One of the first things I want to mention here in this sermon is that Satan does NOT place ANY restrictions on hate. You are completely free to hate whomever or whatever you choose to. Hate is a normal, natural emotion. When hatred is suppressed, it can cause one personal damage in many different ways.

Hypocritical Jewish-invented New Age crap, along with Wicca [Christianized witchcraft] and related incessantly promote and support injustice. This again is another Jewish indirect method of creating lawlessness to where injustice and crime are so out of control, many Gentiles walk right into the kosher trap and readily give up their rights in return for ultra-strict laws, where again, there is even more injustice as is with Jewish communism, which has its foundation in the
Judeo/Christian Bible.

Few people stop to think and consider that ANY emotion can destroy, including that “love” that these hypocritical movements keep trying to promote. How many of us have loved the wrong people in our lives? Wasted love on the wrong people… people who are undeserving of our love? How many lives have been completely destroyed because of misplaced love? Marriages, partnerships, family relations, friendships that should never have taken place and much more.

Think about it. No emotion is without consequences. Look where Christianity has gotten people… misplaced love on that foul Nazarene and human-hating alien entity they call “YHVH.”

Hatred, like love is a very powerful emotion. It is obvious with the Jewish-invented and promoted programs such as the New Age, Christianity [Jesus loves you] and other related malignant deceptions, the Jews fear directed hatred and of course, truth and justice. This reveals where they are weak and vulnerable. Their programs keep on pushing the “love” “love” “love” ad nauseum. In addition, none of these programs has anything to do with “love.” The word “love” in regards to these nefarious programs is only a deception and a mask for extreme hatred of humanity.

I mentioned in a recent audio sermon regarding Satanic movies, such as “The Devil’s Diary” the 1978 movie “The Initiation of Sarah” and many others, how justice is subliminally portrayed as something evil. This is mostly directed at non-Satanists, as we Satanists know the truth. Satan stands for justice. Without justice, civilization ceases to exist and the Jews who are working to bring it down know this. Without justice crime gets out of control and much worse, like what is happening and has been happening for many years to an extreme, as the Jews have taken control of our legal systems and nearly all other key positions where they wreak havoc on Gentiles.

My main reason for this sermon is regarding properly directed hate. The Jews fear hatred, especially when it is directed and of the masses. It has been said that “faith and love can move mountains” so can hate. BUT, always remember this… there is a stupid saying “today is the first day of the rest of your life.” This means that one can change… BUT, each and every one of us has to live with the past. The past does not just miraculously vanish and go away. Mistakes we have made and many other things will dog us to the day we die. Some things do go away, but most things do not AND IT ONLY TAKES A FEW SECONDS TO COMPLETELY FUCK UP YOUR LIFE.

Satan does NOT want for any of his people to be in prison. When one is in prison, one is extremely restricted and is useless in fighting for our cause. The Jews know this and they also infiltrate many different groups that THEY HATE and want to corrupt and through this, they encourage members to commit crimes and such that will place the member in prison, where the Jew no longer has to worry about him/her. This is and has been a strong tactic of theirs for centuries.

Once someone has been in prison, most often, his/her life is ruined in more ways than one, even if he/she does get out. This is no way to go.

When you find yourself seething with hatred and rage, try to calm down and STOP to think. Most acts of hatred and rage result in nothing very substantial.

Going on a rampage and shooting up everyday people accomplishes nothing.

Absolutely nothing. Lashing out violently and attacking others in most cases, the person full of rage will end up in prison. End of story.

When you find yourself seething with hatred and rage and ready to literally burst with it, call upon Satan to send Demons to collect it and to deliver it to where it belongs and to where it WILL accomplish something and do the enemy the most damage. This can also be saved for a ritual. If you really feel a need to vent, just let it out either in a formal ritual or even in a private session [formal rituals are not necessary for this]. Just make sure to ask Satan to send you a Demon to take the hate energy, as I already stated above. Don’t waste your hatred or lash out in an uncontrolled act of violence. Yoga helps us to detach from our emotions in a positive way. This way emotions can be directed. If the injustice of the world is really getting to you, then have a personal session every day to vent that intense hatred. Demons will be happy to take the energy and apply it to the enemy.

Most people are so much in a hurry, few stop to think or even consider the consequences of their actions. It may feel good and provide a very short-term release to lash out in acts of violence, but in the long term, sitting behind bars is no way to go.

Everyone should perform the reverse torah rituals. This is also a very good time to vent your hatred. Hatred is something to be acknowledged, and like any other emotion, it should be properly directed. Satan and his Demons are here to help us with that.

-High Priestess Maxine Dietrich