Nazism has won, Communism has died

Many people say and say again the same poem of the ‘holocaust’ and how evil Hitler was. Again and again, every time with more and more evidence, we debunk their claims. The evidence is there. Thing is, the major populace is programmed. From day one that someone is born, they are hearing “Oh thank jewsus the baby was born” and by the age of 10 they hear every day, watch kike made movies, hear ‘public opinion’ shaped by some jewish historian about Hitler and the Nazis.

Seriously, Nazis, Ancient Civilizations, Satan and Satanism are the big NO-NO’s in this society! NOOOOOO! STAY WORSHIPPING THE JEW- EMMANUEL JIZZUS OR YOU WILL ROAST IN HELL! HE WILL COME BACK AND JUDGE YOU! OBEY OR BURN FOR ALL ETERNITY! The things that like the jew ‘god’ in the garden of Eden, when one touches they will “Die”. Lying as they always do, both their ‘god’ and them, nobody that seeked the Truth died. The so called ‘forgotten apple’ did not kill anyone and brought the so called knowledge of good and evil to those who gave in the time and effort to reach it. It takes such an idiotic ‘god’ to create man with the capability to Sin, only to torture them later after doing it. Since he was all knowing, he knew beforehand they would sin, so he made them able to sin. If he did not know it, according to xian theology, he did not know everything and as thus he is no ‘god’.

Of course he is not. For one its nothing more than a jewish fantasy novel, where they have complete and total power everyone else in the globe, everyone is enslaved and such. How could the rambling of some kikes make sense? Lies do not make sense. Especially so big lies. How could they ever make sense?

The so called idiots though, who preach anti-Nazism do not do the fundamental thing any person who knows history should do. STUDY BOTH SIDES FROM UNBIASED SOURCES. Even this jew “Cole” made a documentary proving the gas chambers were a hoax. Thing is, jews are too ready to betray their own race everytime. Maybe “Cole” was on the side that his bank account had 100,000,0$ and not 2 billions like his cousins, so it grew infuriated and started what he did. Then “Cole” appears 10 years after in the jewish owned and run Holly-wood. This fence hopping jew came with a plan. While he debunked the holocaust, he accused Hitler or all the other crimes he was accused, acting as a gate-keeper to his fellow jews and faithfully a propaganda minister of his own.

When someone does this and sees that the whole governmental cabinet of Stalin was jewish for instance and caused the massacre of at least 25 million Russians in Labor camps, then see the videos where jews themselves testify that in the big ‘labor camps’ they could paint, swim in swimming pools, dance, play football with the so-evil Nazis and such, it takes a peanut of a brain to realize how in this case the ‘winner’ has blamed all their shit to the ‘loser’ of the war. The ‘loser’ is judged by the winner. Its as simple as that. But, who was the ‘winner’ of the war and who was the ‘loser’? Upon first glance you will say it was USSR who won the war. And that Nazi Germany lost.

Thing is, our side has started with a different purpose and the jewish USSR side started with another purpose in mind. In such cases you do not judge ‘victory’ by whom survived and who did not, you judge victory or loss according to who fulfilled their purpose for which a war was started.

Their purpose was world domination and to dominate everything according to their jewish/communist laws, torah and the rest, assume a “God” position and rule everything, enslave anyone. This happened only inside USSR. People were nothing but swine, women were only objects and work laborers, children were pieces of shit in the eyes of jews who would run their ‘eternal’ machine of war Jew USSR in her prime to dominate the whole globe. They really believed this laughable shit. Lenin, Stalin, Trotsky, Molotov and so forth- all jews. All worked for the same purpose, whatever their actions. To enslave people into a slave state. To materialize their inner view of the cosmos, which is nothing else than what their Torah and their Protocols of Zion have wrote since day one. Jews have always operated by their hive mind and this is evident in the same outcome that comes in all civilizations they have gained power in: Destruction. Their Torah justifies them to be ‘gods’, above anyone and everyone. With the systematic destruction of all spiritual knowledge, they have that knowledge and assume to be ‘gods’. Its known in the so called ‘atheist’ USSR there were dozens of Rabbis and kikes who would launch curses and whatever else in the unknowing populace. If someone was an enemy of the jewish owned state, they would either die by their secret police, or they would get cursed or both.

The bible in itself is a communist book and the mother of communist theory- all jewish. “All men are equals in the face of ‘god’ “. What happened in Soviet Russia was “all men are equals in the face of Stalin” or some other appointed jewish messiah who will fulfill what the jews have been trying to built for so long. Thing is, the jews are naturally a sickly and weak race. They have been on our ass for 2000 years and still cannot fulfill a damn goal. And even if they did, which they never could, they would fail to maintain it like it has happened in the USSR. They simply failed. Hitler built up a nation from total destruction to a world power in around 10 years. Enough said.

People are taught to believe in jews like they are gods, since day one. We are taught to believe that ‘god’ was a kike spaceman who sat on the clouds and cursed people. Endless confusion but what remains is this- we are taught to believe in the jews and the jewish ‘god’. Thing is, they have been destroying civilizations since day one of their existence. The Ancient Romans perished under their grip and even nowdays they are destroying everything, every form of civilization. By the moment Europe has allowed them in and gave them ‘citizen rights’ everything has been going downhill; debt, two major world wars and economic plagues, instability in all levels, bad governship that destroyed a large portion of people, humiliation, senseless industrialization without feeling or remorse, false intelligentsia and philosophies of all kinds that are basically ruining every aspect of Gentile life and are leading people to mental hospitals by the hundreds each day.

But what was the purpose of Nazis and Hitler?


First of all stop the jewish beast from taking over the globe and Europe, slow them down [They succeeded then construct a legacy for others to follow after them, in which everything would go over for the jews [We are approaching there and there is nothing the jews can do- check on Israel’s case, people are waking up en-masse]. The Nazis reached too far, almost destroyed USSR themselves. When Hitler was at the door, the jew Stalin knew he was done with, so he informed the western jews that their legacy was coming to the end. Hitler had the whole Europe under his control. Hitler’s method of Blizzkrieg war, had brought Russia to her knees. When Hitler’s Troops entered and were outside of Stalin-grad, by that time over 50,000 Russians fought at his side against the jewish beast to regain back their country. IT WAS NO LONGER RUSSIA- IT WAS A JEWISH HAVEN MADE ONLY FOR JEWS.

Everyone knows the jews today. Them trying to hide and pretend to be harmless no longer works. Even the most stupid people know. Most of those whom they own by xianity and through their spell of xianity, hate them to the bone and they will choose to decimate the jewish problem than to adhere to some jewish ‘god’ as people subconsciously know they are being played on.

Hitler and the SS knew they would not have the jews finished on their days, as they were scattered all across the globe. They passed down the message. By their symbols they caused re-aweakening. Anti-Semetism is now again flaming. Where is it that they won? Back then the jews had German and other enemies. Now everyone down the street can be their enemy as people know, everyone knows and those who do not know, are getting told by now. Everyone knows what they did to America, to Germany, to other countries. People see them and they recognize them. There is nowhere to hide for them anymore. Everyone knows how they use money. The internet has served us well.

Miss’s Stalin when confronted outside of the jewish USSR capital by the Nazis, called in his friend jews from England and the USA. So they started up the western front to dilute the powers of Germany. One step before destruction, as everyone jewish was shitting their pants, they had to ensure their racial dream – world domination. But by the time Hitler was in Stalingrad, the purpose of the Nazis had already been fulfilled. On the whole war, the jewish Rabbis kept and kept murdering people [as the case with the young boy Andrei who was murdered to curse the Czar] and sending the energy to the Nazis and mostly Hitler and his stuff, or used it to guide events. All sorts of blood Rituals were taking place and the gulags were ideal for this, all sorts of USSR psychics were on the roll and doing all sorts of shit (In an atheistic state- When jews finalize their control xianity gets thrown out of the window as it serves no need- it already made the people obedient to jews and now this had to actualize), as the suffering and horror of the people where was untold.

People need to study more. The left-run universities and jewish infested ‘knowledge’ is keeping people blind. Jews prove they are guilty by all this infestation in history and such, because this proves they did what they have been accused and are trying to re-write history.

The jews knew that these places would serve as an endless cattle farm when they can take people out from, butcher them and use their life energy to achieve all sorts of goals. From all their nasty effort, all they could do is not get destroyed back then, but they could do nothing about Hitler’s final plan, which has succeeded already, as the purpose was to Stop and Expose the international jewry of the planet. Now days, everyone knows.

Thing is, by the fall of Germany and the major economic collapsation (again jewish in its roots) and with the jews like Rothschilds and the jewish Vatican running the global system, the jews thought it has now been over with. They took over Russia in which they had much power already, built up the beast and simply went for world domination, after the point their jewish ‘ark’ of USSR would be strong enough to carry them all. But they never expected Hitler, neither an uprising in Nazism. They thought that by creating hundreds of false frontiers as they do today, people would remain asleep. The same thing they did in Russia with their Demagogues, they did in Germany as well, but it never worked there. They expected their reign to go on forever. They expected no opposition. Thing is, the materialistic nature of the jews is all they are and the same reason they always fail- the western jews and the eastern jews when they thought they had us all by the balls after Nazi Germany was put to sleep, they made a Cold war which exhausted both of them, brining the ‘ark’ of the USSR state to its knees. They destroyed their own selves in their run towards their imaginary top.

The jews cannot rule anything as its not in their nature to rule, not even a slave state that they have created. Whatever they have constructed has collapsed, in every and all occasions, whatever it was. The only danger is that they are brining down to collapsation the things they have attached themselves to- thats what we should be worried about. Eternal things are not for them, neither is rebuilding.

They expected the return of the medieval times, they expected to rule alongside with their reptilian masters and other nefarious beings who seek the end of Humanity as it was. They thought Satan was out of the game. Now, where is their eternal kingdom? In every state waiting to get pogrom’d, because of all their deeds against Gentiles? Or in a stolen Palestinian state which was funded by their WW2 holocau$t lies, on the back of Gentiles there, getting bombed daily?

Who has won the war and who is Eternal now? They will always need Gentiles to feast upon, even as their slaves. They need Gentiles even as enslaved. We do not need them anywhere, in no facet of our Global or National lives. And in every Gentile Nazism will wake up, it’s a matter of time. Now not only it has woken up, but is rising like a manifold flame, ready to burn and wipe out those who long have oppressed every nation of the world. Lets not allow other countries and our own countries to be victimized like Russia did, under the jewish Grip.

-High Priest Hooded Cobra 666

pharaoh and the kikes