Understanding of equality: Jews and The Founding Fathers

Equality has to be defined. The Founders equality which was a social equality where all citizens had the same constitution rights and freedoms. And people where not bound by rigid caste. They also created free hospitals, libraries and universities. This allowed in the case of schools a person the access to resources based on personal merit so they can improve themselves and achieve. People where encouraged to achieve based upon their own talents and character in general and rewarded for it.

Social equality in such sense that creates a harmony of same rights and freedoms and equal access to resources is important. Its also needed for a meritocracy. This allows everyone the ability to achieve what they wish to in life and be happy and respected.

This is based upon the individual uniqueness of races, nations, cultures, sexes and personality having the freedom to express itself and evolve. Which is in harmony with the eternal law.

The enemy version of equality is everyone is the exact same regardless of race, culture, nation, sex and character, personal ability. And thus creates a mandate of universal total egalitarianism. Where all races, nations, cultures, and differences in between the sexes and individuals are driven towards annihilation. In the name of making everyone equal.

Communism and Christianity is built upon this as is the whole left which is secularized xianity.

They lie and state its the differences which they claim as artificial that cause all the problems.

Their programs are the dehumanization and demoralization off all humanity and its eventually annihilation. People by nature have a special pride in what makes them unique and this expresses itself in talent and personality. If you tell them there is nothing special about them they are just like everyone else. And everything they take pride in from race, culture, spirit. Is either evil or empty. You will demoralize them to the point of assimilation into a global serfdom easier. Where all races, cultures, nations and ability is dissolved into nothingness. And replaced with a new mass man identity of servile slavery. Which is seen in the identity Jewish Christianity and Communism try to assign.

Communism like Christianity before it simply kills off the best elements of society those who show greater ability and thus difference and reduces the whole place it controls to total poverty of mind, body and spirit and wealth. Thus making everyone one equal. Much of this is built in envy this is why the enemy is always making everyone feel inadequate over all differences and frustrated. To build a powerfully negative in them and unleash their envy in a murderous movement towards “equal.” If they can’t have this or be that, no one will basically.

– High Priest Mageson666