Yugoslavia was forced to fight against Germany

For many years before the state coup on Prince Paul, Great Britain has been financing most of political parties in the country, military generals as well, to spread pro-British and anti-German sentiment among Serbian people, poisoning people that “next war will be the same like WW1” and “we must not betray our traditional Western Allies” and “we must not have anything with evil Krauts”. Even the musicians in the pubs were paid to play WW1 songs.
British agents have blown up the Danube passage on Serbian – Romanian border one year before war. British agents have blown up houses to Volksdeutsch population, so they could create animosity between Serbs and Germans much before war.

During his visit to Belgrade in January 1941 while there were intensive negotiations between Yugoslav and German Governments, OSS (future CIA) chief William Donovan threatened to Prince Paul Karadjordjevic that if Yugoslavia signs anything with Germans, it will be treated as defeated side at the end of war…

Since Adolf Hitler took power in Germany in 1933 he was doing absolutely everything he can to create best possible relations between Germany and Yugoslavia. There were strong political and economic relations between Germany and Yugoslavia, especially during the time of national socialist Serbian politician Milan Stojadinovic on power 1937-1939. If he stayed on power, Germany wouldn’t push Yugoslavia to sign anything as he was considered trusted friend of Germany and Italy.
Italy and Germany even offered Stojadinovic a greater Serbia with northern Epyrus in exchange for majority slovene and croat territories (Can-Stojadinovic agreement), if Serbs would join the Axis. Stojadinovic knew if he accepted this, Paul would go nuts and there would probably be a civil war because Paul rejected to get rid of british spies who would start a war like this. Germany and Italy understood, so they respected Yugoslavia being neutral, just like Spain.

Dr. Milan Stojadinovic

Great Britain didn’t like it, so under British pressure Stojadinovic government was illegally taken down and Stojadinovic was arrested and extradited to Brits who put him in house prison on Mauritius until the end of WW2.

At this point, Prince Paul Karadjordjevic who was great anglophile and had family connections with British royal family, takes power. This was a great disappointment in Germany, but in order to show that German politics stays the same, Adolf Hitler invited Prince Paul to Berlin and on the 1st of June 1939 made the greatest military parade ever in Berlin for any foreign statesman, even greater than for Mussolini visit to Berlin.
Germany offered many political and economic deals to Prince Paul who unfortunately didn’t accept it as he was an anglophile, although good relations between Germany and Yugoslavia still remained.

All this time, until shameful state coup of 27th March 1941, croat ustasha (jewstasha) movement was strictly forbidden in the Third Reich.

With fall of France in 1940, Germans discovered in France many documents of pro-Western orientation of Yugoslavia, so now Hitler urged Prince Paul to sign a neutrality pact as he wanted to secure his south flank before invading the USSR. After long negotiations, agreement was finally reached and signed on the 25th of March 1941. This was the best possible agreement ever which ensured Yugoslavia’s neutrality in the war and no Axis or Allies transports through Yugoslavia at all.

Unfortunately, 2 days later, this was followed with already described state coup and pro-Western demonstrations in Belgrade. Pro-Western traitors and conspirators arrested Prince Paul now and extradicted him to the Brits who put him in a house prison.
The new illegal government was formed of english spies who openly requested weapons from tge UK, everything was clear. Germans knew what was coming.

When Hitler heard of those, he ordered invasion of Yugoslavia and bombing of Belgrade which occured on the 6th of April 1941. The anglophile scum who made treacherous state coup escaped to Greece, Egypt and then Great Britain. After fall of Yugoslavia, Germans called first a moderate pro-serbian Croat politician Vlatko Macek (who was not a chauvinist and butcher like pavelic) to create new croatian government.
However, he refused as he was pro-Western. Now the ustashe scum led by Pavelic used the opportunity to take power and start butchering. The whole ustashe movement was fully led by jews, Pavelics wife was a jewess and many other ustashe officials were jews.

If Yugoslavia remained loyal to Hitler, pavelic and his criminals would be cleaning toilets in Italy. Unfortunately, crazy anglophiles gave him a chance, an absolute red pill…