World War Jew: Current leader of NATO is a Norwegian Communist and KGB agent

Владимир Путин: Россия не будет поставлять газ Украине без предоплаты, а её осталось на 3-4 суток

Оригинал новости RT на русском:

This has been the quiet move. Much of the situation in the middle east is designed to slow the flow of oil and gas to Europe and force Europe to depend more and more on Russia for such pushing them into the Moscow sphere of control. Everything the jooz have been doing in Europe is aimed to one way or another put Europe under a new Soviet system as Putin admits he wants. The war they are pushing for on both sides NATO and Russia will be the key to make this happen. Hence why the kikes are fleeing Europe. Remember Russia is allied with Red China which the jews also control as they built it. Thousands of Red Chinese troops have done recent training exercises with Russian troops on European soil for a war with NATO in Europe. The current leader of NATO is a Norwegian Communist who ran their Communist Party and was a self admitted KGB agent during the Cold War. As I have mentioned before the kikes have moved their agents into key area’s within NATO and the governments and the Pentagon in America. To act as fifth column to an invasion from Euro-asia by Communist forces under their control to slam the gate shut in a real Red nightmare. China right now is quietly building a path through the other nations in the stan’s of the east to Russia. Remember the jews opened the gates of more then one city as fifth column from Spain to Constantinople and let the invaders right in. Their EU policies are Soviet and aimed to absorb Europe into a Jew World Order.

What about the nuclear deterrent. Well who’s hands on the controls? Israeli security companies ie Mossad fronts have dealing with the soils in American and everywhere else I bet.

Now the jews flee like rats from a sinking ship. The jews know the rise of European Nationalist groups are spelling the end along with the demand to dismantle the EU. They are running out of time so they might just hit the switch and get it rolling ASAP. Its a repeat of what they tried to pull with Communism on Europe in the last century.

From observation I believe the jews are planning to take the west down with a communist tidal wave from Euro-Asia with a war in Europe and also with a money crash and sponsor communist political movements within nations. Like in the previous century. At this point they probably want American forces in the ME which they are trying to do, simply to catch them in a war with Iran that will end with America forces destroyed and Iran in ashes as well. America is the back bone of NATO. Which means the one superpower military will not be able to stand on European soil against a war with Russia and Red China.

It seems Putin blundered again with having the FSB kill the phoney opposition leader. To thug the population into line as the Russia’s economy is total shit and their dollar worthless and the war in Ukraine not popular.

Tens of thousands of Russians marched through central Moscow on Sunday, carrying banners declaring “I am not afraid” and chanting “Russia without Putin” in memory of murdered Kremlin critic Boris Nemtsov.

Families, the old and young walked slowly, with many holding portraits of the opposition politician and former deputy prime minister who was shot dead while walking home from a nearby restaurant on Friday night. (Reuters)

-High Priest Mageson666