Goy vs. Gentile: Dawn of Jewcy

The below are from the same country, in different regions where in one rampant race mixing took place, where shit, trash, robbery and murder are in every corner, and the other is the sooooo bad, racist, pro-Holycaustic Gentiles who worked hard to give a safe and healthy future for their children, to save their racial heritage, with best life quality in Latin America:

“Culturaly enriched” mixed Goy region:

VaiVc: Lapada na Rachada e Risca Faca


“Retrograde”, “racist” Gentile, race-aware region with “no-culture” who dares to not be killed and raped in the very daylight:

Clip Pomerode – SC – cidade alemã

With all of Jewish controlled Hollywood and education system promoting anti-Whitenism and race mixing, guess who is and always have been behind this, wanting to “Culturaly enrich” our peoples:

-Egon Albrecht