On Racism and equality

Race: natural identity of each individual, determined by genetic makeup (blood) which indirectly forges ones way of life (culture).

Racism: word employed indiscriminately to constrain any expression contrary to the playbook that would abolish the sense of racial identity by encouraging mongrelization. Differs negative racial perspective (the unjustified hatred against the different), the positive racial perspective, which is nothing more than the natural instinct of preservation and love for the genetic inheritance from ancestors. It should be remembered that the conflict is born of cultural promiscuity, the intrusion of a people in another, wherever it occurs; this is a historical fact. Therefore, the best measure to combat racial hatred is precisely to assert racial differences and promote policy of sound proud of each group in its natural territory.

Racism is a word most famously coined by the Jew Communist Trotsky. This for the reason of advancing the Jew World Order by vilifying all Gentile races who wish to exist and not be annihilated as a diverse people into a global Jewish Order of villainy and terror. Where Jewish Communism dominates racial extermination programs in the form of racial mixing is promoted. Never for the Jews but by Jews for the Gentiles. Under the JewSSR and in the current West with Jewish Kosherial Marxism. Xianity also pushes this as well.

Its also a nod to the fact the Jew projects what it is on to its enemies. The only race on earth who views racial difference as a licence to murder, enslave and terrorize is the Jew race which dehumanizes the entire Gentile world. And uses this to exploit, murder and harm all non-Jewish peoples. In the never ending Jewish race war upon humanity. Then sits back and pretends its the victim to create a sympathy ploy to get close to sink its fangs in the hosts neck.

Racialism: stage of intellectual maturity in which, for the sake of independence from the playbook of “desirable” opinions, acknowledging the differences between humans and their classification into races. Accepting this view of the world – that is even intuitive, but for artificial reasons have been tainted – is the key to liberation from the shackles of political correctness condition. Knowledge and respect to the races is one of the stages in the evolution of the individual.

-Egon Albrecht