Global Culture and Promotion of Interracial Sex: Jewish Tactics of Gentile Destruction

The idea of a global culture or “one world culture” has become increasingly popular over the past few decades, promoted in every way possible through the media and education systems etc. What exactly does this mean? Basically, what a global culture refers to is the shedding of all personal and individual cultural identity, heritage and cultural individuality/diversity in exchange for a world culture in which everyone, no matter what part of the world they be from, follows the same pattern. All wearing the same style of clothing, all speaking the same language, all behaving the same and buying into the same basic mindset, all being exposed to the same media and propaganda and so on and so forth.

There is no room for diversity in the global culture, which those at the top are trying so hard to usher in. There will be no such thing as cultural richness or pride in one’s own unique heritage.

Heinrich Himmler once made the following statement, “A nation lives happily in the present and the future so long as it is aware of its past and the greatness of its ancestors.” This is so true. The remembering of our unique cultures and our roots is vital to the survival of our own group of people, whatever Gentile race or culture we belong to.

What makes us strong is our pride, our strengths and our will to survive and ultimately to continue evolving. The global culture attempts to rip all of this away from us, thus tearing down all the achievements and work that our Ancestors strived for and mash us all into one weakened and diluted mess in order to make us easy to control and manipulate. That is the sole purpose of the global, one world culture, and this is the true meaning of the jewish inspired “new world order”.

It in truth has nothing what-so-ever to do with Satan and Satanism. Please read the following article by High Priestess Maxine Dietrich

The jewish programs of christianity and islam always have and always will work towards bringing this global culture into being. The entire world will be mashed into one, all identified as one in the jewish/christian/muslim idea of “the one”. Statements such as “we are all one”, “obey they one”, “we are all the same underneath”, “one world, one people” and so on commonly spouted by believers of these so-called religions and their off shoots such as the new age movement are all examples of this detrimental one world mindset.

This will serve to greatly weaken the Gentile people as a whole, taking away from us our individual strengths and pride that make us all unique and strong. In essence, we will lose ourselves and become what they dictate to us, if we allow this to happen. A people who have little individuality and nothing of their own are exceptionally easy to control and to herd. Where as if we all abide by our own heritage and cultural teachings and all stand our own ground, it will be an exceptionally difficult task for them to have any kind of control over us what-so-ever. This will of course have to involve Gentile people waking up and seeing the lies of christianity and islam for what they truly are, vicious programs of enslavement.

Another thing that goes hand in hand with this global culture is the promotion of interracial sexual relations. Again, the purpose which this serves is to weaken and eventually completely eradicate the individual Gentile cultural identity and mash us all up into one state to be easily controlled and manipulated.

The media constantly promotes sexual relations between the races, in fact going beyond just labeling it as “ok” and actually encouraging Gentiles to mix racially. Those who stand against this (rightfully) are labeled “racists” and shunned by society. There is absolutely nothing racist about wishing to keep your race pure and in its strongest possible form and essence. It is in fact your duty to your race to ensure this and thus continue its survival.

The more racial mixing that is promoted, the weaker and weaker and more diluted the Gentile races will become, again, forcing in this global culture with the creation of “one race”. This would be an exceptionally sad state of affairs.

Satan and true Spiritual Satanism support the separation of the races and individual advancement of each race. Again, this is by no means racist. However, people have been programmed and conditioned by those at the top through the media and through the education systems to view this as somehow being “racist”. They would love for all Gentiles to think this way, and for us to carry out their sick program of destruction for them.

Each race should be able to rule itself and advance itself in order to better itself. Appreciate and foster your cultural individuality, do not help to destroy it by buying into the jewish tactics of global culture and interracial sex. This is not “racism”; it is preserving your own race.

Hail Father Satan!!

-High Priestess Zildar Raasi

Joy of Satan Ministries