Exposing the jewish Criminal Tibor Szamuely

Tibor Szamuely was a jewish Communist leader, one of the influential Bolshevik leaders of the Hungarian Soviet Republic.. (December 27, 1890 – August 2, 1919) Szamuely was the oldest son of five children of a Jewish family. He argued for the necessity of “revolutionary terror” to be against “counter-revolutionaries (anyone who opposed the jews in charge)” in Hungary. Szamuely was a jew, from a jewish family, who was surrounded by and worked with jews against the Gentile people. For those who still believe that “not all jews are bad..” You need to wake up! You need a history lesson, pick any bloody period within time, and you will find the jews had some part in it, I can promise that is a fact.

The Protocols of the learned elders of Zion PDF

In Moscow 1918 Szamuely organized a Communist group together with Béla Kun who was a jew, among the Hungarian prisoners of war in support of the Russian Revolution. Bela Kun was the driving force behind the German Communist attempted revolutionary campaign known as “Märzaktion” (“March Action”), along with Karl Liebknecht (jew) and Rosa Luxemburg (Jew), which ended in complete failure. Szamuely was also a member of the Central Committee responsible for the treatment of war prisoners.

Szamuely published the Communist newspaper titled, Socialist Revolution, together with Béla Kun.
The Bolsheviks relied on propaganda, they wanted control of the printing press, or wanted it destroyed.

Szamuely was militant and vicious within his views, and violent and extreme in his choice of methods. He is quoted for saying, ” Everywhere counter-revolutionaries run about and swagger; beat them down! Beat their heads where you find them! If counter-revolutionaries were to gain the upper hand for even a single hour, there will be no mercy for any proletarian. Before they stifle the revolution, suffocate them in their own blood! ”

He is remembered as chief of the “Red Terror”. The Red Terror in Hungary, was a series of atrocities aimed at crushing political rivals during the four-month regime of the Hungarian Soviet Republic in 1919. It was so named because of its similarity to the Red Terror in Soviet Russia in both purpose and effect (also led and perpetrated by jews against gentiles).

The Great Terror

A book published by Dr. Albert Váry in 1922, titled “The Victims of Red Terror in Hungary” documents 590 victims executed by the jewish death squads. Eyewitness reports exist of several of the atrocities. The 16-year-old Ede Mellinger was executed by Szamuely in Szolnok on May 3, 1919, because after the boy’s father had been murdered, Mellinger turned to Szamuely and said to him: “You are not a judge, you are a beast!”

Szamuely’s own personal guards were nicknamed the “Lenin Boys (Lenin was a jew)” or “Lenin Youth”, a terror group, created after the police and army were dissolved, and were widely feared for their cruelty and random killings. They were freely used to suppress with violence any resistance to the Communist regime’s new policies. The Lenin Boys frequently collaborated with another Communist death squad, the Red Guard, led by József Cserny. Szamuely and Cserny travelled the country on their infamous armored train, and went about beating, torturing and executing innocent Hungarians in Budapest and the countryside, hanging peasants opposed to collectivization.

Lenin Jewish Terrorist

Lenin’s Tactics

“The ‘Lenin Boys’… are well armed with rifles, hand grenades and machine guns. In an American city they would be called gangsters, but in the absence of a responsible Government they are able to act more freely. So far, according to people direct from Budapest, they have committed only robberies, but being of criminal instincts and having power, there is no telling when they may begin greater crimes.”

Accused of killing 150 people, his assistant Jozsef Kerekes admitted to having shot 5 people and hung 13 others. There are only 129 officially recorded deaths to Lenin’s boys, but there is no exact count of people executed. One historian claimed that the number might have been close to 500, others account for almost several hundred people.
The chief of the Red Army, tried in vain to stop Szamuely’s appetite for terror and destruction…

“Power has fallen into our hands. Those who wish the old regime to return, must be hung without mercy. We must bite the throat of such individuals. The victory of the Hungarian Proletariat has not cost us major sacrifices so far. But now the situation demands that blood must flow. We must not be afraid of blood. Blood is steel: it strengthens our hearts, it strengthens the fist of the Proletariat. Blood will make us powerful. Blood will lead us to the true world of the Commune. We will exterminate the entire bourgeoisie if we have to!”

Béla Kun became increasingly uneasy of Szamuely, fearing that power would slip from his hands. You can see the exact same situation with Lavrentiy Beria(jew) and Joseph Stalin(jew). Stalin and Beria worked together to create mass terror against the gentile peoples, but both wanted to be in charge. Beria was well known for being an ass kissing, two faced jewish beast. There is no loyalty amongst jews.. And as for any gentile who willingly was a communist, soon found out they made a grave mistake.. In a jewish communist system, you are NOTHING! The jews take everything, and will fight amongst themselves and they will not even leave you with some scraps.

Exposing the jewish Criminal Lavrentiy Beria

Stalin the Jew

Bolsheviks faced mounting opposition, they demanded Szamuely take charge of the situation and called for a quote, ”Red St. Bartholomew’s day Massacre” Which was the massacre that also marked a turning point in the French Wars of Religion. The Huguenot political movement was crippled by the loss of many of its prominent aristocratic leaders (Bolsheviks were losing council members), as well as many re-conversions by the rank and file, and those who remained were increasingly radicalized. Though by no means unique, it “was the worst of the century’s religious massacres.” Throughout Europe, it printed on minds the indelible conviction that Catholicism was a bloody and treacherous religion” Again the jewish motto is “Do what we say or we’ll kill you.”

Later after making an illegal border crossing, Szamuely was seized by the Austrian authorities. Both Hungarian and Austrian authorities reported that Szamuely had shot himself while the Communist partisan who smuggled him across the border was searched. Not everyone accepts the official version, and many communists believed that he had been shot by the border guards.


The Black Book of Communism

-Teloc Vovim