“Hispanic” does not exist

“Hispanic race” does not exist, these are either more for their White side, like Argentines and Chileans, or more for their Amerindian side like Peruvians. There are also the Black “Latinos” like Haitians and great part of Brazil, then if these speak French and Portuguese respectively, so are them of “Romanic” race? Hell no.

“Hispanic” is a fake identitarism invented by Jewish media to put all Latin Americans under a same pseudo-racial identity, make Latin Whites forget their White ancestry, push race mixing even further and turn every Latin American (including Latin Whites) against Northern Whites in a totally senseless racial warfare.
(I’m part of “la raza” de los Dioses Blancos LOL)

According to the “Hispanic ethnicity/race” tale, this woman (who is demanded by the Jewish narrative to hate all White people, despite speaking a White language, enjoying White inventions and being White herself):


Is the same as these “Hispanic” women (respectively Peruvian and Brazilian):

hispanic 1sheron1

-Egon Albrecht