Jews in Hitler’s Armies?

The claims of Jewish “soldiers” is because there were traitors among the Officers of the Wehrmacht and SS who disobeyed direct orders. The fact is that the reason for the Jews to come in both is by no idealism, but the same as they do today in NSM and occult organizations. They would repeat in the NSDAP the same they did with Freemasonry, Golden Down and Rosacruci Order, or the same as is “Neonazism” (full of Jews). The same today that “anti-Zionist” Orthodox Jews who love to pose for anti-Israel photos… And right after the run to the synagogue to pray for our decadence… The right-wing Jews or whatever, to protest against the invasion of Gaza… Because they simply do not want to serve in the army. From them, no kind of idealism may arise, any attempt to enter gentile organizations is to disseminate discord and destroy them from within.

The Nuremberg laws were too lenient and that was part of the reason NS Germany did not have better results in the second Jew war. All and any descendant of Jews, regardless of the mix level, should be totally banned from public life and strictly prohibited from marrying any Gentile, be a citizen or subject of the State. But it’s forgive, partly because at their time there was not DNA testing and all they had to do was a long and arduous research in the lineage of individuals.

About the free Middle Easterners, don’t confuse it with accepting Islam. It was very good the initiative to open the Freies Arabien and Indische Legion, and this truth breaks many myths about NS, but some revisionists make a confusion about it. They try to mix this with “acceptance of Semites” or compare it with the case of Jewish “soldiers” (infiltrators) which is totally different or, sometimes, that “NS is not racist, therefore accepts race mixing”. The fact is that practically all nationalities, races and creeds willingly took part alongside with Hitler. Now they did it for the good of each peoples because anything would be worse than global communism, which does not mean their “religions” were fully accepted, since even Christians and Muslims could fight Judaism, going in favor of their racial/spiritual nature and against their Semitic religions which demand them to worship Jews in the form of Jewsus or Mohammed. There are many pictures of multiracial troops in Hitler’s forces, but one thing is to fight for the common good, another quite different is accept mongrelization, spreading Jewish religions or live as citizens within Germany and vice-versa. Each one fought for the good of their own peoples separately.

-Egon Albrecht