Red Holocaust

by Teloc Vovim and Lucius Montague

“…The Spawn that shamelessly defiles our Mother Earth’s face with the dross of its atrocities”

-Excerpt from Lucifer’s court

Far too many times is the Jewish hoax known as the “HoloCo$t” virtually shoved down our throats to encourage Gentiles to feel sorrow for the Jews and to remove all sense of pride in the White race. In public schools students are indoctrinated into accepting what their text-book tells them to believe on the subject and in many countries it is even illegal to question and deny the Jewish phony “HoloCo$t”..

The Real Holocaust, is the Red Holocaust!

The Red Holocaust is a series of atrocities and genocides committed under Jewish communist regimes in multiple countries such as the Soviet Union (USSR), China, North Vietnam and more..

Communism is, was, and has always been Jewish. It is a program like Christianity and Islam to enslave the populace and gain control.

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Communism is Jewish

Most Leaders of the Communist Regimes were Jewish, were of jewish affiliation , or under Jewish influence, and/or were married to a jew. Going to start with the Cheka which is not only an acronym in Russian for “Special Commission for Fighting Counter-Revolution,” but also a Yiddish expression for animal slaughter.

Here follows a list of jewish members of the leadership of the Cheka when mass terror began in 1918:

• Felix Dzerzhinsky (chairman) – Jew – Exposing Jewish Criminal Felix Dzerzhinsky
• Yakov Peters (Vice-Chairman and chief of the Revolutionary Tribunals)
• Viktor Shklovsky
• Kneifis
• Zeistin
• Krenberg
• Maria Khaikina
• Sachs
• Stepan Shaumyan
• Seizyan
• Delafabr
• Blumkin
• Alexandrovich
• Zitkin
• Zalman Ryvkin
• Reintenberg
• Fines
• Yakov Goldin
• Golperstein
• Knigessen
• Deibkin
• Schillenckus
• Yelena Rozmirovich
• G. Sverdlov
• I. Model
• Deibol
• Zaks
• Yanson
• Leontievich
• Libert
• Antonov
• Yakov Agranov (Sorenson), who became especially feared

Next looking at the Bolshevik movement, which was completely jewish from top to bottom that tortured and killed many people.

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Bolshevism from Moses to Lenin

List of Jewish Bolsheviks

• Jacob Schiff [1847 – 1920] Jew who financed the Jewish Bolsheviks who were responsible for millions of Gentile deaths.
• Max Warburg [1867 – 1946] Jewish advisor to the Kaiser who also helped fund the Jewish Bolshevik Revolution – Warburg and Schiff were Rothschild agents. Warburg also arranged for Lenin to be transported through Germany to Russia in a sealed train to lead the conspirators to their Bolshevik triumph.
• Alexander Israel Helphand [1867-1924] – Jew – [aka “Parvus”] helped Trotsky develop the theory of “permanent revolution.”
• Gregory Gershuni – [1870-1908] -Jew – an early revolutionary in Russia; was involved in the assassinations of Russian political leaders
• Moisei Uritsky [1873- 1918] – Jew – was a Bolshevik revolutionary leader
• David Riazanov [1870-1938] – Jew – [aka Goldenbach] ; responsible for Soviet government publication of Karl Marx’s literary works
• Maxim Litvinov [1876 – 1951] – Jew – was a Russian revolutionary and prominent Soviet diplomat
• Jaan Anvelt [1884 – 1937] – Jew – head of the Estonian government controlled by Moscow
• V. Volodarsky [1891-1918]- Jew – [t/n M. M. Goldstein] a Bolshevik; press commissar in Petrograd; Ukrainian; lived in America for some time; assassinated
• Ivan D. Chernyakhovsky [1906-1945] – Jew – Soviet military general
• David A. Dragunsky [1910-1992] – Jew – a Colonel-General in the Soviet army
• I. P. Meshkovsky- Jew – [aka I. P. Goldenberg] [ ]; a member of the Central Committee
• Jacob Fuerstenberg – Jew – [aka “Ganetzsky”] [t/n Jakub Hanecki] [1879-1937] Polish; a top aide to Lenin and a key player in Lenin’s rise to power
• Simon [aka Simeon] Dimanstein – Jew – Commissar of Nationalities; author
• Dziga Vertov – Jew – [t/n Denis or Dennis Kaufman] involved in Soviet propaganda programs involving film/movies
• Jacob [aka Yakov] Rappoport – Jew – ; a Latvian Jew; deputy commander at the White Sea-Baltic canal project
• Semyon Firin – Jew – ; a commander at the White Sea-Baltic canal project
• Yona Yakir [ -1937] – Jew -; Soviet military general; a commander in Kiev; purged by Stalin
• Aleksandr Orlov [aka L. Feldbin] [1898-1970] – Jew -: member of the Cheka; advisor to Spanish Communists in Spain; commander, Soviet Red Army; later worked at the Law School of the University of Michigan in America
• Adolph Yoffe [aka Ioffe] [1883-1927] – Jew -: Commissar of Foreign Affairs; ex-Menshevik; close friend of Trotsky’s; helped publish the Pravda newspaper; delegate at the Brest-Litovsk peace negotiations; member of the State General Planning Commission; was later Soviet ambassador to China, Japan and Austria
• Naftaly Frenkel – Jew – : a director of the gulag prison camp system; Turkish-born; was works chief/chief overseer of the one-hundred-and-forty-mile-long Belomor [White Sea-Baltic] canal project in Russia, a canal linking the White Sea and the Baltic, built from 1931–34; it was created entirely with slave labor
• Isaac Steinberg – Jew -; Commissar of Justice. Later brought Jewish-flavored radicalism to Australia
• Rosa Luxemburg [1871 – 1919] jew who tried to spread communism to Germany
• Emma Goldman – jew- was an anarchist, imprisoned several times for inciting riots
• Mikhail I. Kalinin [1875-1946] – Jew -; early Bolshevik; cofounder of the newspaper Pravda; nominal, “puppet” president of Soviet Union until 1946; replaced Sverdlov as Chairman of the All-Russian Central Executive Committee of the Communist Party; Chairman of the Central Executive Committee of the USSR.
• Nikolai Bukharin [1888-1938] – Married a Jew – : Lenin’s chief Marxist theorist
• Lev Kamenev [aka Rosenfeld] [1883-1936] – Jew -; member of the Central Committee; Chairman of the Moscow Soviet; member of Politburo; author of Marxist handbook “The Dictatorship of the Proletariat,” 1920; was elected first President of new Bolshevik government, aka “Soviet Republic” ; was married to Trotsky’s sister
• Yakov [Jacob] Yurovsky – Jew -: head of Ekaterinburg Cheka; “Commissar of Justice” for Ural Regional Soviet; the leader of the Bolshevik squad that carried out the murders of Czar Nicholas II and his family in 1918. The murder of mild-mannered Nicholas was carried out almost completely by Jews, including Goloshchekin, Syromolotov, Safarov, Voikov, in addition to Yurovsky
• Vladimir Antonov-Ovseenko [1884-1939] – Jew -: a former Menshevik; Chief of Political Administration of the Red Army; an unofficial ambassador to Czechoslovakia and Poland; Commissar for Military Affairs in Petrograd; Commissar of War; led the Red Army invasion of the Ukraine
• Karl Radek [aka Sobelsohn] [1885-1939] – Jew -; early revolutionary; old confidante of Lenin; member of the Central Committee; an “international” Communist activist
• Yakov [Jacob] Sverdlov [aka Solomon] [1885-1919] – Jew -: member, “Revolutionary Military Center”; member, Central Committee; close buddy of Lenin; aided Lenin with Lenin’s political theories; Sverdlov ordered the massacre of the Czar’s family in 1918. Sverdlov succeeded Kamenev and became the second Jewish president of the so-called “Soviet Republic.”
• Jewess, Anya Glusmann – chief justice of a criminal court in Moscow, who was said to love pronouncing death sentences
• Tibor Szamuely – Jew – Exposing Jewish Criminal Tibor Szamuely
• Leon Trotsky – Jew – original name was Laibe Bronstein, one of the first seven members of the Politburo – Exposing Jewish Criminal Leon Trotsky
• Christian Rakovsky. Born Chaim Rakeover [Jewish name] in 1873. Was a high ranking Communist – A lifelong collaborator of Leon Trotsky

Others include:

• Alexei Rykov[1881 – 1938] – Married a jew – was a Russian Bolshevik revolutionary and a Soviet politician most prominent as Premier of Russia and the Soviet Union.
• Proceeded by Vladimir Lenin [1870 – 1924] – Jew – Lenin Jewish Terrorist
• Premier to Lenin – Grigori Y. Sokolnikov [1888-1939] – Jew – was a Russian old Bolshevik
revolutionary, economist, and Soviet politician.
• Succeeded Lenin as Chairman of the council of people’s commissars – Alexander Fyodorovich Kerensky [1881 – 1970] – a half-Jew whose real name was Kirbis, meaning “pumpkin”, part of the Russian revolution of 1917, deliberately sent a battalion of women and young officer cadets into the jaws of a howling and murderous mob

It should be well known now that Joseph Stalin was a jew, along with the whole upper rulers of
the Party.

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Lists of some Jews who worked under Stalin and or other Bolsheviks, who caused mass terror
and destruction.

• Genrikh Grigoryevich Yagoda – Jew – Exposing jewish criminal Genrikh Yagoda
• Manfred Stern – Jew – Exposing jewish criminal Manfred Stern
• Nikolai Yezhov aka the Bloody Dwarf – Jew
• Vyacheslav Mikhailovich Molotov – Married a Jew – One of Joseph Stalin’s First
• Lazar Kaganovich – Jew – was a soviet politician and first deputy chairman of the council of ministries and one of the main associates of Joseph Stalin – Lazar Kaganovich Jewish Criminal
• Grigory Zinoviev – Jew – was president of the Comintern from 1919-1926, a full member of the 6th, 10th, 11th, 12th,13th, 14th Politburo, he was also one of the seven members of the first Politburo. Which was founded in 1917 in order to manage the Bolshevik Revolution – Exposing Jewish Criminal Grigory Zinoviev
• Lavrenty Beria – Jew – was a Bolshevik politician, a state security administrator, chief of
the Jewish NKVD between 1939-45 – Exposing Jewish Criminal Lavrenty Beria
• Ilya Ehrenburg [1891-1967] – Jew -: Soviet propaganda minister during WWII; delegate for Moscow in the Supreme Soviet; Communist writer; organizing member of JAC [Jewish Anti-Fascist Committee]; orked for Izvestia newspaper; performed research regarding Spain for the NKVD; author of book “The Ninth Wave,” and winner of two Stalin Prizes

• All main leaders trying to spread communism in Poland between 1946 and 1956 where Jews; Berman, Bolesaw,Bierut, and Hillary Minc.

Canadian Jewish News of 13 November 1964 said there are a number of prominent Jews in the Soviet government:

• Soviet boss Leonid Brezhnev is married to a Jewess (Viktoria Brezhneva), and his children are brought up as Jews.
• Dimitri Dymshits – Jew
• Lev Shapiro – Jew- regional secretary of Birobidjan
• Leonid Kantorovich – Jew- in charge of the Soviet economy
• Yuri Andropov-Jew- in charge of the secret police

*Every secret police chief in Soviet history has been a Jew, from the first Uritsky to lavrenty

Jews ran Slave labor/Death camps in Soviet Russia

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In Hungary same situation, after World War 2 the government was “completely dominated” by Jews.

Even in America:

• President Roosevelt was Jewish and his administration was staffed with Jews from top to bottom. Roosevelt’s New Deal farce was the first political implementation of Jewish Communist Policy into America.

Jews under Roosevelt-

• Bernard Baruch
• Felix Frankfurter
• David Niles
• Louis Brandeis
• Henry Morgenthau Jr – later became a financial advisor to Israel
• Rabbi Stephen Wise
• Sidney Hillman

Dwight Eisenhower – Jew- purposely murdered a million German POW’s many just 15 year old kids, by starving them to death after the war in prison camps. Eisenhower’s father was Jewish and mother a was a Black Communist.

*Note Jewish Eisenhower is the one who put: “In God We Trust.” The [Jewish God] on American money.

Jews in charge in United States Helped Chinese Communists Gain Power, also supported by the Americans through Moscow. Communism was also introduced into Mongolia in 1921.

Jews who visited China to introduce Communism

• Adolf Yoffe- jew
• The Soviet Jew, Jacob Borodin [real name M. Grusenberg] was sent by the Kremlin with the Jew Joffe, in 1923, to try and bolshevize Sun Yat-sen and became Chief Political Adviser to the Kuomintang, his wife, a Jewess, spied in China for the Soviets
• Michael Borodin (real name: Jakob Grusenberg, founder of the Communist Party in Mexico in 1919)
• Bela Kun – jew – Exposing Jewish Criminal Bela Kun
• Enrique Fischer (actually Heinz Neumann) – jew
• Vasili Bluecher (Galen-Chesin) jew, who became responsible for gruesome atrocities against the Chinese people
• Gregory Voitinsky – Jew- sent to China by Lenin (jew) and Trotsky (Jew) to make contact with leftist intellectuals, like Jew Chen Duxiu.
• Jew named Ovsei-Gershon Aronovich Radomyslsky Apfelbaum, also known as Grigory Yevseevich Zinoviev, sent over to China by the Comintern chairman

Other jews who were in China

• Soviet Jew, Anatoli Gekker – became political commissar for the Communist regions of China in 1924
• Two Jews from Russia, V. Levichev and Yan Gamarnik, led the Chinese Red Army
• English Jew named Billmeier saw to it that the Chinese Reds were armed with Soviet weapons

• Solomon Adler, was a Treasury official in Chungking who was also a member of a NKVD espionage ring known as the Silvermaster group. Adler reported from China to Treasury Secretary Jew Henry orgenthau, Jr. during the war years, while serving as Treasurer attache in China in 1944.
• Sidney Shapiro, an American Jew, was a high ranking member of Communist Red China’s government
• Sidney Shapiro, an American Jew, was in charge of China’s propaganda organ
• The Jew Morris Cohen, a British subject, became Sun Yat-sen’s aide-de-camp and was sent by Sun around the globe to get military experts for his revolutionary army
• High up in the Political Department of the Red Army in China were also the two Jews, W. N. Levitschev and J. B. Gamarnik
• Jiang Zemin- Jew (1926–Present) – General Secretary of the Communist Party of China

Rothschild’s and the Solomon Brothers used their control of England and its control of India to run the Opium trade into China, killing tens of thousands and wrecking entire communities to the point the Chinese fought the Opium wars to try and throw the Jewish dealers out. The Shanghai Opium Monopoly existed until 1917 under the Jew Edward Ezra; its Managing Committee was composed entirely of Jews and Indians.

Rothschild’s funded Mao Zedong and he also had several Jewish advisers behind him, and was completely jew influenced.

Some of Mao’s jewish advisers:

• British Jew Sidney Rittenberg who worked for Mao from 1946 to 1976
• Frank Coe was one of the Jews responsible for the Great Leap Foreword- the engineered artificial famine which killed over forty million people. Coe became the first Secretary of the Rothschild controlled International Monetary Fund.
• Israel Epstein is a naturalized Chinese citizen, and a member of the Communist party of China. He is the Jew responsible for the Cultural Revolution which systematically destroyed Chinese Culture and murdered over five million innocent people
• Jakob Rosenfeld- Jew- (1903-1952), more commonly known as General Luo, served as the Minister of Health in the 1947 Provisional Communist Military Government of China under Mao Zedong

One of Mao Zedong’s friends (another communist murderer) Pol Pot; who wanted a new revolutionary government, a quasi-Marxist-Leninist peasant society (Jewish ideals) by returning Cambodia to what they called Year Zero.

The Jews were given another opportunity to massacre helpless Gentiles during the Spanish Civil War [Communist/jewish attempt to takeover Spain]

List of Jews involved in the Spanish Civil War

• Joseph Stalin – Jew
• Manfred Stern – Jew – Exposing jewish criminal Manfred Stern
• Alexander Orlov (born ‘Lev Feldbin’)- Jew- was a General of the Soviet Secret Police and an NKVD agent. NKVD agents sent to Spain were keen on abducting and murdering anti-Stalinists among Republican leaders and International Brigade commanders.
• Losif Romualdovich Grigulevich – Jew
• Mikhail Efimovich Koltsov -Jew

Communism in Brazil run by Jewess Dilma Rousseff [1947- present] indicted for murder,
torture and terrorist acts.

Read more here – Jewess Dilma: murderer, torturer and robber of Brazilian people

Other jews in Brazil include

• Fernando Henrique Cardoso – Jew
• Luis Inacio Lula da Silva – Jew

Communism in Cuba – Fidel Castro, Castro is a common Sephardic Jewish surname and Castro was a known KGB agent so he was openly working for the Jews in Moscow. Castro used Che Guevara for propaganda purposes

Making up lies of his heroism. Che was a commander of his own secret police force that where noted for executions of whole families. Which is standard Jewish Communist practice. Thousands upon thousands of innocent people were massacred by Che’s forces. Che created a full Marxist dictatorship in Cuba, the ideals and influences were completely jewish…

Death tolls under communist (jewish) rule:

USSR – 20 million deaths

China – 65 million deaths

Vietnam – 1 million deaths

North korea – 2 million deaths

Cambodia – 2 million deaths

Eastern Europe – 1 million deaths

Latin America – 150,000 deaths

Africa – 1.7 million deaths

Afghanistan – 1.5 million deaths

Death tolls under jewish communist reign total up to almost 100 million!

For centuries the Jews have used their political program of Communism to destroy and obliterate countless lives in countries from the far East to the United States of America. There is no end nor limit to their destruction unless meet with opposition. The threats of Communism live on today not just in North Korea and Cuba, but here in America as well. Jewish Communist such as Bernie Sanders will constantly attempt to rise and keep power, to strip you of all you own, even to your very life. Will you sit idly-by and let this happen to you? To your loved ones? Or will you rise, stand against the Communist Tyranny and fight for all you hold dear?


o Jewish Bolshevism
o Jews created Communist China
o Communism in Cuba and Latin America

-Teloc Vovim and Lucius Montague