War Powers

Elements of the American government are attempting to pass a new law that will give President Trump the ability to declare war on eight nations at once without Congressional approval. This is occurring at the same time Russia is warning about another false flag gas attack in Syria and the White Helmets the deep state funded propaganda group that does the false flag staged video’s. Has had its funding renewed for the Kabala number of 6.6 million dollars. Because they are rehiring them for false flags.

Trump has already order two illegal strikes on Syria over obviously bogus gas attacks. They want him to have the power to declare total war so that Trump will then declare war on Syria which also means declaring war on Iran. For Israel. This also includes Russia which is in Syria and allies of Syria and Iran they will be dragged into this as well. Trump has shown he will turn heel on his promises about Syria when the Rothschild’s and other Elders of Zion want him.

The North Korea situation is also a possible build up to war. The attempted false flag attack on Hawaii this January that from all reports was done by an Israeli sub. And was to be blamed on North Korea. Now the current talks might be a ruse to create a justification for war. Trump is following the Neo-cohen line of attacking and harassing the nations on the list drawn up during the Bush regime that Obama carried on and now Trump is. This includes Syria, Iran and North Korea.

Something to consider is China. Communist China was created by the Jewish Elders of Zion. Mao was given initiation in their Rothschild run Internationalist Free Masonic society by Communist Jews and was surround by western Jews like Shapiro and Israel Epstein in all the key positions of his communist regime. The Communists in China were funded by international Jewish bankers like in Russia. The Chinese Communist party was created by Asian Jews with direction of western Jews out of Moscow. This is why Jewish Mossad spies like Pollard gave massive amounts of American secrets to China for Israel. And why the major Jewish elites have been working to send all American and western wealth to China And why China’s banks the HSBC, Bank of China [very Rothschild front name] are allowed to with Rothschild’s JP Morgan Chase Bank run the precious metal markets and develop global oil monopolies. Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley and other Jewish banks have constructed massive amounts of warehouses in China full of looted goods from Western and African nations. And have built up the Chinese economy like they did with the SOVIET UNION. And for one reason to turn China into a global Communist military, political and economic superpower they can wage war on the rest of the planet with.

Don’t be fooled by China’s pretend turn to capitalism either. The Jews already played this game with the USSR. They sent out double agents and false propaganda to con the western leaders into thinking the Soviet Union was de communizing and if they opened up trade and sent industry and money to build up their economies this would speed up the end. They called this scam the NEP. Guess what all they did was build up the Soviet Union into a China like situation. Where they were able to build the largest army on earth with the most advanced military technology to then invade Asia and Europe with to impose Jewish Communism with. Which they did. Once they had what they needed Stalin shut the door on the scam. What is going on with China is the same as NEP scam the Jews ran in the Soviet Union. Chinese military officials have given major speeches to the Chinese government on their military plans for a war with America. China is extending its power into the region of American power with the current war islands they are building they would not be committing acts of provocation if they didn’t feel confident they could win a war with America at this point if you study Chinese political thought.

It could just be North Korea is a trap. The Chinese are pretending to back off to encourage American aggressive stances and to get their guard down over China which is what the Soviet Union did with the west. Who knows what advanced weapons North Korea might really be sitting on they got from China to surprise NATO with in advance of a war. Tricking people into thinking they are backwards and weak in this case is very common way of military thought in Asian strategies. Even with the pompous fist pounding North Korea is projecting they understand the west thinks their military is a joke. This can be used to their advantage as part of a larger war involving China. China might also be planning a surprise first strike on American and NATO forces in the case they go to war with North Korea. This could trigger the third world war the Elders of Zion want. And leave American and NATO forces destroyed. This defeat would cause the economic and political collapse of America as the world super power. And leave Communist China as the new master of the world. To impose Communism upon the planet. If one reads the geo political strategies of Jews like Dugin who is part of Jewish Putin’s think tank. Their goal is to cripple America and break it apart from within. To then created a Jewish Communist Empire of a Chinese-Russian axis that can project power into the world. The Communist Ideology was simply written out of the Jewish Talmud by two Jewish Rabbi’s Karl Marx and Moses Hess for the Rothschild’s. The Jews have been stabbing America in the back from the start to destroy it from within.

– High Priest Mageson666