Enemy Agenda Metagenics

The truth on the enemy religions both East and West is they not “religions” there actually is no spirituality in them, in truth they are nothing more then Political Ideologies with a tinsel of pseudo spiritual metaphysics. The Priesthoods are the Party Officials who enforce and maintain the ruling ideology over society. No different then in any Soviet ruled Nation of the current or previous century the Party and the Ideology of the Party rules.

-The Sudra’s duty and supreme good is nothing but obedience to famous Brahmin householders who know the Veda. If he is unpolluted, obedient to his superiors, gentle in his speech, without a sense of ‘I’, and always dependent on the Brahmins and the other (twice-born castes), he attains a superior birth (in the next life).” — Manusmrti 9:334-335.

Here is the essence of all enemy systems point of convergence the corruption of the true spiritual language by changing the concepts behind the meanings till it’s nothing more then a ritualized slave morality, that is designed to domesticate humanity with each generation into a cattle like state. The dairy cow of today was once the famed mighty Aurochs of old.

Understand the crucial fact Genetics are actually Metagenics.

How the enemy domestication program works is simple the brain is interconnected with the chakra centers which are the macrocosm of the genetic or DNA information code in the body. By programming the mind via ideological software download this reformats the neural pathways in the brain[hard drive] with correspond to the programming command[vibration frequency] or filters, this interfaces into the charka centers that send this program code into the overall energy body and imprints it into the genetic information code via epigenetic thus switching the overall psyche into the program frequency this plugs into mass mind and then becomes a locked in program due to the collect psychic power of the mass mind. Part of this enemy paradigm is the removal of spiritual knowledge and the removal of advanced humans out of society by murdering them and their blood lines. The killing of them cuts the head of the original system off and head of the new system rules, Communism is the open practice of this and it culls out the most advanced genetics.

I also believe in places like the East where all spiritual knowledge could not be totally removed celibacy was brought among other reasons, to ensure such advanced genes where not passed on, in essence doing the same.

Over generations this physiological effect takes greater hold with the lack of spiritual practices now replaced by ritualism designed to enforce and strengthen the domestication program code, the generations born carry the genetic information code that forms them into existence to the point they are born in the image of the centuries of genetic transmutation has caused. And you have the perfect Goyium or cattle in a Global two legged factory farm. This is how domestication works on the metagenic level.

Nietzsche understood this and termed it the “Slave Morality” which process and final aim was the Under man the human cattle, interesting enough in the East such beings are called Pashu[animalistic being] the ancient spiritual masters acknowledge in that term the degeneration effects of lack of spiritual practice has.

The other side is this a daily practice of Yoga undoes the programming codes it cleans out all the imprints with blasts of higher vibrational flow and reformats the psyche to how it should be naturally on the higher level of vibration, the enemy programming is low density frequency waved it can not last in the psyche after the practice has advanced with some time, it also strengthens the bio-electrical field to where it blocks[ shields] one from the mass mind part of the enemy program, it’s no different then radio wave on lower dial has no effect on a higher wave station.

This sends a higher vibration into the DNA which is literally a vibrational information code that interacts with and forms the whole being. Change the vibration change the code, change the code change the form because the form is vibration. So you end up with an advancing human again, metagenics.

The essence of what Nietzsche calls the master Morality is having a life style and culture based on such a evolutionary practice that creates the Godman[ Superhuman] Ubermensch, by a literal transmutation of genetic code. As advancing humans have children and those children grow up doing the same path and on you understand where this leads.

Satan’s Enlightenment process works on the metagenic level, and on sending a higher wave of light energy thought the entire being reforming them to a higher level, till in time they are perfected to the microcosmic frequency or octave of the Sun Star. The Gold in the work.

– High Priest Mageson666