The War crimes of Russian army: They Raped Every German Female from the ages of 8 to 80

Don’t be shy to use violence and break the racial pride of German women. Take them as your legit property, you, gallant solders of the Red Army.
-Ilia Ehrenburg, Russian Jew, holohoax propagandist

By Yakov Krotov
Russia in World War Two
War crimes of Russian Army

Soviet propaganda pictured invention in Germany as a freeing German people “fascist yoke”. Party propagandists (“Soviet journalists”) stressed honorable behavior of Soviet soldiers. In the Treptov Park there was a monument arranged for the “Soviet worrior-liberator” with a huge sword in one hand and with German child whom he saved – in another.

In reality, not only Soviet invention in Germany was accompanied by robbing the country on the state level, stealing technics, exploiting forced labor of the surrendered, forcing Prussia to be part of Russia (I need to remark here, that Bolsheviks during WWI were the ones, who stood for “the peace without annexation and contributions”). Soldiers robbed Germans; there was an official permission to send back to Russia some amount of messages with robbed. Officers and high commandment exported robbed wealth in wagons.

Soldiers and officers raped women. Two main hospitals of Berlin only received from 95 to 130 thousands raped. About 10 thousand raped committed suicide. In the Eastern Prussia Pomerania and Silesia 1,4 million women were raped, and in this case there were more deaths. As a whole not less than 2 million German women were raped. Ukrainian, Russian and Belarusian women and girls freed from German labor camps were also raped.

When in 2001 English historian Antony Beevor described sexual crimes of Soviet soldiers in his research “Berlin: The Downfall 1945”, Grigori Karasin, Russian ambassador in London, answered him in best traditions of Soviet propaganda. On one side, Karasin stated, that everything of this “is obviously lie statements” and “slander”. On another, he tried to find circumstances, which would smooth the blame of rapists (this step would not be so necessary if he was really so sure that it was only a slander).

The amount of such smoothing circumstances according to Beevor himself included the drinking in the army, which he blamed on the German commandment, which “refused to destroy the alcohol storages on the way of the Red Army. This decision was based on the belief that the drunken enemy can’t fight “. In his turn Karasin added to this approval: Russians saved the world of fascism; Russians revenged for the cruelties, committed by Germans; “how would we deal with 27 million murdered, massacred and tortured to death Soviet people? What for Russian Army invented Germany and entered Berlin? We have no right to forget, who were righteous and who were the aggressor”.

Karasin mentioned that there were some “facts” but stated, that “to summarize the facts, tearing them out of the historical context, is dangerous”, asked to “show maximum delicacy and tact” – not to the victims of violence, but to the rapists and their decedents. He admitted “the facts” also by his statement that in: 1945 ” for cruelty and atrocities 4148 warriors were convicted by the military tribunals. Several demonstrative proceedings ended with death penalty” (Quote by: Barban E. One more Downfall of Berlin. Moscow News, 25.6.2002. С. 2.).

He dared not to further insist that the convicted rapists were all-righteous, that they should have been approved as avengers and liberators of Europe of Fascism. Karasin explained nothing regarding why then Russian soldiers raped Russian women captured by Germans. It can be assumed however that it was a reflection of popular Soviet attitude of that time to the surrendered as some kind of betrayers who were cowards and couldn’t kill themselves.

The eyewitness Rabitchev

Leonid Rabitchev (born in 1923). Only after half of the century after The War he told about the things other front men preferred to be silent about – what happened at the beginning of 1945. At that time Rabitchev was in the Eastern Prussia. This part of the essay «The War will approve everything» («The Flag» 2005, №2) must be included in all textbooks of Russian history – for Russians. These are things even my father, Gabriel Krotov, didn’t dare to tell me, while he was in the very same time in the Eastern Prussia serving as a Petty Officer platoon machine gunners. Its truth that my father didn’t live till the age of Rabitchev. The most awful here – and Rabitchev stressed it blatantly – is that this sin can’t be justified by “everybody do so” approval. NOT everybody did so.

«Our troops in the Eastern Prussia overtook civilian population evacuated from Goldap, Insterburg and other German sites abandoned by retreating German Army. By tracks, cars and foot – old people, women, children, large traditional families slowly walked to the West all the roads and highway of the country.

Our tankers, infantry, artillery, signalers overtook them to make their way, threw their tracks into the cell at the roadside – tracks with furniture, traveling bags, suitcases, horses – pushed aside the old people and children, and being divided of all duty, honor and forgetting retreating German troops, thousands of them thrust themselves on the German women and girls.

Women, mothers and their daughters lie on the right and on the left along the road, and every one of them is surrounded by the cackling armada of men with their pants down.

Bleeding and fainting are grabbed aside; children trying to help them are shot. Guffaw, roar, lough, screams and moans. And their commanders, their majors and colonels stand on the road, giggle, conduct — better to say, manage. They made sure that all their soldiers took part in this. No, it was not esprit de corps, neither was it revenge to the damned occupants — it was bloody deadly group sex.

All-permissiveness, impunity, impersonality and cruel logic of the madding crowd. Shocked, I sat in a cabin of my lorry, my driver, Demidov, waited his turn, and I dreamed of Carthage of Flaubert, and I understood, that the War will NOT approve everything. The colonel, who was conducting a minute ago, is now so excited that take the turn himself, and the major is shooting eyewitnesses, children and old people shaking in hysterics.

— Fine! Return to your machines!

And behind there is a following unit. And the stop again, and I can’t restrain my signalers, who are forming new rape turns, my telephonist women just choke with laughter, while I am close to vomit. From where we were and to the horizontal line among the mountains of rags and turned upside-down tracks, the dead bodies of women, old people and children were.

The way is made. Twilight falls. On the right and left there are German farms. Order to rest is given. This is the part of the headquarter of our army: commander of the artillery, air defense, the political department. I and my platoon control got the farm in 2 miles from the road. All chambers were full of dead children, old people and raped and shot women. We were so tired, that without noticing them we just lay on the flour among them and fell asleep.

May 7, 2002 года, 50 years after.

— I don’t want even to hear about it, I want you, Leonid Nickolaevitch, to destroy this text, it must not be printed! — My friend, poet and writer, Olga Ilnitskaya, shouted at me. It’s going on in the Third hospital for war veterans in Medvedkovo. I am lying in the chamber for four people already for 10 days. I am writing before and after breakfast, write under a dropper, day, evening, sometimes night.

I am hurrying to fix suddenly released out of the subconscious frames of forgotten life. Olga came to see me, expecting to hear my new verses. Her face showed contempt. I was also confused.

I didn’t care about reaction of my future reader or listener, but only about including all details, 50 years ago it would had been much easier, but there had not been such necessity, and is it me who write it? What is it? What jokes does my fate do to me. What is the most funny, I don’t see any difference between this my prose and my verses popping up in sudden. Why do I do it? What reaction it will meet in our generals, our German friends in FRG, and our enemies in FRG?

Insight comes unexpected. It’s not a play of self-determination, it’s something of the other dimensions – it is repentance. Like a splinter, it is not only inside me, but inside all my generation and perhaps inside all the humanity. It is individual case, just a fragment of the criminal age, and one can’t live nor die in dignity with this and without repentance, as well as one couldn’t have done with repression of kulaks in 1930s, with GULAG activities, with deaths of tens of millions innocent people, with occupation of Poland in 1939. I was platoon commander, I felt sick, but stood aside, while my soldiers stood in those horrendous criminal turns, laughed, when they should have burned of shame, and actually they committed a crime against humanity.

Colonel-adjuster? Only one command needed? But the commander of the Third Belarusian Front, army general Chernyahovskyi took the very same road. He DID see all this; he DID enter these very houses, where women and bottles were scattered around. Just one command was needed? Now tell me whose fault is more: soldier’s, Major-adjuster’s, laughing colonels and general’s, mine – me watching all this, everyone else’s talking talk that “The War approves everything”?

In April my 31 army was thrown to the Thirst Ukrainian Front in Silesia, on the direction of the Danzig. On the second day according to the order of Marshal Konev 40 Soviet soldiers and officers were shot before the line, and there was no case of rape or murder of civilians of Silesia any more. So why didn’t army general Chernyahovskyi do the same in the Eastern Prussia?

The first, it proves the difference in quality between Russian before 1917 and after 1917. Before 1917 – militarist state. After 1917 – the state of deserters. The difference consists of such details. One can’t imagine heroes of 1812 or those of Plevna, who consciously rape women with all determination of their right. Before 1917 we spread such stories about our enemy to show the bestiality of Germans and Turks. After 1917 we spread such stories about ourselves – with pride.

The second, their very logic is notorious: “Germans raped Russian women[1]; it’s a duty of Russian soldier to rape German women”. Their way of thinking: “if your wife is raped, won’t you go and revenge”. Trust in mob law is common for the state of deserters – no one trusts the “judgment” except the “judges” themselves in such state. But the spiciest is another thing. Will the raped woman bless her husband to rape in the answer? Whom to rape? The rapist? Or his wife? Eye for an eye has logic; rape for a rape is an absurd.

It’s obvious that here sex is heartless automatic process of demonstrating one’s power. Thus when non-gay man rapes another man he demonstrates power and strength, not affection. This is what the male sex in barracks actually means, which protectors of modesty strangely keep silence about.

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[1] Interesing but not suprising during the Second Jew War. The German military did not have situations of rape of the populace by its troops. The penality for such in the German forces was death and it would be enforced. But it didn’t need to be enforced as the Germans as historians noted. Simply didn’t rape. General Patton was right. The German’s where the finest race in Europe. And he regretted the war against them. Patton also came to hate the Jews and become wise to them. So much so, they murdered him.

It was the Jewish owned and driven. Red Army and the American’s that committed rape. Infact the Red Army on orders from Jewish Commissar’s had the policy of rape of females from eight to eighty. Solzhenitsyn, who was an officer in the Red Army and was naturally disgusted by it. Wrote then when the orders came to finally halt the rape gangs. As the new Communist reigme in East Germanys stated it was making it too impossible to restore order and build the Communist state. That hordes of Red Army troops had to be shot to stop them. By their own officers. Basically from what Solzhenitsyn stated the Red Army from Moscow to Berlin was drunk on Vodka and rape. Solzhenitsyn stated that the constant rape dehumanized his own men into animals with the taste for it. Till it consumed them to the point he had to start shooting them as the only way to stop them. Source