Communist Admits Multicult: PC (Political Correctness) Is To Destroy Whites

This is reality this character “Solomon Wong” admits cultural Marxist [liberal-pc] ideology is race war program designed to exterminate Whites.

And we know the Jews created this:

Jewish Communizing of America

Why “Anti-racist” is a Codeword for “Anti-white”

Posted on June 13, 2013 by Solomon Wong

Do you like cat videos? Cooking videos? Do you like watching movies in 11 parts? Whatever you do on Youtube, there’s a chance you’ve noticed a peculiar trend of comments claiming that multiculturalism is the “final solution” to the white race. That “anti-racist is a codeword for anti-white”. If you have, you probably laughed it off. Showed it to your friends, or even argued with the commenter for some godforsaken reason. You may have delved deeper, and found a video of a bunch of white women talking about their struggle against the systematic disenfranchisement of whites. If you’re an “educated person”, you probably know that there’s no genocide against whites. Anti-racists don’t hate whites. There is no “final solution.”

But what you know is wrong. A politically correct lie, to hide the truth: The white race is under threat, and multiculturalism is the weapon of choice. Anti-racist is a codeword for anti-white.
The people leaving these comments are white nationalists. They believe the white race is entitled to an Israel-like homeland, where whites can be assured of their safety and future. Where they aren’t threatened by the corrupting influence of other races. They want a home, like the Chinese, like the Arabs, like the Africans. This is somehow an extremist position. Even their benign fourteen word statement on the matter is considered the mark of a nazi, who wants to kill six million Jews.
“We must secure the existence of our people and a future for White Children.”

An extensive campaign has been waged to keep you ignorant, passive as the white race dies right in front of you. But people are waking up, and trying hard to lift the sleepy haze from the rest of us. If you do come across these comments, you’ll notice that their terminology is extremely consistent. The rhetoric you’ll see most often stems from The White Mantra. Written by concerned white man Bob Whitaker, the mantra lays out the white nationalist argument that whites are being systematically exterminated. Certain phrases appear again and again. If you’ve argued with them, they’ll only repeat what they said before, and if they really engage you, it’ll only be to convince you that there IS a genocide. I’m going to do their work for them, in the hope that future dialogues are more productive.
Multiculturalism argues that the solution to “the race problem,” that is, tension, inequality, and violence between races, is to integrate fully. Put people together where they can gain an understanding of each other, see that they’re all the same on the inside. It’s tied also to anti-racism, which seeks to tear down the mechanisms that further enable these issues. Solutions there range from affirmative action to deprogramming harmful stereotypes. The mantra argues that these schools of thought are anti-white, and, moreover, constitute a concerted effort to destroy the white race.

Genocide is officially defined by five bullet points. If any one of these points apply, and are being applied in a purposeful way, the international community is obliged to regard it as genocide. The white genocide can be argued to fit all five, but I’ll focus on two. As foreign immigrants flood into white countries from where they belong, they pack white land full to bursting, taking jobs from poor whites, being promoted over qualified whites. They worsen the already dire situation in cities, selling drugs, murdering natural citizens, raping. In other words, they fulfill [c) Deliberately inflicting on the group conditions of life calculated to bring about its physical destruction in whole or in part] by making life unlivable for whites in their own home. Anti-racists claim that the solution to this problem is to integrate. Welcome these immigrants into white communities, let them live as equals, get to know them, help them adjust.

This anti-racist effort constantly assaults the identity of the white race. – [Cartoon by ex-VNN poster Johnny James]

At one level, multiculturalists are right. Poverty is a powerful force, one that can bring out the worst in some people. Part of the race problem in white countries does in fact stem from inequality. But this push for inclusivity is the most insidious measure of all. By raising these people to the level of whites, we’re giving them the chance to be viewed as equals. This, too, sounds good to most people. After all, supporting the alternative would be racist. But white nationalists are right, too. This anti-racist effort is decidedly anti-white.

To bring non-whites into the fold of white societies means friendships, relationships, sex and children. The white birth rate drops yearly due to the slow creep of multiculturalism. The more interracial couplings there are, the fewer whites (as contact with another race’s blood destroys the Mike’s Secret Stuff that makes white people white). Due to the tricky nature of race and whiteness, multiracial people can even pass as white, confusing partners and further diluting the bloodline. As non-whites become more equal, whites don’t just lose privilege, their race literally begins to die. [d) Imposing measures intended to prevent births within the group;] Whites are losing the ability to maintain the integrity of their race, in a concerted, imposed way not faced by the Chinese, Brazilians, or Nigerians.

Even as white nationalists espouse views that many find repellent, they’re absolutely right that the white race is dying out, and we’re helping it happen.

What is the white race? Stormfront defines it thusly:

“Non-Jewish people of wholly European descent. No exceptions.”

This is a fairly straightforward definition, though one that is disputed often on the Stormfront boards. When you leave the world of white nationalism, though, whiteness gets much more complicated. The US census counts people from the Middle East as “white.” Even people who are very dark count as white. Additionally, it counts North Africans white as well.

This is a pretty ridiculous concept on its face, but remember that the Irish, the Poles, the Jews, were all considered non-white at one point. Today, you’re hard-pressed to find anyone that would deny that these groups are white. Admittedly, this is helped along by the fact that most Irish and Poles LOOK like other white people, and non-white Jews are generally categorized by their ethnicity, not their religion, but the point remains that the definition of “white” is vague and subject to change.

Take the case of Gregory H Williams, a man who, after years of living under the belief that his father was a dark-skinned Italian, discovered the truth that his father was half-black. In Indiana, this made him black as well. He and his brother had lived as whites with no trouble, but suddenly they were treated as black by the whites around them, and ostracized by the black community they supposedly belonged to. This social classification is one that white nationalists would agree with, despite the fact that they would only know his “true” race by him telling the story.

What makes white people so special? Why are whites so damn great that white supremacist groups are really some of the only racial supremacist groups around? Well, because they’re manifestly doing better. They’re more educated, they have more money, more land, more control, they are the most modern, they are the most beautiful, their nations hold the most power, they’re really doing the best in most categories. “Whites are just naturally better” seems self-evident, when you look at their position in the world. Who but the greatest race in existence could get to this position?

White nations, those non-Jew European countries and their colonies, came to greatness through vampirism. Even taking into account some theoretical inherent superiority of whites, their nations were built through subjugating and exploiting people they conquered. This is not unusual. Attaining power on such a scale will always fuck someone over. And attain power, they have. The world is essentially under control by white nations, with a few Asian outliers. Through brute force, capitalism, and slavery, a system has been built by whites that puts them at the top. Naturally, their education systems are built to benefit their children. Their economy is built on the foundation of non-white slaves, and maintained through the usage of poor laborers, most of whom are non-white. They own all of the land, and non-whites only gain it through submitting to the white system. Control is naturally theirs, as they conquered the land. Modernity comes mostly at the higher levels of society. Beauty standards have been established by their culture and media. Everything that makes white people great is due to the fact that they are the paragon model of a society and world they sculpted to their needs.

Even so, conquering and shaping the world is pretty impressive. But what does it mean for a racial group? Italians are white. Scots are white. Germans, Swedes, Australians are white. Of course, the reality is much more complicated, but basically, these are white countries, under white control, and they’re especially white countries if you subscribe to the white nationalist view. Which, since we’re examining their argument and beliefs, you can and should do without feeling weird about yourself. These countries all have a distinct culture and custom. But white nationalists argue that there is an underlying racial oneness to this group. What commonality do all these countries have, aside from skin color, which, as we’ve seen, means nothing? Their commonality is that they were so successful in violence and exploitation that they were able to take and maintain power. That is their singular racial characteristic.

Suppose a coalition of East Asians had taken over the way whites did. The world would look very different, of course, but there would be some things that were the same. They would be more educated, richer, with more land, control, modernity, beauty. How would they maintain their power? By creating a racial identity that fit all original member states (or, the ones that were influential enough). Claiming some natural quality that made them smart, successful, attractive, powerful, which gave them the right to stay in power above others that were unlike them. This construction of race is based entirely on the fact that (due to their circumstances) these people are better. They’re in control, they built the world we live in to make themselves the best at everything, and they invented a race for themselves to assert that this is normal and the right way of things. It’s a naturalization of the status quo, turning a constructed power dynamic into a genetic imperative.

The white race is a reification of supremacy. Its very foundation is the power that whites wield. To assert the white race’s right to exist is to defend its place of dominance in the world, because its dominance is the ESSENCE of the race. To protect the white race is to protect inequality, colonialism, exploitation, racism. It IS oppresion. It IS racism. It IS injustice. And it is dying. Anti-racist practices are killing it.

Anti-racism is anti-white, and we should embrace that. As for the charge of genocide? Accept it. You can argue against it, but what’s the point? Any conscionable person should want the white race destroyed. Who cares if the definition of genocide is being twisted to make people feel bad about doing the right thing? The point is that anti-racism, multiculturalism, any attempt to equalize the races is a strike against the white race. And once equality is truly reached, it will be dead. WE ARE TRYING TO DESTROY IT.

The white genocide is carried out through interracial sex, righting wrongs, and the consequences of the white race’s sins. It is the kindest, slowest, most consensual genocide ever to take place. It’s better than anything whites have afforded the people they stepped on to build their race, people they envy, for they have been afforded the right to their own identity and homeland. Because those people have a true national identity. They have a culture. The only culture all whites share is that of the destruction and subjugation of others. So good riddance.