Jews Pushing Hard for a Communist America

This is most serious. If America falls to communism, the entire world will be enslaved.

The US Constitution guarantees Freedom of Speech. Unless we fight for our rights, all will be gone. Most people here will end up dead (as anyone who even remotely knows the truth is a threat to the Jewish powers who mass murder millions).

Here is an excerpt from a newsletter I subscribe to:

Arkansas’ Ag-Gag law is designed to deter whistleblowers, journalists and undercover investigators from publicizing information, including conditions for animals on factory farms. It also bans undercover investigations of virtually all private entities, including restaurants and daycare centers, and allows employers to sue whistleblowers directly, who could be liable for tens of thousands of dollars just for telling the truth.

This is a huge step for the Jewish powers that be in attacking and penalizing anyone who would date to report abuse. Now note… “Daycare centers” Anyone can neglect, abuse, and even rape children with this and get away with it.

The Jewish powers that be work overtime to destroy our youth through any means possible. Much of this is in creating a psychologically disturbed and disabled populace. Psychiatric drugs are pushed and are not only mind altering, but dangerously addictive.

“Call your doctor…Call your doctor…Call your doctor…”
“Ask your doctor…Ask your doctor…Ask your doctor…

Then, “restaurants”? I’ve worked over 20 years in restaurants as a cook. I’ve seen things that were abominable. That was bad enough. For one example, the bitch manager got onto me one morning, because I took time out to make a new batch of waffle batter. I refused to cook and serve waffle batter that smelled like vomit. The focus with most restaurants is always on saving money. In many places, customers pay for leftovers and cheap generic crap.

If our freedom of speech is taken away, this will be the death of America, which is what the Jews want. This will be the funeral wreath for humanity.

In closing, I also want to add here that the root of Judeo/Christian/Muslim program is in the Jewish kabbalah. This is where all of the stolen spiritual knowledge has been kept under tight wraps for centuries. While the Jews and their nefarious ETs viciously used idiot Christians and Muslims to do their dirty work of mass murdering Pagans, Heathens, destroying libraries and anything spiritual, this occult knowledge was confiscated and kept by the Jews for centuries, while our Gentile people have been force fed Christianity, Islam and related to make us slaves.

Much of the kabbalah was passed down orally only to the most trusted of Jews. They want someone dead, or anything else, they throw a curse and the victim who has no spiritual knowledge is defenseless. This is how they have obtained immense wealth and power. While the average Jew may know nothing, those at the top do and all of this ties in.

The Jewish kabbalah was kept in the highest secrecy for centuries. Now in this short period of history, when we are again becoming knowledgeable about the powers of the mind and soul, some of their kabbalah is being revealed, but is still not understandable to most, as I mentioned before, it was written in allegories, with code words, and then much was given orally. Demons work with the ministry here in guiding us to sources and in revealingly important knowledge to us concerning this. As we go along, we will be making all of this public.

High Priestess Maxine Dietrich

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