Reality Check

“Also, humans do not have a race or gender in the astral realm. we appear in the Astral realm in whatever form we choose. True satanism does not promote….[racism, anti-Semitism, etc]”

This is simply the core doctrine of Christianity and the other enemy programs. Race is metaphysical and of the soul as well. Why do you think the enemy programs that are designed to destroy humanity. Always push the style above doctrine. Which they don’t follow. Because that is to destroy the Gentiles.

Why do you think the West is full of racial conflict? Because the races have strong instincts for self preservation. Its well known by neuroscience the brain of people fire one way when dealing with those of other races in the pattern of an outsider and the opposite for the same race. Social Biology has documented kin [racial] altruism is a fact.

When you push different races into one nation and tell them to mix you get balkanized regions with constant conflict with other groups. And within a democracy they all fight for their bio-ethnical advancement. What actually happens the different races actually create their personal racial tribal states within the state. They are in a perpetual state of flux and conflict with those around them. They when one gets the upper hand it usually forms a dominate ruling block and steps on the rest and this causes open revolution and violent warfare. In the final cycle the regime class or rulers always become despots to hold the balkanized feuding place together. Then the place falls apart into racial warfare and ethnic cleansing.

The West is starting to reach a crucial point.

Note this situation can easily be avoided by the opposite. Racial separation and self determination. Racially mixed societies never work and always end bad they are spiritually toxic and literally create all kinds of different pathologies in the populaces. Thomas Jefferson warned against this in his time. As have the other greatest minds in history from across the planet.

Racism which originally is the scientific term for the study of races and their biological/psychological differences and such. The Jews under their Communist banner are the ones who have changed the meaning of this term into something which aids their universal cause. Now if you want to keep your race, culture and nation pure [ a situation the Jew can not control you in for long]. You are a evil, negative and toxic person. A…….Racist [sinner, heathen, heretic]. For not wanting to embrace a policy that ends with the extermination of your race and nation into a Jew World Order, slave state. They can’t create such slave state unless they destroy all the races, nations and cultures and absorb them into one slave mass they need to rule.

This is how the Jews work. They create ideologies of control that allow them to confuse and invert the truth and polarize the debate from reality into some fictional good vs evil, religious style debate where they assign the moral roles to each side that benefit them. The terms racism, Nazi, anti-Semite. Are designed to shut down all debate and evidence. And enforce the ideological norms that allow them to rule and move their agenda forward.

People are trained to sit there and allow this hostile alien race. To assign to them their value system thus perceptions of reality [the mark of a slave being told how to think, feel and act at all times] and never develop their own understanding of life. This is why legitimate individuality which is not putting buttplugs in your ear lopes, 50 different tat’s, some music band you like or what other mindless trend your following. Which in essence is the same collectivism just acting out differently. But real individuality which is on the soul level one who is for whatever reason not under their control psychologically. Is a major threat to be punished.

Note all those trendy, types who prized themselves on being free individuals will stand their and commend such people as they have been trained to. As their individuality is being a psychological slave with a different externalized sub cultural way to show it. Its the mere expression of a current market trend.

People need to stop using the terms of the enemy ideology as its designed to place psychological chains on your mind. That are to lead to physical chains down the road. When you use their terms you play into their paradigm.

– High Priest Mageson666