Exposing Karl Marx

“The Jew who originated Communism-Karl Mordecai-who later changed his name to Marx, was born May 5th, 1818, in Treves, Rhenish Prussia of Jewish parents. His father a banker whose forefathers had been rabbis for 300 years, adopted Protestantism for business reasons, when young Marx was six years old. Marx’s profession of Christianity was nothing more then a gesture a mere admission ticket to society. At heart he remained a thorough Jew, and from his earliest childhood his most ardent concern was his domination of the Gentiles-but called by him the emancipation of the Jews.”[The World Hoax ,Ernest Helmhurst, 1938]

Richard Wurmbrand himself a Jew in origin reported in his biography on Marx that Marx was a deeply religious Jew who a Jewish altar in his home and performed the Jewish ritual and wore the Jewish phylactery on his forehead and prayer the Jewish prayers.

Marx joined the Cabbalistic society of the Frankists who’s goal is the global Jewish government. Its this society the Rothschilds control and claim themselves to be the “Messiah” the Kings of the Jews who goal is to achieve the world Jewish kingdom ruled from Israel. The Rothschild’s funded the Communist revolution from Wall Street and London. And a Rothschild chaired the first meeting of the Communist International. The Rothschilds are from a deeply Cabbalistic, Jewish rabbinical family.

To understand Karl Marx one should study his personal rabbi [Marx called Moses Hess the Red Rabbi] and mentor the Jew Moses Hess. It was Moses Hess who wrote most of the Communist Manifesto:

“Karl Marx’s worship of violence was strengthened by a Frankist communist whom he met in 1841, when he was 23 years old. This man was called Moritz Moses Hess. Moses Hess was born on the 21st of June 1812 in Bonn, the son of a wealthy Jewish industrialist. He died on the 6th of April 1875 in Paris and is buried in Israel. It can be mentioned that he founded the German Social Democratic Party. In Judisches Lexikon” [Berlin, 1928, pp. 1577-78] he is called a communist rabbi and the father of modern Socialism.”

“In Paris , in the autumn of 1844, Moses Hess presented the 26-year old Marx to the half-Jew Fredrich Engels.”

“It was this same Moses Hess who thought up the rancorous basis of the socialist-communist ideology. He was also the first to recommend as a fundamental idea, that all personal property should be abolished.”

“What were his remarkable ideas then? In his writings, Moses Hess stressed the need to agitate the social classes against each other and in this way hinder their co-operation. He wanted to bring about a socialist revolution with the help of Judaism…. And the class struggle. He stressed that socialism was inseparably bound to internationalism as the socialists have no fatherland. The true socialist cannot have anything to do with his nationality. He also declared :THIS DOES NOT APPLY TO JEWS!” Hess believed that internationalism served the interests of Judaism. He wrote: “Whoever denies Jewish nationalism is not only an apostate, a renegade in the religious sense, but also a traitor to his people and to his family”. [Moses Hess, “Selected Works”, Cologne. 1962] The Bolshevik Rosa Luxemburg was also simultaneously an internationalist and a great Jewish patriot-she even at exclusively kosher food.”

“In his “Red catechism for the German People”. Moses Hess revealed: “The socialist revolution is my religion.” He thought it suitable that his brutal struggle for socialist power should be waged under the red family banner of the Rothschilds. Moses Hess wrote the Jewish socialist leader Ferdinand Lasalle: “I use the sword against anyone who opposes the proletariat [Moses Hess, “Correspondence”, The Hague 1959] What he actually mean was the struggle of the Judaists.”

“The radical agitator Hess was not an atheist, however. He wrote: “I have always been edified by Hebrew prayers.”[Moses Hess, “Rome and Jerusalem”, 1860]

“He stressed [my note Moses Hess] that the Jews had been given the role of changing mankind into a savage animal, as described in his article” About the Monetary System”, [ Rheinische Jahrbucher”, Vol. I, 1845.]

Another one of Marx’s Jewish mentor’s Levi Baruch private instructions to Marx that where made public reveal the whole goal of Jewish Communism:

“Another of Marx’s guides, Levi Baruch [my note another Jew] emphasised to him that the revolutionary elite of Jews are not to reject Judaism and that they should be called traitors to their own people if they do so. As Sham Christians some Jews had reached the highest positions in the Church and village town administration in Spain in the 16th century. Baruch propagated the same tactics for “revolutionary Jews” they were to hide their JUDIASM behind Marxist phrases.”

“When one of Baruch’s letters to Marx was published, its contents caused a big scandal, which they wanted to silence at once This letter explained, among other things, that it would be easy for Jewry to get into power with the help of the proletariat. Thus the new governments were to be led by Jews who would forbid all private property so that all these riches came into Jewish hands. or made the Jews administrators of the fortunes and estates. In this way an old dream within the Talmud speaks of namely that all the riches of the world would come into the hands of the Jews, was to be fulfilled. In his letter, Baruch also made it clear that the goals of Judaism were power over the whole world, a mingling of the races, abolition of national frontiers, elimination of the royal families and finally the founding of the Zionist world state. [Salluste, “Les origins secretes du bolchevisme”, Paris, 1930,pp. 33-34.]

The goal of Marxism is to act as political persona to cloak the Jewish races, nightmare goal of their global Zionist Kingdom. Its right in the writings of Marx and his fellow Jewish mentors. Marxism is the front from which behind the Jewish alien soul advances itself.


Under the Sign of the Scorpion, Juri Lina

– High Priest Mageson666