygia, Idarwald and Rhein. Which ended in all three ships scuttling themselves to avoid capture. This and its identical acts are all acts of provoked war against Germany. Helping enemy nations to attack their ships and citizens.

Roosevelt also sent the OSS Chief colonel Donovan to start uprisings against Germany and Italy in Sofia and Belgrade.
Roosevelt then permitted American citizens to join the RAF while also openly training RAF personal in America. In September of 1940 Roosevelt transferred fifty American destroyers to the British navy. In March 1941 Roosevelt imposed the Lend-Lease Act on America Which meant as President he could official furnish as much aid as he wanted to [at the tax payers expense] that he felt it was in American’s interest to defend such as the Soviet Jewion. This aid was the major reason the Red Beast was able to survive in the early part of the Eastern war.

Roosevelt had also worked to block other nations from making peace or having any peaceful relations with Germany. Using economic policy as weapon against them. In 1940 he froze all Norwegian and Danish assets. Despite the fact Germany had not nor had the plan the loot or dictate financial policy to either nation. Later Belgian assets in America where also frozen [frozen=stolen] with Roosevelt recognizing nonsense panels of exiles from such nations as governments in exile. An act of blatant hostility towards Axis Europe. Roosevelt’s actions from even before the war showed he committed to warfare on any level against the National Socialist Nation in Europe.

On April 13 1941 American ships where permitted to pass freely thought the Red Sea to supply British armies fighting in the Middle East. In March of the same year the Americans started to openly confiscate all German ships they could. While treating German citizens once again in violation of international law like prisoners. In another indictment two German officers that escaped from Canadian custody and fled to America. Where in violation of internal law return chained back into Canada which was at war with Germany. At the same time American naval ships started to increase patrols in the Western Atlantic reporting to the British navy on any observations. On Axis ships military or civilian. While repairing British naval ship in US ports. In May Norwegian vessels working for the British where openly armed and repaired in American ports. In violation of internal law. In June America troops arrived in Greenland to start building military air bases. Then on the 9th on the same month was a report from the British that Roosevelt had ordered an American warship to openly attack a German submarine off Greenland. Then German assets in violation of internal law in the same month in America where official frozen. Around the same time Roosevelt orders the recall of the German consuls and calls for the closing of the German press agency “Transocean” the German library of information in New York as well as the German national rail office [Reichbahn].

In July of 1941 American armed forces under Roosevelt orders occupy Greenland which is in an area of German military operations. In a hope to force Germany into a war with America and attempt to influence the outcome of German U-boat operations. Against Germanys favor. As part of this on July 10th 1941 America Navy Secretary Frank Knox orders that all American warships are officially ordered to fire on all Axis vessels. That is another announcement of open war on Germany by the American government. On September of that year the US Warship Greer joins with British warships to attack German submarines in the Atlantic. Soon after a German submarine identifies American warships acting as open military escorts for British convoys.

Roosevelt openly admits in a speech given on September 11 1941 he had personally given the order for American warships to fire on all Axis vessels and repeatedly given the order. On the 29th of the same month American warship patrols attack a German submarine off Greenland. On October the 17th the American warship Keanry acting on this order attacks another German submarine. Then in November of the same year American warships in violation of international law, capture the German ship Odenwald take it to an American port and imprison the crew.

The American Government and its Jewish controllers had already declared war on Germany privately for years. The same methods where used against Japan to force them into a war as well. It’s no secret fact anymore the US government knew about Pearl Harbor months in advance and did nothing. As they wanted a official reason to do what they had been doing all along.

Stalin’s Continuation Of The Communist Policy Of World War:

“In 1927, a Five Year Plan for developing industry was adapted in the Soviet Union. This began the industrialization, over-industrialization, super-industrialization. After the first, the second Five Year Plan followed, and then a third one.
“We can judge the purpose of the Five Year Plans from the following fact. At the beginning of the first Plan, the Red Army had seventy-nine tanks; at the end it had over 4,538 tanks….In the first two fire-year intervals, 21,573 warplanes were produced.”

The mark of all the war machinery Stalin had built was they were all purposely designed for an aggressive attack based on the strategic purpose of a first strike on Europe. Stalin forwent the price of building heavy bombers as the T-B7 which was capable of flying at an altitude beyond the reach of anti aircraft guns of the time. For small lighting attack planes such as the SU-2, planes which were “flying batteries” designed to attack ground targets mainly, like an enemy’s air force taken by surprise still on the airfield. Which gives your side air superiority. These types of machines were totally useless in a defensive war. The main tank arm was built to be medium assault tanks for fast moving warfare to penetrate deep into the opponents territory and link up with forward forces of airborne troops of which Stalin had two million airborne troops. He claimed only a million to hide the fact he was planning a war of aggression on Europe. Paratroopers are a purely offensive force not for a defensive war. I could go on and on, there literally has been a whole wrote on this subject. Stalin had also created a reserve force of eight teen million troops that could be mobilized and were mobilized in 1939 with the intent of fighting a war in Europe within two years as the mobilization guidelines stated.

Stalin’s Aggression:
In 1939 Stalin invades Finland and destroys the Pale Defense which was considered by military experts to be impregnable. This leaves Finland at the mercy of the USSR. Stalin also conquerors the Baltic states. In 1940 Stalin takes two important regions of Romania: Bessarabia and Northern Bukovina. And Stalin’s taking of half of Poland. Stalin originally offered the Polish government an alliance against Germany. But on the condition he was allowed to build a military highway from the Russian border to the German boarder with major Red Army bases along such for an invasion route. The Polish government refuse as they knew this means Stalin will force Poland under his control as with the Baltic nations. So Stalin invades Poland to move his military borders that closer into Europe and towards Germany. After half of Poland and the Baltic states fall to Stalin. He them moves the Red Army out from behind their defensive positon’s and onto offensive positions on the border of East Prussia [Germany]. Which is why Stalin wanted the Baltic’s and Poland….. And also Romania. He was setting his pieces up for a check mate on Germany and Europe. He knew if Germany fell all of Europe would fall to him with ease.

Note the importance of this.

“In June 1940 neither Hitler nor his generals had any intentions or plans to attack the Soviet Union. The Oberkommando des Heers [OKH-German Army High Command] and the Oberkommando der Wehrmachet [OKW-Supreme Command of the Armed Forces] had neither rough drafts nor preliminary designs for a war against the USSR. They had no orders from Hitler in this regard. Not a word was said about war against the USSR.”

“After the defeat of France, Hitler ordered a drastic reduction in German armed forces. This reduction was widespread and intense, for there were no plans, hints, or foresight indicating that a war against the Soviet Union might be approaching. And all at once came the Soviet strike against Romania. Oil is the blood of war. Without oil fighting becomes impossible. Stalin’s axe was raised over the oil production in Romania. “

“In Berlin, it was finally recognized that the Soviet threat to Germany was lethal. Soviet tanks advanced to Romania, causing chaos in German headquarters: if the tanks did not stop, if they advanced another 180 km, then Germany would capitulate within the net few months. Romanian troops made no resistance and put up no obstacles to the Soviet advance. There were no German troops in Romania. It was impossible to quickly transfer troops from France. “

“On July 21,1940 Hitler for the first time in a very tight circle uttered the idea of the “Russian problem” …

“On June 21, 1941 Hitler wrote a letter to Mussolini: “Russia is trying to destroy the Romanian oil fields….The task of our armies is eliminating this threat as soon as possible”. Herein lays the cause of Hitler’s attack. This was not at all a struggle for Lebensraum.”

Why Finland?
Here we note the move into Romania was setting up a future attack on Europe by Stalin:

“At the end of November 1939, Stalin launched a war against Finland. The victory in Finland was a second warning to Hitler that Stalin was approaching the Swedish sources of ore. The Red Army, acting on Stalin’s order, got through the Finnish fortifications and halted its advance. Finland without the fortifications was defenseless. At any moment, Stalin could have given another order and renewed the advance of the Red Army. From Finnish territory it could have bombed Swedish ore mines and railroads unhindered. No one could have impeded this. The seizure of the Aland Islands alone would have been enough to close off the mouth of the Gulf of Bothina, which would have meant an end to World War II with a Soviet victory.”

“Germany had no nickel. It was impossible to fight without nickel-but the nickel supplies were in Finland.”

Stalin had drawn up plans for a surprise attack on Germany using Finland, to be a major route when he launched his strike on Europe. He needed to open this corridor first:

“This plan of action was given the “S.3-20.” The plan was to be put into action at the moment of receipt of a coded telegram with the signature of the chie of the general staff and the following contents: Commence execution of plan ‘S.3-20’.”

“In this plan there was no mention of the fact that the Soviet Union would fight for the “guarantee of safety to the city of Lenin,” that is, Leningrad. And there were no hint that military actions must be initiated At any moment the Leningrad staff would receive a telegram from Moscow, and Soviet armies would advance to the Gulf of Bothnia, to the Swedish border, to the Aland Island!”

“The plan “S.3-20 allowed the armies of the Leningrad and Arkhangelsk districts, together with the Baltic fleet, to deliver blows to Finland before the Red Army hit Germany , simultaneously, or slightly later.”

As the Soviet documents show. Stalin’s plan was to let Germany and the West bleed either off in war. That is why Stalin removed the pale defensive in Finland but did not go much further after that. And why he took what he did in Romania but stopped were he did. He was setting up his pieces for attack on Germany and Europe. But he didn’t want to overly alert Hitler to this. Stalin was waiting till his whole forces were mobilized to spring on Europe from the East. And hoping Hitler was too bogged down in the West. To risk dividing his forces. Stalin though he had fooled Hitler with the phoney pact of peace he signed with Germany.

The Red Army in early 1941 dismantles all its Pale Defensives all the boarder with Europe. From East Prussia to Romania. On the Romania boarder were Stalin planned one of the most important attack waves to come against the oil fields:

“The border guards dismantled all mines and barbwire obstacles on the Soviet border, and left the borders themselves. On strips tens of kilometers long, in the palaces where the Soviet assaults were prepared, the border was opened, and the border guards had left, having handed the borders over the Red Army. The reconnaissance battalions of the Soviet divisions came out right up the borders.”

This as millions of Red Army troops, trucks and tanks are hiding in the deep forests in Poland along the border. Along with thousand of heavy gun positons now built with detailed maps of were to launch their artillery bombardments on the German forces and positons on the border. And two million Airborne troops among all such, most have jump orders for deep in Germany. Of the 36 Armies of the Soviet Armed Forces 21 of them are now on the Western border with more on their way. Stalin has built new air fields full of thousand of full armed attack planes, new rail way tracks to bring all the material to the border, fuel dumps, camps and bridges and highways for the coming invasion. None of the bridges are wired to be blown up. Which is standard orders for a defensive position. This is for the coming total offensive.

The Russian troops on the Western border were issued phase books of Russia to German which is practice for any invading Army:

“The phrase book was composed very simply and intelligently: a question followed by the same question in German written in Russian letters, then in German in Latin letters. The answers were also printed in Russian and German with Latina Cyrillic letters…For example: Where is the water? Is it drinkable? Drink for yourself.” “What is the station called? Stop the broadcast, or I will shoot you! Bring the conductor! Where is the fuel? Where is the garage? “Gather and bring here [so many] horses [farm animals], we will pay!” “Where are the German soldiers hiding? Where is the Burghermeister?” ” Is there any observation point on the steeple? ” “You must not be afraid the Red Army will come soon.”

A Burgermeister is the title of a chairman of the executive council (or cabinet) in many towns and cities in Germany. The Red Army was planning for an invasion of Germany and all of Europe.

June 22, 1941 the events which happened on this day are obvious of what the Red Army was planning for the other side first. In how they reacted to the German attack:

“Then the unexpected happened. The German army attacked. “

“In the morning of June 22, 1941, the commander of the Northwestern Front, Colonel General F.I. Kuznetsov, without awaiting orders from Moscow, issued an order to his troops to attack Tilziet in Eastern Prussia. For the Northwestern Front’s staff, for the commanders of the armies and their staffs, this decision was not at all surprising: an attack on Tilizit had been worked out in training exercises just days earlier and “was very familiar” to the formations commanders and their staffs. Colonel General Kuznetsox simply put the prewar plans into action. On the evening of that same day, the Soviet high command, not yet knowing about General Kuznetsox’s actions, ordered him to do exactly what he had already begun doing to attack Tilzit in Eastern Prussia.”

“The High Command also ordered the neighboring Western Front to carry out a powerful attack on the Polish city of Suvalki. This was no surprise to the Western Front commander General D.G Pavlov. He knew the objectives of his front long before the directives form Moscow arrived. And had already issued the orders to advance on Suvalki.”

Right from the horse mouth, Stalin’s own son:

“The commander of the 5th Battery of the 144th Howitzer Regiment of the 14th Tank Division of the 7th Mechanized Corps, Yakov Iosifovich Dzhugashvili, son of Stalin, was taken prisoner, but at first he was not recognized. The senior lieutenant was betrayed by his subordinates. Stalin’s son was searched and questioned. A letter was found in his pockets, form a certain junior lieutenant in the reserves named Victor:

“I am at the training camps, I would like to be home by fall, but the planned walk to Berlin might hinder this.”

“The letter is dated June 11,1941 The contents of this letter was reported to Hitler personally; he mentioned it on May 18, 1942. In June 1941, German intelligence officers showed the letter to Yakov Dzhugashivili and asked him to clarify the statement about the “planned walk to Belin,” The questioning protocol recorded Stalin’s son’s reaction. He read the letter and quietly muttered” “Damn it!”

This is why the millions of Red Army troops sent to Poland didn’t plan for winter camps, the attack on Europe was scheduled to start around the 10 of July, 1941 when the final mobilization was finished. In Stalin’s speech to the heads of the Soviet Union held in private on August 31, 1939 he told them the war on Europe would come soon. This was the summer of 1941.

Hitler understanding this, knew the only chance of survival Europe had was to strike first when the Red Army was not expecting it. Hitler’s forces were not strong enough to survive the coming Soviet attack. So they had to move first.

The Truth:

“During the first week of the war, Stalin herded his troops into an attack. He should have been giving orders for defense, but he resisted. Finally, on June 28, he found out the Western Front was surrounded, the 4th Army was destroyed, and the 3rd, 10th, and 13th armies were encircled. Only then did Stalin finally understand that his plans for the “liberation” [conquest] of Europe were over. When he arrived at the People’s Commissariat of Defense on June 29, Stalin learned the true dimensions of the utter failure of the Western Front. There, Stalin exploded in anger at Timoshenko and Zhukov, bringing the latter to tears. Anastas Mikoyan recollected; “Stalin was despondent. After leaving the Commissariat. He said: “Lenin left us a grandlegacy, and we, his followers, flushed that legacy down the toilet,”

“Stalin realized that he could not fix anything. The socialist country was capable of crushing others, but it couldn’t compete with other countries in peacetime. From June 22, 1941, the Soviet Union was destined for demise. Sooner or later, it was bound to collapse. It could survive only by consuming everything around it. Otherwise, it was doomed. The Soviet Union could exist only if the Soviet people would have no opportunities to compare their lives with the lives of people in surrounding countries. Here fore, Stalin’s main idea was to destroy the capitalism surrounding the Soviet Union. All of Stalin’s plans were simple, logical and understandable: complete victory was only possible on a global scale.”

“Hitler understood this as well: “The Bolshevized world will be able to hold only if it encompasses everything.” On June 22,1941 Hitler delivered a lethal attack on Communism. No matter how events unfolded afterward, Stalin could no longer conquer the whole world, which was the equivalent of his demise. On June 30, 1941, Molotov, Beria, Malenkov, and others entered Stalin’s room in his dacha. Anastas Mikoyan, a member of the Stalin’s Politburo, left a wonderful description of this episode:

“We came to Stalin’s dacha. Found him in the small dining room, sitting in his armchair. Upon seeing us, he seemed to shrink into the armchair, then look at us questioningly. Then he asked: “What did you come for?” He had a wary, strange look on his face-and the question he asked was no less strange. As a matter of fact, he should have summoned us all himself. I had no doubts: he had decided that we had arrived to arrest him. Molotov, speaking for us all, said that power had to be concentrated if the country were to get back on its feet, and that a State Committee of Defence had to be created. ‘Who’s in charge?” asked Stalin. When Molotov answered that he, Stalin, was in power, the latter looked at Molotov, with surprise, but said nothing, “Fine,’ he eventually pronounced.”

“The members of the Politburo hadn’t come to arrest Stalin. They needed Stalin as a symbol, a flag around which the remnants of a crushed division would rally around in battle. They talked of saving the country, but Stalin did not listen to them. Without taking Europe, without expanding the Soviet Union’s borders. The USSR would sooner or later crumble. Stalin had lost the country founded by Lenin. In 1941, only Stalin could appreciate the full weight of the German invasion. In 1941, the members of the Politburo could not fully understand that Hitler’s invasion meant death for the Soviet Union. The Politburo favoured Stalin to resume power, and Stalin, with a careless wave of the hand, returned, fully ware that the cause he had worked for his whole life was dead.”

One hundred million people were murdered in the Jewish dictatorship of the USSR. Hitler saved the rest of Europe and the free world on June 22, 1941. He destroyed the USSR and in doing so saved the rest of civilization. The Jewish race have never forgave Hitler for doing this and have heaped never ending lies and slander upon him. Hitler arrived at the 11th hour and gave humanity a pardon from the execution awaiting it as the hands of the International Jew.

All quotes from the book:
The Chief Culprit, Stalin’s Grand Design To Start World War Two. Viktor Suvorov.

-High Priest Mageson666