The End of Suffering is National-Socialism

“On a country road in the Palatinate two men from the Labour Service are marching towards the next town. The Labour Service camp lies a long way off in the country, and it is a long way to the railway station. But the two men are in high spirits and are whistling, because they are going home on holidays after months of healthy and strenuous work. They whistle: In the Homeland, in the Homeland….. Just then a line of cars sweeps past the two men. They’re lucky, one of them says. They’ll be there sooner than we will, the other says. They’re waving! both call out together. And then, in fact, the line of cars comes to a halt and waits until the two men, who have begun to run, have caught up. Where from? Where to? Climb in! The two men open their eyes wide in amazement, because the man stopping in the middle of the country road and inviting them to climb in is none other than The Leader. Adolf Hitler. He makes them describe for him their lives, and asks to know in great detail what it is like in their labour camp. In no time they arrive at the little town. The cars stop. As they leave The Leader asks one of the two men: It is about to rain. Don’t you have a coat with you?

I have no civilian coat, my Leader. I was unemployed for a long time. On hearing this, The Leader takes off his grey travelling coat and hangs it on the shoulders of his fellow countryman.”

Adolf Hitler The Life Of The Leader PDF

Authentic love and respect is what is responsible for care and that altruism is what holds up our societies and our planet together. Today we have been indoctrinated into a psychology of the Jew. Hate for all organic diversity on every level. Men are taught to hate women and women, men. And each themselves for being men and women. Races are taught to hate each other and themselves for the race they are part of. Cultures which bore the unique expressions of whole peoples are ripped apart and destroyed. Individuals are taught to hate themselves for their individuality and other for their individuality. Classes of people the other class. Even hating ourselves and each other for our dietary nature. We are taught to hate and fear spirituality, wisdom and true knowledge. And the whole of humanity is taught to hate itself for being humans. The whole of mankind is sinking in pathological desire for self destruction.

A step beyond even this and the core of this is the most subversive doctrine which was first injected with Buddhism teachings in the East which the Jews where connected in with and spread into he West and they still are pushing obsessively. And more currently injected in Western societies by Jewish intellectuals and their psychological doctrines. Is that there is no self. The denial of the self is the denial of the Atman the individual soul nature. The removal of the soul removes the core of spiritual knowledge and reduces us to a mass of robotic hybrids. Its the ultimate demoralization of human beings and what it means to be human.

The Jewish doctrine of hatred is designed to break down all healthy organic bonds and dissolve everyone from the smallest individual to the whole races and cultures into a materialistic, one world slave society that functions on a hive mind. This is the essence of Communism, Christianity and Islam.

The worst things are ignorance and apathy that are the two great destroyers. People have become so demoralized and depressed by the psychology and propaganda of the Jewish, globalist society many have shut down and become apathetic to life for varying reasons but the same result. They become willfully ignorant as you can’t wake up a man pretending to be asleep. And many who do care out of ignorance are lead astray into supporting the social-political systems that are the problem not the solution so things become worse. They are the meaning of the path to suffering is lined with good intentions. Greed arises out of apathy. And is also a fear based pathology. Which is normal in a scarcity based society. And one that teaches values of self identification with accumulation of material possession in a social Darwin atmosphere. Our social values have become based on psychopathology. Because our society has been Judazied.

The world suffers because the Jewish World System has murdered the truth. They have created a world of self murdered people on the soul level. Walking around in animated empty bodies. Not allowed to embrace everything the universe had designed to give them happiness and joy in life. Too apathetic towards their own existence to care about any others. People are taught to identify with everything destructive to them and develop a persona around this. The deeper inner trauma this causes them, gives rise in turn to many pathological aliments. As the psyche is sick with the burden and unconscious pain of living in an inhuman, spirituality empty society.

You can see this in the art and music that is popular in society its an expression of rage, sadness and despair, nothing but psychological and emotion suffering. The rest is empty, superficial happy sounding, bland trash.

Its only by reconnecting with ourselves by opening and transforming our souls that we can realize the Eternal Truth and open up the respect and care for the things that make us great. Our differences, its a known fact having a positive identity for what makes a person and group unique is the key to psychophysically, the spiritual wellbeing of all peoples. Its the different colors in a painting that make it beautiful, its the diversity of instruments in an orchestra that makes the harmony of sound. Its the difference in nature that make our friends our friends. The celebration of our differences is the celebration of life.

What we love and respect in ourselves is what we will in others. The core values of spirituality and altruism and the authentic compassion based in truth that arise from this. Is what will end the nightmare and bring about the ending of suffering on this planet.

I believe humanity is ultimately good at the core of its heart but stuck in a bad system and samaric level of existence the system is built upon. And this is why the enemy has to work around the clock for thousands of years and still not have what they wanted to achieve. Its our goodness they hate and fear because goodness flows outward from within the soul. And the Gentile soul and its spirit is the one thing they can’t crush. Our strength is in our diversity and the love for the eternal order of life we are all part of and this diversity is manifested of. This is why they always attack this.

The great struggle of which the utmost spiritual strength is needed is to defeat the ugliness of the Jew within our own souls. To purify our minds and hearts of the toxic effects of living in this dark age….The Age Of The Jew. We bring forth the Golden age from within our own souls.

National Socialism is the only system that can bring about a spiritual world revolution that can open the gates to paradise on this planet for all peoples and sentient life upon it. The overwhelming amount of joy and happiness in Germany was the natural result of being apart of a order based on truth and goodness. The Jews hate Hitler to this day because he wanted to create a better world for humanity. Based on spiritual advancement, authentic compassion for life and altruism.

National Socialism brings forth in man and the world. What the Jew has tried so hard to murder….The supreme order of truth. Which is the supreme order of life. For within truth one has the power to give life.

Hail Hitler!

-High Priest Mageson666