The Eur-Africa Agenda In Action

Many people are not aware of this, as it is beyond their wildest imaginations, and nobody sane can believe that it’s actually happening, but it is.

The head of the Jewish Kalergi Bureacracy of the EU, is planning, and is creating slowly, the system through which they will push to make Africa and Europe into one, singular continent. This they consider and give the jewish excuse that will happen “As a necessity” because of African migration to Europe.

They do not secure any borders for this reason, and this is why there is all this aggression on Salvini, and so much strict control on Greece. These are the two countries that if they have safe borders, Europe cannot be racially assaulted. Likewise, both countries are treated with contempt, scruinity, and harsh judging. Both Italy and Greece almost went bankrupt twice, but in the case of Italy, they cannot take it down due to the weight of it’s trillion range dollar economy.

Macron in particular is a central figure in the Eurafrica debate. The jews have turned Paris and France in an African, Muslim colony. Much of Africa speaks French, because of “Colonialism” and for other reasons. Of course for the jews what kinds of servants they have below them, or what color, it doesn’t matter. So they consider to bring more and more Africans in Europe, until the plan reaches a conclusion where they will start advocating ‘closer and closer’ links between Africa and Europe, to the point they want to merge the continents.

The Jew are laying the legal framework on how they will try to make this happen.

I mean we all can tell that this below is really a Brazzers movie, as for the script, you can understand what it is. Macron’s ass has to decide the future of Europe? I think not.

Now, on a more serious note.

The plan will be as following -> Endless “Migration” they pretend they can’t control -> Kalergi browning of local European populations -> Bolstering of anything with a dark skin with socialism and free shekels, free housing, free job and work hyper-ascendance opportunities -> All of the above whilist creating an “Afro-European identity”. At the end of this process, they will try to unite the two continents, and create Eurafrica.

At least this is how Rabbi Macron envisions it, so when he is 90 years old, he can finally have at least 5 young “black bulls” to do him while he praises himself for his “Political Genius”.

When Hitler was talking about on how the jews want to extinct the European race with black people, they thought he was insane. Now this reality is literally in front of us. When Germany lost WW1, the Rhur territory in Germany was being infested with so called “Foreign labor” that was replacing the natives. By a huge coincidence, all of it was African labor, from the “French” imported by the French. These were put and housed there so they would marry and replace the native population. Germans back when were extremely dis-tasted for this, but now this is the reality of the whole of Europe.

In modern “European Union” thought, this is called the “Kalergi Plan”. Kalergi’s, a mixed person himself, half jew and half japanese crypto, and member of the Bnai’Brith lodge in Europe, and later on he became also a personal friend to Rothschild. He created the ideas to make Europe a mixed amalgamation between Black and White people, to restore a “Negroid Egyptian Hybrid”. This was to be done by a central, jew ruled, megastate above Europe, which would bring the progressive assimilation of the European people.

European Bureaucrats get awarded if they act in that regard and in that direction, with the “Coudenhofe Kalergi Reward”. Merkel and many others have been nominated and got this reward, for supporting and putting the political framework of imposition of these ideals.

Rabbi Macron, in is own words. Let us also say that he is the most unsuccessful and hated president that France has had in a while, and most of his country wants him gone and to disappear. He is ruling his African Gulag like a tyrant:

‘Bombshell’ population growth in Africa means Europe is entering an “unprecedented” age of mass migration, Emmanuel Macron has said, asserting that the two continents’ destinies are “bound”.

“The migratory phenomenon we are facing will be historic,” declared the French president in a television appearance Sunday night, when he announced that “great poverty”, “climate change”, and “geopolitical conflicts” will see Africans flooding into Europe “for many years to come”.

To back up his point, Macron pointed to “bombshell” population gr0wth across the third world continent, which he added has been “tremendously well described” by French-American journalist and professor Stephen Smith in a recent book.

“[Africans] are mostly turning to Europe because the continent [of Europe] is not an island, because of our location, and because Europe has its destiny bound with Africa,” stated the vehemently pro-EU French figure during a two-hour long interview.

Smith, the Africa expert to whom Macron referred during his appearance on BFMTV, estimates that the number of Africans living in Europe will grow from nine million to between 150 million and 200 million within the next 30 years.

[My note here – European population, with all these figures included, is about 320 million, without counting in as a region Russia. They plan to have 1 in 2 people as Black people by 2040. At the same time, in the USA, the jews project that the native White population will be around 50% of the total population of the country. ]

The plan to extinct White people is loud, clear, and comes from people who have noses such as this one below:

Recently, the jews passed legislation to destroy the Free Internet in Europe. This is a very important step in cutting all the flow of information in Europe for what is to follow on the next decades.

On the dying of the internet

Recently, the legal framework for this is also coming up, to pay “Reparations”, to “Promote Black People”, ascend them in positions of power etc [Below a copy of the official EU Legal Framework for this]:

“A. whereas the term ‘people of African descent’ may also be used with ‘Afro-European’, ‘African European’, ‘Black European’, ‘Afro-Caribbean’ or ‘Black-Caribbean’, and refers to people of African ancestry or descent who are born in, citizens of, or living in Europe;

B. whereas the terms ‘Afrophobia’, ‘Afri-phobia’ and ‘anti-black racism’ refer to a specific form of racism, including any act of violence or discrimination, fuelled by historical abuses and negative stereotyping, and leading to the exclusion and dehumanisation of people of African descent; whereas this correlates to historically repressive structures of colonialism and the transatlantic slave trade, as recognised by the Council of Europe’s High Commissioner for Human Rights;”

[… Here is how they will catapult black people in power in Europe, by so called excuses of “Participation”. Get ready for a Blacker future for Europe…]

22. Calls on the Member States to address discrimination against people of African descent in the housing market and take concrete steps to address inequalities in access to housing, as well as ensuring adequate housing;

23. Calls on the Commission and the Member States to ensure – taking into account existing legislation and practices – safe and legal avenues for migrants, refugees and asylum seekers to enter the EU;

24. Calls on the Commission and the European External Action Service to effectively ensure that no EU funds are being made available, or any support or collaboration given to organisations or groups engaged in or connected to enslavement, trafficking and torture or to extortion directed at Black and African migrants;

25. Calls for the European institutions to adopt a workforce diversity and inclusion strategy that establishes a strategic plan for the participation of ethnic and racial minorities in their workforce that complements existing efforts to this end;

26. Calls on European parties and political foundations, as well as parliaments at all levels in the EU, to support and develop initiatives encouraging the political participation of people of African descent;

27. Calls on the Commission to closely liaise with international actors such as the OSCE, the UN, the African Union and the Council of Europe, as well as other international partners, in order to combat Afrophobia at international level;

28. Instructs its President to forward this resolution to the Council, the Commission, the parliaments and governments of the Member States and the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe.

Please distribute this message to everyone, and spread it across thinking and non-braindead Europeans.

Everyone, we must keep up the RTR’s at strong pace now. The enemy will collapse. We just have to keep at it.

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