Hitler’s Treatment Of The Slavs


I know this has been covered somewhat before, but it’s still really bothering me. Did the National Socialists hold anti-Slavic views, particularly with regard to Russians and Poles? Is it true that “Der Untermensch” lists Slavs as examples of “subhumans”?

I am very confused about this. I remember something on the “Adolf the Great” website that quoted some supposed speech in which Hitler spoke of the intelligence of the Polish people, but I am still confused and troubled, as I am of Slavic descent.


The fact is you still have to consider traditional European ethnic attitudes into things I have met enough Europeans to get this. The German’s and Slav’s had a long history of back and forth fighting like everyone else in Europe. However the National Socialists believed that after their victory in Europe they would simply organize the Slavic, Germanic and South European ethnic groups into their own self run National Socialist states that would be part of a confederation of European nations in a voluntary European family to help defend and promote all European Peoples and nations.

The German’s liberated the Slavic nations from the USSR, and during their occupation of these regions they gave the Slavic People back their property the jews had stolen from them. They rebuild their community centers, schools, built then hospitals gave them trucks new farm machinery, money and other needed items to rebuild their lives, communities and nations. They even dug up the mass graves of the victims of the communist murders to ID the remains and return them to their families for burial and closure. The Germans committed to humanitarian aid and help for the Slavic Peoples as fellow European Peoples. The Russian writer Suvorov who wrote two books on the subject of the second war and was a military intelligence officer in the Red Army and no friend of Hitler. Stated Hitler had no plans for Lebensraum, the war in the east was about destroying the Red Army because it was mobilizing to attack Germany and the rest of Europe. Its also known General plan Ost the claims of a German plan of ethnic cleansing of the Slav’s for Lebensraum was a fraud created after the war as propaganda against Germany like the six million fraud. And its also known and documented that Stalin ordered the NKVD to dress up in German uniforms and commit atrocities against the populations of the Slav regions to turn the populace against the liberating German and axis forces.

Also note fifty thousand White Russians fought with the German Sixth Army at Stalingrad against the Reds. Millions of Slav’s fought with the Germans, Hungarians, Italian’s, Spanish, Belgians, French, Romanian, Finnish, Norwegian, Dutch Peoples against jewish communism. Hitler had a lot of respect for the White Russians and other Slav’s who were fighting for their common European land and Peoples against the communists.

Hitler bent over backwards to obtain a peace with Poland and a gain a defense partner against the Red Army. But the Polish government would not have this. They made a deal with Churchill and Bacon the Sectary of State of America to start a war with Germany. Poland’s military was bigger then the entire British Empires and was modernized and well trained. And out numbered the Germany Army by hundreds of thousands. They were going to start a war to let France and England declare war to then catch Germany in a two front war. To which Poland would get more Germany territory for themselves.

The Polish started massacring the Ethnic German population as the Polish military was illegally occupying parts of Germany from after the first war. They wanted to ethnically cleanse the Germans out of these areas. Hitler was forced to go to war with the Poland to save the Germans from being exterminated by the Polish forces in the occupied area’s. At Broomberg the Polish forces murdered 55 thousand German men, women and children in what is called Bloody Sunday. This is what Hitler invaded to stop.

Now consider this. The part of Poland that Hitler now occupied he could have massacred the Polish People in retaliation. Yet he did not. The Germans simply conducted a investigation into the war crimes of the Polish government and arrested the guilty people and put them on trail and treated the Poles humanly. In Hitler’s treatment of the Polish People you can note his real feelings.

Hitler also allowed the British Army to escape from Dunkirk, I had a family member at Dunkirk I owe Hitler for that. He spared his life.

Also note German’s and Slav’s are of the same racial ancestry. Slav’s are Scythians and the Scythians became the Saxons in the German regions.

– High Priest Mageson666