On materialism and important info

I notice so many people falling into traps. The Jew creates the problem and then pushes the solution. One major trap is that of materialism. The Jew takes everything that makes life meaningful and pleasurable and then works relentlessly to destroy it. Ownership of material things makes life meaningful and is pleasurable. So, the Jew pushes this and corrupts it on the one hand and on the other, the Jew pushes for rejection of the material. This is done by incessant pushing and promoting materialism to the exclusion of all else and the underlying message here is to own nothing. The nazarene is then held up as a pristine example- the professional parasite never owned anything, and lived off the charity of those who did, all the while condemning them. The nazarene was a most arrogant character who never showed any gratitude or appreciation for anything. He felt it was owed to him. Though that foul scum is a Jewish invented fictitious archetype, he is pushed on the Gentile populace as an example. He is the perfect communist.

Everything the Jew pushes and abuses is designed to destroy any and all freedoms. No one owns any personal property under Jewish communism. Jewish communism is a slave state where every Gentile citizen becomes the property of the state and has no freedoms or rights whatsoever. This is all laid out in the judeo/xian bible, which is a blueprint for communism. The Gentile populace becomes disposable slaves, working for the Jewish parasite. Satan/Lucifer has always stood for rebellion. Rebellion is a serious “sin” and is “evil” in the bible. Perfect slaves do not rebel or even complain.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with owning material things or enjoying them. People fall into the Jewish traps with believing adages such as “money is the root of all evil” yet you don’t hear any Jews saying this. This sort of thing is for Gentiles. The bible preaches that poverty and suffering are virtues. Poverty is a virtue so that all wealth can be in the hands of the Jews. Suffering is a biblical virtue and is necessary so one again can be the perfect slave, endure endless and most savage abuse, and never complain. A wasted life. The Jew owns everything, all material wealth, and also the slaves. This is why they corrupt and push materialism in unhealthy ways to the extreme. They want a backlash, where they own everything and us Gentiles own nothing and along with owning nothing, become the property of the Jews.

If everyone would look deeper, it is the abuse, disrespect for, and lack of any appreciation that is the problem, along with imbalance in the way of taking things to an extreme, which is what the Jew does. The Jew takes certain aspects of our freedoms…money, sex, pleasure and pushes these to an unhealthy extreme, creating imbalance. The end result is total loss. Nature in her ecosystem works for a healthy balance. When nature gets out of balance, disaster ensues.

Nowhere is a most blatant example of Jewish operation than with Gay Rights:

Jewish Control of Gay Rights

Gay rights from top to bottom is controlled by Jews. What they do is work to push and take this to an extreme on the one hand and as the Jews control both sides, they work against it on the other. One the other side, they work for establishing Old Testament laws as is with Jewish communism. Gay in the GULAG. There are no sexual freedoms in any communist countries. Even heterosexuals holding hands or kissing in public in communist North Korea can get not only the couple, but their entire families thrown into slave labor concentration camps.* These are the real death camps where very few ever survive. Most are worked to death under the most hideous conditions, starving and then are disposed of. This is the Jewish paradise…disposable slave labor.

*Nothing to Envy: Ordinary Lives in North Korea by Barbara Demick

Don’t fall into their traps! When everyone is on to their tactics, they can no longer succeed in destroying our freedoms. Money, personal ownership, sexual freedoms and everything else they work to destroy, always remember…they push these to an unhealthy extreme, creating the necessary imbalance needed to create a backlash to where people are duped into gladly giving up their precious rights [which many fought for and died for in brutal bloody wars], and unknowingly sacrificing to restore balance- what they believe is balance. The justice system is another example. The justice system is dominated by Jews from top to bottom. By allowing crime to get so out of hand and letting violent offenders off the hook and relentlessly pushing injustice [corrupting the justice system to where it is no longer even functional], this creates the trap for people to give up their rights for ultra-strict laws, where no one has any rights as is with Jewish communism. This is also laid out in the judeo/xian bible. Turn the other cheek, walk the extra mile, let everything go to shit. Gentiles have always fought for the Jewish interest and their wars while the Jews just look on and grin. Another Jewish tactic is creating endless arguments so that nothing ever gets done in the way of ending a problem or securing a solution.

Satan/Lucifer stands for freedom and rebellion. We must always respect our freedoms and be ready to fight for them. If we do not fight, these will be taken away. Respect and care for what you own. Our inner serpent makes us aware in the way of having respect for valuable life and an appreciation for things. Everything that is positive and healthy in life, the Jew takes, abuses and pushes to an unhealthy extreme in hopes of creating a backlash to their Old Testament; their Torah. Torah is the author of pain and misery. The torah is their root, their power over us and their protection. Everything you have and own, the Jew is working to take away from you. This also extends to your soul. Satan brings us the necessary knowledge and enlightenment to where we are aware of and onto their tactics and can no longer be duped into falling into their traps.

– High Priestess Maxine Dietrich
Joy of Satan