NDH and the ustashe – jewish puppets

This post is part 2 of the post “Yugoslavia was forced to fight against Germany”

In this post, I will go a bit more in-depth about the ustashe/jewstashe movement.
Who were they? Shortly said, before WW2 they were working together with the communist party on destroying the Kingdom of Yugoslavia and killing the Serbian king Alexander I, whom they called “monarcho-fascist”.
One of the treaties the ustashe had signed with the communists was the “Dresden Treaty”, with one goal – destroying the Kingdom and Serbdom.

The ustashe called themselves “Frankists” – meaning the followers of jew/ustashe politician Josip Frank.

Serbian newspaper “Justice” in 1934 about ustasha criminals. It says here that they are a small portion of croat people called “Frankists”, followers of the Jew Josip Frank (1844-1911). It’s explicitly stated here in the newspaper article that Frank was a Jew poisoning croat people. That Kike Frank initiated anti-Serb riots in Zagreb in 1902.

During the WW2

As you read in my previous post, the ustashe unfortunately got power in some territories (NDH) because the jews pushed Yugoslavia into chaos and the Germans didn’t have really much time to mess around Yugoslavia, since they had greater priorities.

Jewstashe make problems with Italy

Italian RAC band Gesta Bellica sings about Foibe – croatian genocide against Italian people in Istria and Dalmatia regions 1943-1945. Very sad song and video. In these actions, between 10.000 and 15.000 Italian people have been massacred and thrown into natural pits in the same way Croats did to Serbs in those years. Another 350.000 Italian people have been expelled from their homes and had to flee to western Italy.

Curzio Malaparte described his disgust with croatian leader Ante Pavelic and his Ustasha criminals. Their atrocities, in their monstrosity, exceeded the limits of understanding of the human mind. This is what Malaparte writes:
“As the poglavnik spoke, I noticed a willow-reed pannier on the desk. The lid was lifted, and the holes seemed to be full of seafood, so it seemed to me, some oysters, taken out of the shells, as can be seen in large shop windows on Piccadilly in London. Kazetarno (the Italian Minister Plenipotentiary) looked at me and winked: ‘A good oyster soup would be nice, wouldn’t it?’ ”
– These are oysters from Dalmatia? I asked the poglavnik.
Ante Pavelić lifted the lid and, showing me those seafood, that slimy and fiery mass of oysters, he said, smiling in his own way: “It is a gift from my faithful Ustashas: there are 20 kilograms of human eyes here.”
Kaputt, Chapter 13

croatian anti-italian poster from WW2

Italian-Serbian alliance in Dalmatia – AGAINST THE USTASHE
It is a fact that Italians saved thousands of Serbian civilians from communist/ustashe terror in the NDH;

Here is a picture of Italian soldiers arresting ustashe bandits because of their crimes against civilians.

Italian General Aleksandro Luzano was furious when he arrived in Dalmatia and saw how the jewstashe were brutally killing civilians, here’s a picture of him witnessing one of these scenes (unfortunately too late)

The Serbian fascists (Chetniks) and the Italians were allied the whole time, in Dalmatia.
Anti-Communist Volunteer Militia was one of the formations where both Italians and Serbs were involved, against the ustashe and communists.

Picture of Serbian/Chetnik Duke Djujic with Italian officer.

Jewstashe make problems with Germany

Hermann Neubacher was appointed as the leading German foreign ministry official for the Balkans.
In 1943, when he was appointed, he wrote that about 750.000 Serbs have been killed by the jewish ustashe. (Neubacher, page 31)
Hermann tried to negotiate to make Greater Serbia (project SveSrbija), but sadly the German officials in Berlin were too busy with the eastern front, so they let it be as it was at the moment not to make further problems for themselves.

Joseph Goebbels wrote: “The Croatian government is just a ball in the hands of the partisans” (diary for the 29. April 1943)

A German WW2 document talking about how Ustashe are causing problems to everyone with their sadistic brutality against the Serbs.

Jewstashe and the communists – an alliance

Greater-croatian communist partisans in 1944, with edited ustasha flag

Pictures of the ustashe and communist partisans together

Communist Party of Yugoslavia salutes the ustasha movement and calls people to join it. “It’s communists’ task to assist the spread of the ustasha movement.” Against “greater-Serbian military-fascist dictatorship”. Communists take active participation in the ustasha movement and lead that movement (communist newspaper “Proleter”, 1935)

Ustashe and the Jews
“Ustashism was ideology and movement not only of Croats, but also of Jews in Croatia” – Mladen Schwartz
“All Jews who contributed something to the croatian cause become – Honorary Aryans” – Croat “anti-jewish law” 1941

Jew Josip Frank (1844-1911) was one of the founders of the primitive anti-Serb and pro-Jewish “Croatian party of rights”.

In an interview, the daughter of war criminal Ante Pavelic was boasting about how her dad never had anything against the Jews and many ustasha generals were Jews. She also speaks about how her dad also sent aid to the communist partisans.

During WW2, ustashe killed 91 family members of Nikola Tesla.