The Hoax of Black Victimization

Written by João Carlos de Almeida | January 6, 2011

This is not a White supremacist working on blacks. On the contrary.
These are marginal there, somehow my “homies” as they say themselves.

Last week we translate a post titled What to do about black interracial violence?, blog View from the Right. K. Paul begins by stating that he thought theater owners should have the right to prohibit the entry of groups of black teens for “being scandalous and bother others” and have “a propensity to violence.” Then he mentions three recent episodes of extreme violence committed by blacks against Whites and Asians in the United States (recorded on video) and draws attention to the fact that the press never says the fact that inter-racial violence in the country is almost always blacks against Whites and yellows and not otherwise.
That something like ninety percent of all violent crimes committed in the United States are the work of blacks and Latinos is a fact that even the leftist Democratic Party demagogues know. But to do justice to Paul K., would leave recorded two recent events.

One is that a newcomer marine Afghanistan have been beaten on Christmas Eve, along with his wife, by a group of black teenagers in marginal Brandentown in Florida to come out of a movie. Reason: he had asked them what they were doing riot during the movie watching, which stood silent.

As the blogger Van Helsing says, whose page we take this matter, “The reason why this was not a racial incident is because the victims were White and the attackers, of course, black.”

The other matter is this on a trawler dozens of (guess) marginal black teens at a mall in Milwaukee, Wisconsin on last Sunday. The press, in its leftist newspeak, referred to the band as “young rebels” [unruly young people]. YOUNG REBELS?

Seeing how these barbarities, gives to perfectly understand what motivated the ancient laws of racial segregation in the southern states of the United States. Available data on the American crime during the nineteenth and early twentieth century had already indicated an immensely disproportionate involvement of black people in violent crimes.

I even write this here now I’m not White. I am mestizo. My paternal grandfather was black and my father is mulatto. This is not a White supremacist working out blacks. On the contrary. These are marginal there, somehow my “homies” as they say themselves. Hence my disgust about the whole thing. We blacks and mestizos should give thanks to God every day that we can live in decent Western nations rather than in some African dictatorship. If these people there really hate Whites so much, why the hell would rather suffer in their midst, rather than go back to Africa? As Michael Savage said a few months ago for a black, racist and disgusted with the Whites who run the country listener, “Under the rule of African dictator which would you rather live, then?”

It is past time for us “african descent” (the term is populist and leftist, but he will) stop this farce of victimhood and desire for repairs. The United States and Brazil have no “historical debt” no us. Us is that we and many of these countries, who gave us this true civilizations already ready, we could never build if we had fied on the African continent. If our ancestors had not been brought as slaves to America, we would be infinitely worse today. And how do we show our gratitude to these nations? Take a look at the available data on crime and in the polls in both countries and you will see.

If there are racial victims today in the United States and Brazil are White, not us. We who rape, kill and rob them, not vice versa.

Who voted overwhelmingly in Lula and Dilma, who are committed to the socialist enslavement of the country, just to make handouts EN, was the black and mixed race, poor and illiterate population, which is filing for the direction the nation is taking . Who votes en masse for Democrats, who are committed to the socialist depredations of the United States, is the black population, a proportion that is not seen in any other ethnic group in the country. If you depend of black Americans, the country will turn a new Zimbabwe. Look what five consecutive administrations of black Democratic mayors, elected with massive vote of the black population, led Detroit, once one of the richest cities in the country.

Enough of this nonsense of victimhood, revenge and black reparationsim. Our contribution to our countries was minimal and the burden we carry, immense. Who builds beautiful buildings we are black and mixed race, yes, but who’s going to rob the residents who will live there, and raping their daughters, are we, well we vote en masse in leftist politicians who will steal their money through exorbitant taxes . These taxes that, in turn, will be used to pay for welfare projects for our “underserved communities” – the new name invented for ‘slum’ – and to build public schools that we blacks and poor mestizos, we victimize.

Let’s stop pretending we do not know it all.