There is Nothing Feminine about Feminism

I am glad this question came up, I have been meaning to write something about the modern “feminism” movement for a while.

Modern feminism is a creation of the kikes through and through and is nothing but communist trash. In truth, there is nothing “feminine” about it and it also works to destroy the feminine aspect of the Soul just the same as xianity, only from a different angle. Something else it has in common with xianity is that it once again seeks to disturb the balance – there is no equilibrium. In xianity, women are worthless. In modern feminism, men are worthless. There needs to be equilibrium. In Ancient Paganism, both the phallus and the yoni were revered and the concept of equilibrium between the two was understood. This is something which is vital in True Spirituality.

The Hermaphrodite was one of the most sacred symbols, as a perfect balance between male and female. The term comes from “Hermes” and “Aphrodite”, Hermes representing the male and Aphrodite the female and the Hermaphrodite was “born from the union of the God Hermes and the Goddess Aphrodite”. This is obviously allegorical and pertains to the Soul. Those who were born Hermaphrodites in the Ancient world were revered and highly respected and were most often in the Priesthood.

Anyway, my point is that equilibrium is the key.

There are many things that are very wrong with modern feminism and the doctrine it espouses is poisonous to society. It belittles men and is no better than xianity.

Yes, women SHOULD be allowed to choose their own lives and are NOT the property of men as they are treated in xianity, islam and other enemy programs. Women should be allowed to work and be independent. But this kike feminism is sick bullshit and takes this to the absolute extreme and TELLS women how they should or should not be and attacks any woman who doesn’t agree with it. It also seeks to break down the family unit as many women are taught that family is not important and other sick trash that is obviously severely damaging to society. Society needs mothers and care givers, and there is NOTHING wrong with a woman who chooses to be a mother. Child Birth is beautiful and obviously an essential part of life. Yet this kike feminism is trying to teach that these women are “backward” because of their choices and throws onto them all kinds of labels to try and make them feel guilty.

Equilibrium is the key, and kikes always work to remove equilibrium. This modern feminism is also causing a lot of animosity between the sexes and once again, Gentiles are fighting against Gentiles and the kikes get away scot-free.


Hail Father Satan!!
Hail Beelzebub!!
Hail all the Mighty Gods of Hell!!

Heil Hitler!!
Heil Heinrich Himmler!!

-High Priestess Zildar Raasi