Weeds of the same root

Hitler was right in this statement of his to paraphrase what he stated:

“Communism aims to do on the physical level, what Christianity aims to do on the metaphysical. ”

When Christianity receded during the period leading up to the Enlightenment, it was morphed into secular Xianity with Liberalism. Liberalism is Xianity without the Christ. Karl Marx was a Liberal “philosopher” who just as stated repackaged this into something to keep up with the time.

Communism is literally nothing but Liberalism repacked into an industrial era modality. Its stated aim is to manifest a society based totally on the radical egalitarianism of Liberal humanism. The Jacobin’s of yesteryear became the Bolsheviks of later on. People forget Liberalism plunged Europe into a sea of murder, violence and chaos. And ruled its society with terrorism. Literal called the Terror during the period the Jacobin’s sized power during the Liberal revolution in France in the name of the creed that later become Communism creed. The Jacobin’s literally wiped out the best of the Frances upper-class. It was total class warfare and the Jews where behind it all along. Liberalism aim to literally wiped away the entire order of life in Western Civilization and replace it with its own order.

Its no mistake the first Communist revolution on earth was in France in the 1870’s.

This is why today the Cultural Marxists [social Communism] blend into Liberalism so well. They are both sects of the same Jewish creed. One is just more open in its aggression. This is why the left is always insane and stuck in Orwellian double think. They are atheist Christianity.

True the Christard Right. Is Theistic Communism and the Left atheistic Christianity. The only difference. Its no mistake the Jewish Bolsheviks never destroyed Christianity in Russia. They just wiped out the Czarist, Nationalists elements within it. After that the Church and the Par-tay where in bed together the whole time.

This is the essence of Nietzsche’s, iconic statement of: “God is dead.”

He was commenting of the fact Liberalism was simply atheist Christianity. The Liberals had taken the values of the Christian gospels. But rejected the theistic principal that animated them. The Christian when asked for the authority of the claims of their values always stated: “God said.” Because this is the only claimed authority their value system is build upon. But the Liberal for who the Christian God is non-existent. But holds the same [perverse] values. What shall they stated when asked the same? They repeat the same values as axioms without anything to hold them up under observation.

Nietzsche also stated:

The Liberal is the Christian Priest in disguise.”

Kim II Sung the first leader of Communist North Korea openly stated that Communist principals are in perfect harmony with Christian ones. In fact they reflect each other. Communist China has a Catholic Church of over 70,000 million people and growing. Christianity is openly pushed and encouraged in China. Where the ethnic Chinese culture was literally wiped off the earth by the Communists in the Cultural “Revolution.” And replaced by a Jewish, Communist culture of control. Any spiritual practices where banned by the death penalty. Just to practice Qi Gong was to risk your life. Its what Christianity did as well in its conquests.

A former KGB defector from the Soviet Jewion warned American’s that the Communist Empire has created the American Left. And where using these shitheels to Communize America to the point where they could manifest a open revolution and take power. They stated these stupid Leftards would also be liquidated in the revolution as they are usefool idiots nothing more. A step to something more direct.

Many Christian Priests, Christards and Liberals marched with the Communist ranks in the American 1960’s and 1970’s. When Communist trained agent. Martin Luther King was in full swing. Along with his Jewish handler who was the former head of the American Communist Party in the 1950’s. And who wrote that moronic “Dream” speech.

America had a full on Communist, cultural revolution right under the banner of the cross. Bible in one hand, the Communist Manifesto in the other. Because its all the same Jewish racial warfare program at the core. Just in different sects. Branches of the same tree.

The end goal of the Jewish Bible of which the Jewish Torah forms the majority of the Old Testament. Is the Jewish messiah shows up unites the Jews and wipes out the Gentiles. And rules over a slave humanity where everyone is literally one. There is no difference in race, sex or appearance. All hive minded drones. Toiling for the New Zion. Or Jew World Order.

This is what it comes down to. Feminism is nothing but a wing of Communism that aims to destroy the biological and psychological differences between the sexes. By turning women into men and attacking women who wish to remain actually feminine. The Jews are now running men’s movements where its the same Communist line but for men. And this pits the sexes against each other while Communizing them both [making them insane], and allows the Jews to conqueror that much more.

The Jews have even created a bogus materialistic scientism that simple acts as bogus scientific justification and base for their Communist agenda. In this it covers over the truth of humanity origins, the nature of the universe and the spiritual reality of the human being. And replaces it with junk like the Big Bang, Darwinism which is bizarre as it presupposes inequality on a biological bases. But the Left pumps their Liberal humanistic jargon into it. Morphing it to their shit-think more [Social Darwinism is also garbage]. And a whole host of kosher shit that is bunk. All of this is policed with ruthless enforcement as Dogma. And any scientist who goes against it is out the door. They don’t even look at the data. They just attack their moral and intellectual character. Which is how Christians behave along with Liberals.

The Nazi’s advanced a thousand years in a dozen years scientifically just by dismantling this Jewish materialistic, scientism. They are the reason for all tech advancements that came into society after the war. It was all from German scientists.

The Jews simply readapted what they had during the rule of the Vatican in Europe. The bogus science the Church bases as absolute and beyond all question or else. They infiltrate the scientific revolution with their money and power networks, and turned it into a weapon of theirs putting the Goyium under control again. They just brought the universities and put their people in the chairs and dictated what is to be taught and what attitudes with it.

True knowledge [science means knowledge in English] opens the doors to understanding the metaphysical reality behind all life and the soul. Its the true knowledge the Vedic world and Pagan world in general was built upon.

This is the dangerous situation the Christian wing has medieval dogma which most will laugh off with a mind. But the Communist’s push the same agenda but call their lies: “science.” And have created a whole pseudo scientific jargon in all fields, to enforce this lie. We are back to Christianity in a new guise.

Psychology and Psychiatry are Jewish creations and simply the opinions that Jews made up to give them power. To enforce their Communist agenda. Their Psychiatry/Psychological jargon literally forms the major basis of this. It creates the false premise to attack the enemies of the Jewish agenda as mentality ill and then remove them from society forever and discredit their ideals and information. As well as keeping the Goyium drugged up and doped out. This is what they did in the Soviet Jewion and even to their enemies in America such as Commander Rockwell. Who outsmarted them at this game thankfully.

Jew, Freud was one of the major people in the Frankfurt School of Cultural Marxism. The Nazi’s publically burned this Schools books as the Frankfurt School of Jews, stated aim was to destroy the German People and culture and pull them into International Communism.

This Jewish crap states your personality is just pathology [born in in and need the salvation of the Jewish Head Doc ]. And sets Gentiles up for all kinds of horrid shit. Back to Christianity with tools of the Christian Devil and Heretic’s.

Don’t like the Jewish Christard Church your literally in league with the Christian Devil nothing more. This gives the premise to destroy their opposition and discredit anything they say. So we have not moved on. We are still in the dark ages.

We can observe that Liberalism, Christianity and Communism, Democracy and Capitalism are all the same enemy paradigm. In the very fact all the forces of these Ideologies put aside any petty differences they had to oppose and attack Nazism.

National Socialism the one eternal understanding in temporal form. To this day the dregs of such ideologies still sneer with a vicious hate for Adolf Hitler and Nazism. Its the ultimate litmus test.

As the world becomes more Jewish by these annihilation ideologies. The world also becomes more ugly and humanity becomes degenerate in the mind, body and soul.

The Swastika must smash the Cross, in order for the Supreme Order of Life to triumph on earth.

Even though Christ is fictitious, in a non-atheist way, his teachings spell out the tenets for ultimate Liberalism, Marxism, Enemy Socialism, and yes, even Feminism. There is a book out there titled “Jesus Was a Feminist.” When I attack Feminism, I am not attacking women in any way, shape, or form; just how the Jews have perverted women’s rights into a program to snatch women away from us so they can be foot-soldiers for the kikes to damn Gentile humanity. This is in the same vein that the Jews have perverted rights for homosexuals. My eyeballs ache from research on all of this.

As much as the Jews work to confuse, and as much as they have tried to Christianize Nazism, if a person has any reading and comprehension skills, they will see that Christianity is the ultimate anti-Nazi creed.

Like Christianity’s more atheistic twins of communism, Marxism, etc, the “God” of the Bible truly is an obliteration device, as is shown in this Bible passage:

“There is neither Jew nor Greek, slave nor free, male nor female, for you are all one in Christ Jesus.” – Galatians 3:28

For our enemies who want the lubby dubby SHIT, where you turn the other cheek, love your enemy, resist not evil, blah blah blah, I think it is obvious that they are Christians at the soul and will never be able to reconcile themselves with True Satanism/Nazism, as the very idea of opening their spiritual eyes becomes a stumbling block because they don’t want to know the truth, as they cannot accept it.

Another observation I have made… Despite the Republican Christian Fundamentalists, Christianity ultimately embraces a mob-ruled Democratic One-World Government. These so-called “right wing” Christians are praying and tithing to the funeral wreath of humanity…as long as they worship Jewsus and hold Christian “values/morality.”

To sum it up, Christianity and it’s atheistic counter-parts are NOT enemies or at odds with each other in any way whatsoever, despite how the kikes try to make it look like communism is the solution to Christianity. Such a viewpoint is like saying “Christianity is the solution to Christianity.” Communism is just Christianity in another form, as it is what Christianity boils down to.

For those who want to know a little more about why Satan hates the Jews so much, I found the following whacky video to be revealing. It shows how much the Jews really do love their Jewish lord Christ.

-High Priest Mageson666

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