Testimonies of the Nazi-occupied territories. SS and the Communists, the difference

The Jewish Communists exterminated 12% of the Lithuanian population alone. The Jewish NKVD would force hundreds of women and child into box cars and then lock them shut and set them on fire.

Its no mistake the Lithuanian nation still has open Waffen SS veteran parades and memorials. They damn well know what they where fighting for.

Parade in tribute to Nazi soldiers in Lithuania. They knew what they fought for.

Interesing but not suprising during the Second Jew War. The German military did not have situations of rape of the populace by its troops. The penality for such in the German forces was death and it would be enforced. But it didn’t need to be enforced as the Germans as historians noted. Simply didn’t rape. General Patton was right. The German’s where the finest race in Europe. And he regretted the war against them. Patton also came to hate the Jews and become wise to them. So much so, they murdered him.

It was the Jewish owned and driven. Red Army and the American’s that committed rape. Infact the Red Army on orders from Jewish Commissar’s had the policy of rape of females from eight to eighty. Solzhenitsyn, who was an officer in the Red Army and was naturally disgusted by it. Wrote then when the orders came to finally halt the rape gangs. As the new Communist reigme in East Germanys stated it was making it too impossible to restore order and build the Communist state. That hordes of Red Army troops had to be shot to stop them. By their own officers. Basically from what Solzhenitsyn stated the Red Army from Moscow to Berlin was drunk on Vodka and rape. Solzhenitsyn stated that the constant rape dehumanized his own men into animals with the taste for it. Till it consumed them to the point he had to start shooting them as the only way to stop them.


-High Priest Mageson666

In Ukraine jew Stalin starved to death and cannibalism 16 million+ Slavs during Holodomor alone.

Holodomor in Ukraine - 1932-1933/ Eaten child bodies.
Holodomor in Ukraine – 1932-1933/ Eaten child bodies.

During WW2 100% of populace in occupied Ukraine worked hard for Nazi troops and fought side by side with them. That’s exactly why soviets murdered all citizens on the territories before retreating from them. Nazi side was their only hope. Nazi helped them to bury their dead – murdered by jewish Cheka – and gave them food. The war against JewSSR was their War for the Life itself. All of those were killed or sent to GULAG after soviet victory.

Ukrainians welcoming NS soldiers

Shots from the German newsreel Wochenschau, show how after the retreat of the Red Army from Lvov, Germans-invaders who came to Lvov opened the Cheka prison, found a lot of corpses of the civilians of Lvov killed and tortured by Cheka, and forced jews to carry the bodies out of the Lontsky Prison. A lot of pictures, photos and other material evidence of such atrocities were subsequently blamed on the Nazis – that’s where the Soviet history took her so many “proofs”:

We also have our “proof” made up for us by our soviet photo industry:

Secrets of soviet photos revealed…

soviet fake


The only question is: where they took the alien parts of the photos? Russian women murdered look very believable on the non-orignal parts of the photos. Smb has made these shots too, before embeding them, just those were definitely not Nazi…

More soviet photo industry and murdered Russian people: Фотомонтаж как инструмент пропаганды в ВОВ (Russian text, just watch photos)


The Albanian testimony: the Nazis were the first to return their national borders, ethnicity and the right to have their own flag on their own buildings. The old man tells how a German with two Albanians entered an Albanian school, and when he saw the Serbian flag, the German threw it and set the Albanian one on its place. And this was the first Albanian flag at the Albanian school.

Shqiperia Etnike (1940-1945) Ethnic Albania

For many people, such as the people of Croatia, Albania, Ukraine, Germans were the first ones who helped them regain their national identity after decades of foreign influence, and until now the Baltic and Eastern European countries are very grateful to Germans for the contribution they made in their independence at the cost of their own defeat. Small nations live in a constant struggle to preserve their identity and in constant danger of losing it, so they learned to appreciate it. Now the entire White Race is in the situation of a small nation, and the propagandists of the “Slavic holyhoax” in Russia do not worry too much about our White Slavic minority.



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