Exposing Jewish Criminal Josua Ambroz Tito

“In entire Yugoslavia 1944-1980, he was responsible for massacring about 1,100,000 victims, and therefore he is the 9th one among the major mass-murderers in the known World history” – metapedia.

First it should be mentioned that as many other Western European Communist leaders, such as Bela Aaron Kun, Josua Ambroz Mayer Tito was long term agent of Soviet Union, long time worked on jew Stalin, and was a decedent of rich capitalist jewish family that had absolutely nothing to do ever neither with working class nor with Balkan region.

Stormfront, June 24, 2000

Below is a section on Yugoslavia from ‘The Secret Driving Forces of Communism’ by Maurice Pinay, pp 69, 70, that may explain why Jews in positions of power are determined to destroy Serbian pride. You probably know that Jews control the United States and its media, and that since the breakup of Yugoslavia they have used that media to spew lies for Jews in U.S. government to ‘justify’ passing resolutions for NATO’s bombing the Serbs into submission. Will Jews again control Yugoslavia as they did during Tito’s regime? Now that they control the the only super power left, will they control the world?

“We Jews, we, the destroyers, will remain destroyers forever. Nothing that you will do will meet our needs and demands. We will forever destroy because we need a world of our own.”

– Maurice Samuel ‘You Gentiles’, P. l55 Harcourt, Brace. 1924

Finally, will Jews destroy the United States as they have Russia? Now that there is a heavy flow of technology paid for by the U.S. taxpayer into China will it become the next super power?


1. Marshall Tito, who by his real Jewish name is called Josif Walter Weiss, was born in Poland. He was agent of the Soviet secret service in Kabul, Teheran and Ankara up to 1935. The true Brozovich Tito, in origin a Croat, died during the Spanish civil war in Barcelona, on a communist side.

2. Moses Pijade, general secretary of the Communist Party and in reality the “grey eminence” of the regime, is a Jew of Spanish origin (Sephardite).

3. Kardelj, member of the Central Committee of the Yugoslav Communist Party and Minister for Foreign Affairs, is a Jew of Hungarian origin and is called in reality Kardayl.

4. Rankovic, member of the Central Committee of the Yugoslav Communist Party and Minister for Internal Affairs, is an Austrian Jew and was earlier called Rankau.

5. Alexander Bebler, member of the Central Committee of the Communist Party and permanent representative of Yugoslavia in the UNO, is an Austrian Jew.

6. Joza Vilfan (Joseph Wilfan), economic advisor of Tito, in reality the economic dictator of Yugoslavia, is a Jew from Serajevo.

Since not so many Jews live in Yugoslavia as in other lands, we find a greater number of natives in the Communist government of this land, however, always in posts of second rank; for the above-mentioned principal leaders, control in real- ity the Yugoslav government completely and absolutely. (37)*.

(37) Traian Romanescu. Ibid. Cited Edition. Pages from 185 to 214.

Something interesting on Josua Ambroz Tito aka “Dictator Josip Broz Tito” from metapedia:

“Josua Ambroz Tito (pseudonym: ‘Josip Broz’); Wien, May 7, 1891 – Ljubljana, May 4, 1980, father Samuel Mayer and mother Marija Javeršek. Secretary of Yugoslav Communist Party before WW2, military leader of Yugoslav communist guerilla in World War 2, permanent president of post-war Yugoslavia 1945-1980, dictator massacring 1,100,000 victims in Yugoslavia. Next is Tito’s first real wiki-biography; all his presentations in Wikipedia are idealized-embellished and partly falsified by antifascist idolators and liberal-leftist wikipedians. True Josip Broz and communist-president J.A. Tito were two different half-brothers of same mother (Marija Javeršek) and two physical fathers: Franjo Broz, and Samuel Mayer”.
– metapedia

Wikipedia – Israel is paying internet workers to manipulate online content

0:12 “..The goal of the day is to teach people how to edit Wikipedia which is the number one source of information today in the WORLD”

0:27 “…we wanna be there…we wanna be the guys who influence WHAT is writen there , HOW is writen and insure that is balanced and ZIONIST IN NATURE”.

True Josip Broz was a son of Croatian father and Slovenian mother (Marija Javeršek), the last working as a servant to Samuel Mayer, a rich Polish Jew and owner of the Viennese factory of medical prostetics, who fathered another son with her, Josua Mayer (future Josua Ambroz Tito). As it usually happens with the jews, this little parasite stole the identity of his full Aryan-blooded half-brother to conceal his sick jew identity. The only Gentile that revealed the truth about this sick situation was tortured by communist regime:

“From Sisak descended the important testimony of his late co-worker N. Ivšic on his essential distinction from Yugoslav J.A. Tito; because of that taboo of Tito’s identity, Ivšić was then in communist Yugoslavia persecuted and tortured. This important detail is that a locksmith machine by working incident amputated a digit of true J. Broz that then had 4 right digits only (in that time before a century any medical re-implantation was impossible). However, J.A. Tito then had complete right hand with 5 digits, playing well on piano…”
– metapedia

Soviet Kominterna decided to conceal true jewish identity of Tito, people still thinking he was Croatian. Yet he tortured, murdered and raped Croatians most than any other nation, and some of his death camps were ran up to 2005 long after his death, killing off more and more his alleged brethren.

Further the material from metapedia on his genocidal activity, that jew-run wikipedia as well preferred to silent down. My comments are in [], and the videos showing the Aryan descent of the victims.

[quote] Ethnic cleansing

He ordered triple ethnic cleansing: against Germans, Hungarians and Italians. Broz was an ultra panslav nationalist so he was hostile versus all not ethnic Slav citizens such as Germans, Hungarians, Italians, Albanians, Romanians, Greeks, etc. [my note, all Aryans]

Tito’s Yugoslav Massacres

After Soviet Stalinists and western Allies, Titoist Yugoslavia was the third major producer of massive massacres from 1945-1952. Under Tito’s communist regime perished together 1 100 000 victims, and his major massacres (each above 10,000 victims) were these of foibe, of Bleiburg, of Bacska, and of some concentration camps. His post-war victims of ethnic purifications were all non-Serbians i.e. mostly Croats, Italians, Hungarians, Germans, Albanians, …etc. [my note, all Aryans]

[Video about Aryan origins of Albanian people.

Albania – Land of Illyrians

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facebook community proving of Aryan origin of Albanian people – Pellazgo Ilir Community]

1. Foiba Yazovka: The misuse of foibe (deep calcareous caves with vertical entrance) for killing in western Balkans started there with Turkish invasions after 16th century, and culminated by foibe massacres in WW2. The most reputed case is thirty foibe accross Istria peninsula where in 1945-1947 Yugoslav army killed between 5,000 to 16,000 Italians. But many other similar foibe with even more victims occur also in Adriatic islands of Dalmatia (Krk, Zirje, Brac, Korcula, etc.), and the largest one is foiba Yazovka with 9,000 – 12,000 Croatian victims from Zagreb city (mostly invalids, females, scholar children, etc.) – see also: Foibe yougoslaves.

2. Bleiburg field is a site at Austrian / Slovenian border, where in May 1945 Allies arranged the extradition of many Croatian refugees to Yugoslav titoist army. Of about 200,000 refugees, 1/3 were Croatian soldiers and other 2/3 were civilians, villagers, females and children escaped from Serbian-communist invasion. Then all were tortured by Yugoslav executors lead by chetnik Simo Dubaic, and between 50,000 – 70,000 of them were massacred.

3. Bacska massacre: before WW2, actual northwestern Serbia or Bacska county had a Serbian minority only, and the former majority there were Hungarians with also considerable Croatian and German minorities. By the Serbian invasion northwards under general Rukavina in 1944 with a Soviet support, they captured Bacska plain and tortured local Hungarians and Germans (Volksdeutscher) chiefly in towns Novi Sad, Sombor, Bezdan, Kanjiža, etc. So nearly 50.000 Hungarians and undefined number of Germans were massacred there; then others exiled in Hungary or Germany, and so this county after 1945 reached a new Serbian majority.

4. Yugoslav Konzentrations-Lager: There is a perpetual falsified propaganda from antifascist Allies up today, that by the fall of Croatian puppet state (NDH) Yugoslav titoists allegedly deliberated and closed the Konzentrations-Lager established from 1941-45 to exterminate Jews, Tzigans, Serbs and other non-Croats. However in the field reality, the most reputed Jasenovac camp continued to work intensely up to 1948, then being misused for post-war torturing and massacring of 40,000-50,000 Croats (now falsely added as Serbs killed in war). Moreover, other two Croatian camps created in WW2, i.e. these in Lepoglava and Gradisca (Stara Gradiška) really continued to work throughout 7 next decennia up today, being the perpetual sites for iterative torturing and killing of many Croats: 3/4 of Croatian national-rightists so far passed through their prisons, and many ones also perished there. [end of the quote]
– metapedia

Croatian Aryan origin – The Sarmatian connection [3:44]

Tito’s death camps in more details [Yugoslavian version of GULAG]: all fabricated “German-Serbian war” fully exposed:

• Konz-Lager ‘Jasenovac’ aka Јасеновац (1945-1948): stolen from the original Croatian (Kaykavian) name Jesenovec (listen: Yessenovets), blame-shifted on Hitler and Nazi allegedly used by Germans against Serbs, in fact used by jewish government of Tito after WWII against ethnic Croats. 40-50 thousands Croat victims in 2 years.

• Konz-Lager Gradiska: (1945-2005) and Konz-Lager Lepoglava (1945-2008):
Both blame-shifted on Hitler and Nazi, both being false-promoted as death camps for Serbs, both started working as death camps only after WWII, in both together ¾ Croatian nationalists were tortured. [Croats as well as all Slavs / Scythian are Aryans]

• Konz-Lager Goli Otok (1948-1989) and Konz-Lager ‘Grgur’ (1948-1976): This largest and most terrible Yugoslav Konz-Lager (called also Yugoslav Alcatraz) is a successor of (falsified) camp ‘Jasenovac’. From 1948 to late 80th it was used for genocide of Aryan Balkan nations, long after WWII and after all Germans were robbed of all their belongings and expelled of Yugoslavia. It’s eastern part Goli was for torturing Balkan men, and for Balkan women was the western islet ‘Grgur’ (again false serbized name Гргур: in original Croatian-Chakavian it was Šagargûr). ‘Grgur’ was known for mass rape. Goli Otok genocided people from: Croatia, Bosnia, Montenegro, Serbia, Kosovo. [my note, all Aryans]

[Video about Aryan origins of all Balkan and other European peoples.

The Indo-European Family [for full video on facebook click here]

Note. All of the above is blame-shifted on Hitler and Nazi. Still absolutely all of them started working as death camps AFTER WWII – not only after all Nazi troops were driven away of Yugoslavia and defeated, but even after all German civilians were robbed off of all their belongings and expelled away of any and all Yugoslavian borders – just look at the dates. All tortured murdered and raped in described above slave labor camps were Aryan Balkan peoples, be they of German, Slavic or Italian (Latin) decedent. Under the mask of “Nazi death camps” fairy tales Tito’s Communist regime proceeded to torture and murder its own citizens as long as 2008, 21 century!!!

Now, in 1972 Tito was “life-elected” as a president and signed a “constitution” in attempt to parrot Western democracies – guess what? No death camps stopped working, no repressions stopped going, and of course no national identity except the communist one was ever allowed under this “democracy”.

The reformist trend within the party was crushed in all the republics. Especially in Croatia. Reform was seen as reviving nationalism. We were intellectually obliterated. Thousands were simply swept away. Everybody from students to party leaders were purged. The same wave swallowed Serbian liberals.

All this boiled to one thing: power for the Communist party. All ran smoothly until you overstepped the limits. Then you’d end up in prison. Or if you tried to get to the west they’d shoot you. Simple as that.

– Ivan Zvonimir Cicak, Croatian student leader

An entire generation of educated people, who had modern views about Yugoslavia’s place in the world, were removed. Instead the old party elite was brought back. These were people mainly from wartime antifascist resistance or those responsible for establishing the new order in 1945.

– Prof. Latinka Peronic, Serbian politician.

The fact is…

What does democracy or authoritarian state means for those international hyenas? They don’t care at all. All they care about is: are you willing to be plundered? yes or no? Are you stupid enough to keep quiet in the process? yes or no? When a democracy is stupid enough not to stand up than it is good. But when authoritarian state declares: “you do not plunder our people any longer – neither from the inside nor outside”, then it is bad”

– Adolf Hitler

Tito’s Ghosts full movie [43:32]

In conclusion I would like to note. In Balkan region as a whole and Croatia in particular, the Tito’s ghost of monstrous communism is being now resurrected and pushed on people again (see Neo-communist Red Croatia). Slave labor death camps are open again for Aryan people. Psychiatric hospitals are again “healing” Aryan elite to madness. Croatian ethnicity and language are again banned and ethnic identity destroyed. The freedom of speech is again strangled and people revising history of communism – set to prison. And the new age jewish family-clan Goldstein paying for new “Croatian” revolution just as Shiff clan payed for “Russian” one a century ago. Guess why? See the last step to paradise – this step was not yet made. Balkanian peoples are still alive. Jew is discontent…

Antifascist massacres
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