White Supremacy And Black Slavery

Black Slavery

The Jews didn’t even really sell slaves to Whites. In all reality only 1.4 percent of Whites owned slaves in America. Most America Whites didn’t agree with it and put major regulations on it. Jews owned the majority of slaves. The Jews mainly sold them to other Jews, the slaves where used in the Jewish run industries that slaves were used to facilitate such as the sugar cane plantations. This is the source of how the Jews really made their wealth the Jew bankers, slavers, planation owners and such were all working together this was key to the rise of the massive wealth power of the Jewish bankers as well.

The Jews even got laws passed to ban all non Jews from the slaver industry so they could keep their monopoly on it. I support Blacks. Taking Jews to court in law suits for reparations from the Jews themselves. If the Jews want never ending holo shekels for a holocaust that didn’t happen. Blacks should get shekels from Jews for a holocaust that really did happen to them. It was Whites who ended the slave trade much to the rage of the Jews. The only reason the slave trade went on as long as it did was because the Jews used their money and political power to manipulate governments to make sure it did. In fact the Jews originally got massively involved in politics to keep the slave trade going that is how much European opposition was against it.

The Jew Karl Marx, wrote a massive essay which was published in major papers defending and advocating for the continuation of the Jewish run slave trade as necessary for civilisation. And this was the Jew who created Marxism that did what again…..Demanded a revolutionary Holocaust in Marx’s own words. And committed such. Of most of White Europe and the planet such as China and the creation of a slave state run by Jews called Communism.

Source: The Secret history between Blacks And Jews In America

White Supremacy

White Supremacy meaning, is simple if you listen to the jews who made up this phrase…..Whites ruling their own White Nations I don’t demand Arab’s rule Israel so why do all Jews demand Jews and non-Whites rule White Nations?. So yes Whites should be supreme in their own home. However this does not include trolling or knuckling down on other races for not being White. I have met enough people of other races and studied their cultures to know all races are actually supremacist in their outlook for themselves. Its just the jews are totally psychotic criminals about it. And Whites are supposed to feel guilty for any normalcy on the subject…Cause Jews the biggest supremacists on earth, said so.

Yes Whites are the highest evolved race and we don’t say sorry for winning epochs of hard evolutionary struggle to earn such in existence. Just to be clear this however does not mean dehumanizing other races of people or treating them badly which is unjust, just because of differences. However its also not a licence to allow ourselves to be exploited by jews, race traitors and non-Whites either. Respect us and we will respect you.

– High Priest Mageson666