The Welfare State and Communism

Communism and the Jewish agenda has been covered many times over by our members here at the JoS. This website that has been put together by one of our members and contains sermons and articles from the clergy and other members on Communism. We must continue educate ourselves and spread the truth.

Death of Communism

Most people have come to believe that the Welfare state is a government that provides for the total well being of its citizens but it is just another hidden strategy for preparation of enslavement and degradation of the gentile populace. It encompasses dependency on the state or state benefits and encourages breakdown of the family unit. These are among the many points to usher in communism, as established by the Jewish Frankfurt School. High Priest Mageson has written about the Jewish Communizing of America and the Great Depression previously. After the Great Depression(initiated by Jewish bankers) the American Welfare state came about and created the basis for the current Welfare system today.

The Welfare State financially supports poverty and works to keep gentiles in a cycle of dependency and destroys personal worth and self reliance. This system has entrapped an enormous amount of blacks but obviously this issue applies to all gentiles.

The rise of the Welfare state has been a great factor in the destruction of family stability, especially among blacks gentiles in America. The out-of-wedlock birth rates are estimated to be 3 times higher than it was before the welfare system began. Prior to the so-called war on poverty that began in the 60’s, studies and records show that the United states was getting more prosperous and economically stable and there were dramatic decreases in poverty and destitution even among American black citizens. Despite all of this, the welfare state expanded greatly with many layers and many public assistance programs and as these supplied benefits on welfare offered economic incentives for avoiding marriage and formation of two parent families, children born out-of-wedlock arose dramatically. It is a known fact that on the detrimental effects of poverty stricken children not having both parents in their lives. This causes suffering and emotional problems and children raised in fatherless homes are more likely to engage in criminal behavior.

The penalty of marriage for those on welfare is a reduction of the benefits needed by the single parent. A person receives more money and benefits when they are single but if one were to marry another with a low paying job and the couple’s income were to go a few dollars over the limit, they are subject to losing thousands of dollars worth of benefits and aid. And sadly, there are many occurrences where people refuse raises and other benefits from their employees because such a thing would cause their welfare benefits to get cut off completely or become extremely reduced. Increasing your income means losing way more in welfare benefits than what you would earn at work. This contributes to a lack of initiative and self fulfillment among many things that disrupt one’s psychological foundations.

A major sociological study has concluded that lack of productive employment and action has undermined traditional roles and relationships for males especially who are denied an opportunity to confirm their own self worth by contributing to the survival of their family and community through hard work and leadership. A 1992 report on a News Brunswick Welfare program states, “among men, particularly long term welfare induces a loss of self respect, increased rates of depression, and a tendency towards self destructive activities such as substance abuse and family violence.”

When you look closely at this disgusting system, you see that marriage, and working are pretty much heavily taxed and these public assistance programs reward and motivates the very things that are most likely to cause poverty.The welfare state makes poverty more comfortable, while penalizing attempts to rise out of poverty and of course the only ones benefiting from this crap are the Jewish bureaucrats who receive huge salaries for initiating these bogus welfare programs.

And as we all can see, the fact of the matter is that the minds of those afflicted with economic dependency causes them to see this dependency as normal and this mentality is passed down from parents to children over generations and so this further conditions the masses for feelings of diminished self worth and a sort of learned helplessness. This totally corresponds to the slave mentality in communism.This welfare state has really added to the break down of self reliance and determination and this causes great harm to society and community as a whole. This dependency has been embedded in generations of cultures that have been dependent on welfare like in the African American population and in minority groups.

In the communistic model, the state controls everyone and holds them at the same level and this model discourages wealth, encourages poverty and enslavement. Many believe that the welfare state is akin to the ideals of socialism but they are most certainly not of the same nature. Communism is of the Jewish agenda and destroys and negates socialism. Communism may execute socialism to a certain degree but this is just a ruse to give the idea that the government is working towards that ideal but the truth points towards the contrary.

“The soul of communism is the soul of Judaism”- Rabbi Harry Waton

Helin, “Dances with Dependency”

Hail our Creator God Satan.

High Priestess Shannon