Torture of Women under Communism: Exposing Feminist Paradise

Before I start I wish to warn. This article about Red China will not be pleasant not only to sensitive imaginative people, but to anybody who have some compassion or love to human being at all. But if you still choose to read it, always remember, ALL THE WORST CRIMES IMAGINABLE DESCRIBED IN THIS ARTICLE WERE AND ARE DONE BY THOSE WHO HAD ONCE CALLED THEMSELVES FEMINISTS AND THE LEFT BEFORE THEY TOOK POWER. Communism IS feminism and I give the proof below.

Though jews lived in China long before they have at last managed to destroy it via communism, it was Russian jewish revolution of 1917 that gave them this chance.

Jews in China: Legends, History and New Perspectives. By Pan Guang

“Unlike the Sephardic Jews, Russian (Ashkenazi) Jews came to China not mainly for trade, but rather because of rising anti-Semitism in Russia and Eastern Europe from the 1880s onward. This wave led to the migration of millions of Russian Jews to North America, and tens of thousands also crossed Siberia, reaching northeast China, Inner Mongolia, and further to southern parts of China. During this period, the construction of China Eastern Railway, the expansion of Russian power in China, the Russo-Japanese War, and the two Russian revolutions of 1905 and 1917 all propelled the migration of Russian Jews to China. [5] At beginning, they mainly lived in Harbin and neighboring areas, where they formed the largest Jewish community in the Far East. After Japan’s invasion of northeast China, they moved southward and settled in communities in cities such as Shanghai, Tianjin and Qingdao….

…Long-resident Russian Jews looked upon China as their second motherland. Some studied hard and were integrated into Chinese culture, and played a positive role in promoting Chinese-Jewish and Chinese-Russian cultural exchanges. After the founding of the People’s Republic of China in 1949, a number of Russians Jews stayed on. Not until the beginning of the Cultural Revolution did the last group of Russian Jews leave”.

Pan Guang considers that Russian and European jews came to China in the beginning of 20 century. No wonder that according Wikipedia first communism / feminism came to China in approximately same period.

“The New Culture Movement (simplified Chinese: 新文化运动; traditional Chinese: 新文化運動; pinyin: Xīn Wénhuà Yùndòng) of the mid 1910s and 1920s sprang from the disillusionment with traditional Chinese culture following the failure of the Chinese Republic, founded in 1912 to address China’s problems. Younger followers took up their call for:

• Vernacular literature
An end to the patriarchal family in favor of individual freedom and women’s liberation
• View that China is a nation among nations, not as a uniquely Confucian culture.
• The re-examination of Confucian texts and ancient classics using modern textual and critical methods, known as the Doubting Antiquity School
Democratic and egalitarian values
• An orientation to the future rather than the past

It’s a very same values that Frankfurt School kikes led by Trotsky brought from New York to Russia during WWI and introduced in communist revolution of 1917. The same values of destruction of traditional family as we see now in Western Social Marxism aka feminism.

“Chinese iconoclasm was expressed most clearly and vociferously by Chen Duxiu during the New Culture Movement which occurred between 1915 and 1919. Proposing the “total destruction of the traditions and values of the past,” the New Culture Movement was spearheaded by the New Youth, a periodical which was published by Chen Duxiu and which was profoundly influential on a young Mao Zedong whose first published work appeared on the magazine’s pages”.

“According to the People’s Daily, Mao Zedong Thought “is Marxism–Leninism applied and developed in China””.

Something important I wish to explain before going to part two of this article. There is not “right” and “left” communism. Communism is always communism. Merkel who is now genociding Germans at their own expense, goes back to communist party. Putin who is now resurrecting Soviet laws and principles in Russia, also goes back to KGB communist party secret service. Obama who created ISIL, Muslim brotherhood and Al-Qaeda, is KGB agent. And list goes on. In all wiki articles about Chinese CP they use different slogans such as class warfare, socialism, economical communism, democracy and even “nationalism” (when it comes to wars against Japan), but never mention actual feminism / liberalism, still the above quotes prove it is, because they are one thing called 2 names.

So if you choose to read further, don’t tell me it is so because it is “traditional”, “Chinese”, “economical” or “right” type of communism, as such thing simply does not exist. What I relate below is that very WOMEN RIGHTS FEMINIST paradise feminists of the West so fight for.

“A Jew may do to a non-Jewess what he can do. He may treat her as he treats a piece of meat.” – Hadarine, 20, B; Schulchan Aruch, Choszen Hamiszpat 348.

In their Chinese Jew World Order they really treat women like a piece of meat…… they simply eat them. It is true, they create family-destructive laws like “only one child” and it means that if the sex of the child is not suitable for parents they simply leave her in hospital that in its turn sells it away to the nearby restaurant as meat. But those I am going to write about envy those “soup babies”, because the nightmare the first go through they go through alive.

It is also notable how in most atheistic materialist state the cruelest inquisition imaginable is working right now in the light of day. It reveals how orthodox, fanatical and jihadist this “scientific atheism” really is. Further the links to that site goes, I can’t copypaste since this site is copyrighted. My comments are in []


[Jews are known to blame their victims in crimes they themselves do. Communists force-divorce and torture Falun Gong practitioners into divorce, then slander their victims for the destruction of their families]

Overview of Persecution of Families

Forced into Divorce

Wife Tortured to Death, Husband Missing, Child Placed in Orphanage

[The last one is how they caught a man tortured him extremely in hospital, police officers were managing some medical equipment and doing some medical procedures on him while they never understood anything in medicine, they did them as torture, they used it unuppropriate, so it worked to his detriment. They would pirce his palms with needles using Chinese traditional medicine to his detriment, they did it till he nearly got heart attack. After this torture he got heart disease.

The other their very popular “medical procedure for torture” especially popular to attack pregnant women (see links below) was using the nutritional tube. Since falun gong practitioners were used to go to hunger strikes, policemen would force-feed them using these tubes. So, I remember reading and translating how people were force-fed with these tubes till they vomit with blood. They were striving to save their lives trying to pull these tubes out of their bodies when alone. Hospital tortures are very popular among Chinese reds.

Since it is absolutely relative to feminists to destroy family at any costs, they adore to torture people on the eyes of their family members to force a family to breakdown if they can’t do it through propaganda]

Girls Forced to Listen while Mother is Tortured

[Feminists put the male rape of woman into basis of their theory. They consider rape everything even creating family and sexual pleasure between consenting adults:

Marriage as an institution developed from rape as a practice.

– Andrea Dworkin

but Communist party itself does not mind to rape a female “enemy of people” as much as needed to protect their lie of atheism from her simple exposing it by Falun Gong]

Sexual Violations and Torture of Female Falun Gong Practitioners

[Feminists would not hesitate to strip a new sister off of her breasts to free her from old oppressive conservative Pagan spiritual practice and introduce her in-to the new free world of “liberty, equality and fraternity”]

A Woman’s Breasts Disfigured and Infected from Severe Electric Shock Torture at Masanjia Labor Camp

[Feminists use electroshock on women’s genitals, beat them to death, dislocate their joints via Catholic inquisition-type methods, gasoline and burn them alive as muslims do, torture them on the eyes of their children as red soldiers did to Germans after WWII [also feminists]. Now they literally beat babies out of women’s wombs, probably this “liberate them from oppressive role of a mother” – often once and forever, because often woman dies of beatings with her baby inside her – during this initiation into feminism]

Beatings Caused Ms. Tan Yajiao to Suffer a Miscarriage in the Bailou Detention Center, Liaoning Prov

[It is very popular method inside all communist systems also very often used in Soviet GULAG, when a woman, pregnant or not, is thrown into a cell with real criminals, not political prisoners but real criminals: rapists, murderers, wife-beaters etc. – usually male ones. And they are not only allowed, they are told, ordered and paid money for beating, raping her, torturing, humiliating doing anything most depraved and cruel to her just for pleasure or money they are paid for it. It was their job. Now I translated how Red police thrown a woman into a cell with male prisoners and told them to beat her to miscarrige. They would tie her to bed and beat her savagely for many days. Of course she suffered not only miscarrige but extreme abdominal and spinal pains and disease after.

This pregnant women was also force-fed with nutritional tube. A guard ordered not to take the tube out of her stomach day and night till this pregnant woman herself pulled it out because of unbearable pain.

Then they adore to use torture of female organs of pregnant woman and breasts of breast-feeding women, threatening the life of a baby and abortion, and things like this as a method of forcing a mother or her relatives to reject falun gong or betray her family members practicing it. Using maternal instinct is rampant in communism and feminism in all their forms and ways.]

Liu Yunxiang Suffers Two Miscarriages Due to Beatings by Local Authorities

[Goyim women refuse to reject motherhood and family. Babies have to be force-cut from their bellies by knives. They simply can’t get that motherhood is bad]

Cruel Treatment of Pregnant and Nursing Mothers

[They would beat pregnant women to cause the miscarige not only for torture to force her do smth for them. They would do it also just to cause her miscarrige because according Chinese law they can’t send to prison/camp pregnant woman in late pregnancy, so they beat baby out of her to send her in prison. They would also make women do hard physical labour to cause them miscarrige for the same reason. See below]

Forced Abortions Used to Persecute Falun Gong Practitioners

[The other horrific thing is that all this is not a “part of the past” or “Dark Ages” like communists like to pose it. It is going on right now. These articles are very much describing the ivents of 2000.]

People who are Left. Always remember. You are not fighting for “human rights” against “inequality”, “patriarchy”, “bigotry” or whatever stupid unexisting thing your jew master invented for you. You are fighting for the things described above to become reality of your Western countries; against… falun gong, qigong, Tai Chi, Feng Shui, Tarot, Astrology, Palmistry, Magic, Meditation, Yoga, and all other most beautiful things in this world that make our life better, give it sense, return us hope to heal ourselves and attain eternal life, return us trust in love.


Jews in China: Legends, History and New Perspectives. By Pan Guang. RECOMMENDED [extremely recommended, wonderful source]