Exposure of Manosphere for what it is:
fully racially jewish pit, originated by jewish female

Now here is some overview of the degenerate teachings racial jews infiltrate the Gentile society with using antifeminism as shield.

Feminism itself was a jewish corruption fully stolen and distorted from Gentile Satanic leaders such as noblemen/bourgeois starters of French revolution (later overthrown by racially kike communists), older Freemasons and Hitler’s government who restored Women’s Rights in Europe.

Kikes stole all their work, distorted it into ugly illusion as if Woman’s Rights are in some kind of opposition to Man’s Ones, which is putrid lie. In fact rights are both ways street thing, if you want one to have more rights you will not succeed until you uplift the other. Because women and men are parts of Dao which is Human Soul and Human society in Alchemy and thus are designed to need each other to advance in their Human rights and everything.

Here is what jews apply on men [fragment]:

The term “Manosphere” is fairly recent, it’s a general term to include all the mostly male groups such as MGTOW, Incel, PUA, etc. The black pill, red pill, and various other “pills”, are spread throughout these main groups. These “pills” function kind of like sub-groups, and have differing “core philosophies” on how to handle the current western dating “standards”.

First up is PUA, PUA stands for Pick Up Artist. Pretty much all these guys are shills, surfing on mountains of cash provided by desperate normies. While all groups talk about the “alpha-beta” dynamic, this one focuses on teaching “game”. “Game” is basically men wooing women by selling some “feel good” dreams to them and reeling them in with “witty” humor. What the PUA guys don’t tell you, is that it’s all just a dice roll.

The “alpha-beta dynamic” known by the hugely touted line “alpha-fux beta-bux” is just degeneracy, and very likely the result of Jewish brainwashing. What it means is that a man who isn’t “man enough” ends up being a “slave” to a degenerate woman. The whole system revolves around domination, beating each other down instead of picking each other up.

The term “red pill” is based on a scene from the Matrix movie. Morpheus offers Neo the choice of taking the red pill to face the truth, or taking the blue pill to continue living a lie. The core meaning of “red pill” in the Manosphere, is just about being aware of degenerate women, with the “blue pill” being the opposite. I’m not going to bother with the other color “pills” because they’re just deviations from the red pill with different attitudes and “solutions”.

Next is Incel, Incel is short for “Involuntary Celibate”. This is a mix of sane and insane men, leaning more towards the latter. This is similar to PUA, minus the “macho” atmosphere, think “depressed hippies” for an idea of what they’re like. Instead of “free love” it’s “free hate”. There’s so much despair in the Incel cluster, it’d make a Jew rub it’s hands and laugh maniacally. Even though the sane ones suggest self-improvement, it’s presented in a condescending tone. All of this is centered around finding a sexual partner, and not actively seeking a romantic or sexual partner counts as “cope”. Anything outside of pursuing “ascension” as they call it now, is shamed into oblivion. This has become quasi-Xianity, with willful singleness being presented as “sinful”.

Finally there’s MGTOW, this was not really a community or group but a way of life. It was pro-singleness for men, it suggested men remain unmarried and just go do whatever hobbies or jobs they felt like doing. However, the mainstream sources imply that every bachelor is a party animal or a ticking time bomb because “muh dick”. Anything that goes against the “normie way” of work, marry, reproduce, die, is shamed.
[End of the fragment]

Now. The entire idea of turning against women, considering women “manipulative out of the box”, “naturally egoistic from toddler age” (and thus as a result inherently inhuman and undeserving of any human rights) etc. is basically very close description of what the jew is according Nazi sources instead. So you can see the very clear thread where and from whom it was stolen, corrupted and turned against the original author. Note that it is mostly targeted at Arian nations and those exact countries in which this information about the jews was first presented to save White World from their influence. MGTOW ideology was first presented by racially jewish female – ask yourselves isn’t this strange that allegedly male-only movement was originated by a jewish female, who basically taught that men are all slaves:

“Esther Vilar was born in Buenos Aires in 1935. Her parents had emigrated to Argentina after the Nazis came to power in the early 1930s because her father, who was from Erlangen, was Jewish. ”
-German Wikipedia

Her jewish decent was cut from both Russian and English wikipedia, left only in German one.

Now here what she taught about our Gentile people:

“Some of the strategies described in her book are:

-Luring men with sex, which she referred to as the “periodic use of a woman’s vagina,” and other seduction strategies
-Controlling men by the judicious use of praise, sex, and emotional blackmail once they have been lured
-Masking her real intentions and motives in the guise of romantic love”

All her life was dedicated to destruction of Gentile family tradition no different to those of jewish feminist’s:

“Esther married in 1961 the German author Klaus Wagn for two years and they had a son called Martin, in 1964. She later had a divorce, but claimed: “I didn’t break up with the man, just with marriage as an institution”.”

So basically while jewish feminists presented Gentile man as some biblical jew that somehow inherently possessed jewish-only abrahamic-only criminal way of behavior, this jewess presented Gentile Women as biblical Esther-like whores using any and all of their natural qualities only to destroy, disrupt and enslave their own nations for thousands years. They both basically taught that our Gentile nations never had any happy healthy balanced sexual relations in human history first and foremost. That our Ancestors were (in first version) – rapists, (in second version) – enslaved cucks. And that they, jews, are now here in 21 century to give us first time in our history the “civilized and free” society by destroying all of our primordial institutions. Just think of it.

Here is apparently insane inborn “institutional rapist” with out-of-the-box judeo-islamic habits:

Edmund Blair Leighton. Accolade

Edmund Blair Leighton. God Speed!

Wall painting. Ares and Aphrodite

And here is apparently enslaved manipulated cuck needy to rebel against his oppressive jewish wife:

jupiter (Zeus)

Mars (Ares)

Guido Reni. Bacchus and Ariadne

These are lies that you live in when you listen to a jew.

Get the real red pill:

Exit The Jewtrix


Knowledge collected from Joy of Satan forum https://ancient-forums.com/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=77128&sid=82329e394c3bb1177cfc009f0fc78729
German wikipedia article on Vilar https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Esther_Vilar