Jewish infection

Environment of the social nature is mainly formed by genetics and the external reality is the interal reality. There is an interplay of forces outer forces with inner forces that do affect genetic behaviour and codes epigenetics shows. But this bring us back to nature. Where the liberal tabula rasa debate picks up from the xian disease. And thinks man exists outside of natural forces and reality. The false divide is in there thinking. Its needed to manifest the belief system of universal oneness and other racial and generally egalitarian delusions the enemy psychological warfare programs are based in.

Fact is people have been deeply saturated in jewish communist propaganda under the tinsel of false spirituality [xianity] and in its secular form [liberalism, cultural marxism, communism] and with centuries of this the jew system still has to try and force the races to mix as much as possible and yet people of all races still retain their intrinsic desire to not commit miscegenation and have thier own space. I remember sitting in a large dinner hall in liberal land and watched all the different races sit with their own at the individual tables and within that the guys with the guys and girls with the girls. All these people parrot the cultural marxist/liberal paltitudes but blood is thicker then water. And reality will not be denied. That dinner hall was a real map of reality.

This ideology of liberalism, cultural marxism and communism [the secular xian trinity of jew]. Has failed all over the Western world and all throught history causing wars, conflicts, balkandization of nations. Giving us conflicts and slaughter. Such as the slaughter in Rawanda and across Africa which was generated by the period of European [Rothschild] rule of Africa. They herded all the different African ethnicities into large new nations. When the Western governments pulled out [jews stayed behind as the corperations/banks] the different ethnicities started to war on against one another till new tribal lines where drawn. This failure cost millions of lives.

An interesting case of dual failure of both the multicult[ethnic/racial] program along with communism is evidenced in the Khmer reigme of “democratic Kampuchea.” The reds slaughtered entire classes and populations, even breaking up the family unit, and wiping away an entire culture and social order in accordence with the communist ideology dictates. Turning the entire nation into a backward police state that would make Orwell blush. All in the name of brotherhood, equality, peace, unity and love. But there is a subtle context within the exterminations and repressions of the Khmers mission to create the perfect communist society. [Mass suicide of a people due to judeo-communist psychosis.]

Khmer exterminations which where done within the lines of communist ideology but within a ethinc conflict as well. The decades of animus over the ethinc Vietnamese population in Cambodia [kampuchea] the majority of those sent to S21 [where the mount of skulls images are mainly from] where Vietnamese in ethinc background. The Khmer Rouge worked towards the literal goal of the total extermination of the entire Vietnamese and other non Cambodian populations in their country. Cambodian men married to non-Cambodian women where given pistols by the Khmer’s and told to kill their wives or the Khmers’s would kill them both.

Here we see the failure of the multi-ethnic nation [liberal world dream] and what happens when its naturallly generated hosity is given chance to be fully aired. And the reality of communist ideology all coming together. Of which liberalism is the centeral core. Before the left where slaughtering in the name of the communist ideology they where chopping heads and exterminating populations in the name of liberalism [of which Marx simple took and built an updated version of to suit the industrial era] as seen in the “French” revolution. Before the Bolsheviks we had the Jacobins. Pol Pot [not his real name] was converted to this [communism/liberalism a religion] in the universities and salon’s of Paris where he was a student for years. He returned to Cambodia with his red priest collar awarded for success at the liberal-red seminary training in Paris. And worked to fully implement the creation of the city of communism on earth. A regular red Augustine.

Western noted communist intellectual and scholars openly and proudly admitted [where their more timid brethen ran for the hills in a wave of apologetics] that Pol Pot and the Khmer’s where the full implementation of the pure ideal of communism on a nation.

Another instance of this is Tito’s communist Yugoslavia. After he died and the nation he forced together under the same leftist nonsense pushed by the liberals, cultural marxists kooks and ilk in the West. Broke apart into a long violent war full of ethnic cleansing and all kinds of atrocities. Till the ethnic bounds and lines where rebuilt.

The Western liberal-red would state the problem is implementation of the ideology and the not the ideology. So they continue to push harder making the problems worse never understanding they are the cause not the solution. Because that is how mentally ill people think. This is how xianityoperates as well. They are all confused and mentally ill people. As one German philospher stated: “Christian theology is the grandmother of Bolshevism.”

In India which is the liberal anti-racialist world dream all raced mixed. Most dating adds state “light skinned only” and people are graded and prized on their level of lightness. And group based genetic inheritance. Just look at the Bollywood starts to understand what the ideal of beauty is there. And all sorts of general ethnic conflicts dominate. India was also under a marxist, secular government after independence which just ruined their nation for decades. Once again the ideology is a failure on every level.

But schizoid liberals, cultural marxists, xians and other sundry nutted fruits of the jewed plains can’t form a intelligent understanding of the nature of reality we are all formed from and a manifestation of. And hence the laws that manifest us are the laws that govern us. They dysfunctional brains can only be at home in a violent dystopia. Because a lunatic feels at home in a sea of lunatic’s and lunacy only.

So we see nature will not be fooled and that which is unhealthy and against the laws of nature will consume itself in its own toxic poisons. Just at the society in live in outside of racial, ethnic tensions. [Which have consumed Western society and created a violent situation where tens of thouands have been victims many raped, beaten and murdered whole areas are no go zones] The rates of mental illness are throught the roof and growing. People commit suicide in large numbers, depression and apathy are normal. The jails are over populated in the millions. Drugs are destroying whole communities. People are dying of all kinds of physical illness rates that have skyrocketted. Our nations, societies and civilizations are crumbling due to a jewish induced and injected spiritual sickness.

To paraphase one wise person:

Governments destroy freedom, schools destroy knowledge, religion destroys sprituality, psycharists destroy mental health, medical professions destroys health, media destroys information.

The only way to create a healthy world is upon the Dharma [eternal law of nature] which is based upon racial separation, self determination and respect. A world based on truth such as this would not experience any of the violence and insanity that unsane, jewish created programs have caused. The record of history and of today is screaming this fact in our faces. Such a Dharmic world does not facilitate such problems as it does not create any basis for any. This is the healthy world the National Socialists [who where Satanists at the top] worked to give us.

Salvation is in the Swastika. Which shall break the cross.

– High Priest Mageson666