The Jewish Kabbalah, Part 1

Whenever the Jews infest a country, they take control of the government, the legal systems, the educational institutions, and especially what is taught and the text books, the media, the medical and all important key positions.

What is and has been much more important than all of this is RELIGION. The spiritual beliefs and practices of the Gentiles of whatever region the Jews infest. Spiritual knowledge is removed and spiritual leaders, such as the Pagan Priesthood were attacked, tortured, and mass murdered. Given the sly and clever Jews who are the masterminds given exploitation and manipulation, they used the Christians and Muslims to carry out their agenda of mass murder of Pagans and the destruction of Pagan libraries, temples, and artifacts. By hijacking all of the spiritual knowledge and removing it from the populace, the Jews have had much control over the world for centuries. When the populace has no knowledge of the spiritual/occult and no individual spiritual powers, they can be manipulated as whoever has this knowledge sees fit.

I also want to add here, the Jews being the parasitic race that they are, have viciously used, and exploited their own, both for power and profit. There are many Jews, especially at the lower levels who believe the same bunk that the Christians do, such as YHVH is an actual being and other total nonsense.

The Jews have rewritten history and have assumed the position of God. I’ve written many, many articles concerning this. Now, we can take a closer look at how this is done. Their “Kabbalah” is where plenty is revealed. But, one must be highly knowledgeable concerning the Jews, Hebrew, the occult, the powers of the mind and soul, known as “witchcraft” and also have practical experience in these such as success in making spiritual workings manifest in the material world, and also extremely important…with meditation.

In order to understand the Jewish Kabbalah, one must know certain keywords and code words.

For example [I know I’ve mentioned this before], the word “God” or as the Jews write “G-d” is a CODE WORD for

1. The self
2. The chakras
3. The “force” that permeates everything in the universe.

Number 3, the force that permeates everything in the universe reveals why it is stated that “God” is omnipresent, omnipotent and in everything. Now, this “force” is what we use in our workings. The ENERGY we raise to accomplish our goals and so forth. It is present in everything in the universe and can be harnessed by those of us who know how to use it.

As a matter of fact, HP Hooded Cobra 666 stated how in other worlds where intelligent life exists, and where superior life exists in the case of our Gods, ENERGY is the currency used, NOT money. Whoever has the most power has more energy.

I also want to add that the Jews claim that the vowels of a word are the soul of that word. The vowels are what give a word power. This is why they omit the vowels from their written Hebrew.

Given the prolific liars that they are, Jewish authors of books about the Kabbalah conflict in their writings.

The Jewish Kabbalah, like the Talmud is a commentary on their Torah. The Jews at the top know YHVH is not a real being, but is in truth code words for the self, the chakras, and the force. For centuries, they kept this knowledge hidden, while using Christians and Muslims to destroy Gentiles who had this knowledge. Now, with the modern times and easily available information in many Western countries on the occult, the workings of the mind and soul and such, Gentiles are again regaining some lost spiritual knowledge. The Jews also work to take control of and hijack this as well. They have really infested this area. People are geared to using Hebrew letters, their ugly rotten human hating asshole angels, and other Jewish filth along with the mind manipulation such as the “three-fold” crap. As I already wrote in the above, they infest and take control of the most important key areas and then work them towards their agenda to enslave humanity. “Magick” and mysticism is where they push their Kabbalah on the populace in modern times. It’s all over the place. This is how they take control. Occult groups like “Golden Dawn” and others, use the Hebrew crap prolifically.

Getting back to their Kabbalah. Over the centuries, the rabbis had secret doctrines concerning using the workings of the mind and also there is a lot revealing how that bible is used for their own profit and advancement.

Now, this is blatant… “God” created the heavens and the earth in 7 days. God said “Let there be light.” “In the beginning was the word.” The latter was stolen from the Egyptian God Thoth.

Ok. Now for everyone here who is familiar with witchcraft and the workings of the mind and soul, this translates into:

“God” meaning YOU [the self], created [brought a working of the mind into material reality] using the 7 chakras.

“God” said “Let there be light.” The light is the universal force that is energy and is used to create. Colors are of the light spectrum and apply here as well.

“In the beginning was the word,” means through mantra, affirmations, vibration; this added to a working amplifies it and brings it to manifest in the material world.

The Jews at the top know YHVH isn’t real. It is a word of power for them and I also seriously question whether this YHVH is even the correct one. They lie and hide things. Even though, it channels energy to them through the belief of those who are deluded, as it creates the necessary subliminal tie in.

The Hebrew letter, the first letter of their aleph bet, Aleph [I also want to add that the entire Hebrew aleph bet has been infused with power. This is another reason the bible has the influence it does, people are under a powerful spell, regardless of whatever language their local bible might be in, the Hebrew original holds the power. For those of you who are new, I had to learn Hebrew thoroughly in order to write the RTRs, so I am knowledgeable in it. Aleph is silent. This translates into the void. It also translates into “in the beginning…” Before one begins a working, there is nothing. Then “God” creates…All of this, highly secret teachings. “Torat HaSod, Sitrei Torah, Razei Torah… Kabbalah is the “secret Torah.”

In earlier times, the study of the Kabbalah was restricted to male Jews over the age of 40. The reason for this, was it was a highly kept secret and given a Jew has been dedicated to Judaism for that length of time, he could be usually trusted to learn their secrets. Given the Jews are an alien race and an alien soul, applying stolen knowledge and practices [much that they had corrupted], this resulted in certain mishaps such as insanity, psychological imbalances and other “dangers” many encountered in applying the practices outlined in their Kabbalistic texts.

The Jews also state that the Torah; “Torah K’dumah” “preceded all creation. The Jews created the Torah. They state that each letter of the Torah is infused with light, meaning that each letter is empowered. This is no working of any “God” like too many are deluded into believing regarding that bible. It was all done by human beings who had esoteric knowledge. In addition by “preceding all creation” this reveals how the Jews use this crap as the foundation of their workings. In other words, like with the article I wrote regarding the 9-11; along with many others, there are certain verses for this in their Torah that they use to bring about certain events in the material world, curse their enemies with, and so forth. This is why we are fighting back with the Reverse Torah Rituals.

Everything is a subliminal tie-in with their crap, such as the 5 books of Moses; the Torah…this ties into the five elements of the human soul. Also, books such as Deuteronomy and Leviticus are repeatedly chock full of specific instructions for living blood sacrifices, even HUMAN. In addition to the blatant references regarding living blood sacrifices [which parasitical entities need in order to thrive], the mass murders committed by the wandering Hebrew tribes attacking Gentile Nations with the help of their “g-d” [which the Torah aka the Old Testament is filled with], these mass murders were also living blood sacrifices en masse.

The knowledgeable Jews have always known, as they stole from the Pagans, how language and words are the foundation of spiritual workings.

I remember reading some time ago, a Hindu [Gentile] lecturer was harassed by a member in the audience he was addressing. The heckler scoffed openly at the Hindu lecturer’s claims concerning words having any power. The Hindu lecturer promptly called the heckler a mutherfucking son of a bitch in front of everyone. The heckler went crazy with insult and rage. The Hindu replied- “now, tell me words don’t have any power…”

The Kabbalistic Jews meditate on the Hebrew letters of their Torah, which they regarded as particularly potent. As I mentioned before, each of these has been infused with power, not only deliberately from the Jews, but also from the Christian and Muslim programs. It is a sad fact that this bullshit has infested certain sects of Satanism. This has rotted Satanism out from the inside. Certain sects allow Jews, the Jews bring their crap with them, like Rothschild did when admitted to Freemasonry and before you know it, Satan is relegated to only an “archetype,” and everything is geared towards the Jewish agenda.

According to 12th century Kabbalist Yitzkhak Sagi Nahor of Provence , The written Torah is the “White fire” and the oral Torah is the “Black fire.” This “Black Flame” being the reciting of Hebrew words of power, like a mantra. Straight out of the fucking Torah.

In order for this spell to continue and thrive, there must be illiteracy and mass dumbing down.

Given the extent of this information, I am ending the first part here. I will be writing more on this in separate parts.

High Priestess Maxine Dietrich