Germany must ACCOMPLISH

Dedicated to Ilse Hirsch, symbol of the German spirit and the strenght of the German women, who resisted, endured the worst abuses and still survived to grant the life of this new generation.

The Jewish Rape, Murder And Destruction Of Free Germany:

Hellstorm Exposing The Real Genocide of Nazi Germany, Full Documentary [1:30:20]

So there they were assembled, praying for our decay. About a century ago the enemy of mankind, the Jew, wrote one of the most hateful plans to exterminate the innocent offspring our Creator God Wotan (Satan) from this Earth, which turned in action in one of the saddest and disturbing facts in history, comparable only in sadism and cruelness to their other plan, the Inquisition.

They expected to starve, humiliate and abuse the Aryan people to the point of total annihilation, which was possible in their simplistic brain. Killing German men and raping German women would be enough to finish their plan and put a total silence in the German blood, they thought. Their blind self-confidence led them to freely do the most horrific acts that we normal human beings could neither conceive after staring with our own eyes, thinking the end of the II World Battle and their meaningless plans would mean in total loss for our side, the justice and truth’s side, in the greater war.

They do not learned from us their foe, that truth can’t be hidden for too long, that real ideals can’t be killed and that WILL always triumph in the end. They don’t, as it is not in their coward inhuman nature. These are only empty words for them.

And more, that they do not know that real heroes live forever, in this or the next life they back to end their job, and the more vile and sadistic the enemy is, the hardest is the vengeance. That what they meant to exterminate were just the children of the most powerful, shining and genial God of universe, and his justice and hate would not be, nor never were, a blank page, but the hottest flame.

So what their limited brains were thinking when they had the idea to kill and rape millions of innocent Aryan men and women? Did they thought this generation would be just a mongrelized of slaves in their “Order” and Germanic immortal culture and blood would be just a shadow in the past? What happened then to their “so powerful” soviet regime decades after it, and where their leaders are now?

Go to Dresden, and Berlin too, and see for yourself what their great plan is today. These are beautiful cities and people there are happy and lead their lives normally. The Jewish horror against them let some spiritual scars, but this didn’t exterminated them. By far, it even let them smarter and stronger. Many White couples there are blonde and blue eyed, not the gray mass of mongrelized goyim they expected to create. Where are their fool programs of “gay pride” and “feminism” they expected to destroy the Aryan family and customs? Are misused, as German people are getting smart of their real purpose. Where is their self-victimization hoax of “holocaust” and blame-shifting on the German people who is the real victim? The German people used to be credulous and self-guilty, but now the truth is on the air and they see it for themselves, they even created movies about it.

Most important, where is their great program to exterminate Germans physically as a racial group? Go to street in any towns from countries with Germans or German descendents, such as Pomerode, Campo Grande, Maringá or Toledo in Brazil. Never as before you will see so much young couples with 3 or more babies, some couples apparently as old as 20-25 years old, playing with their children in parks. What happened to the Jewish propaganda against Aryan motherhood and family then?

What happened to their “Germany Must Perish” then? I tell you, Germany must not, and will never perish. On the contrary, Germany must and will ACCOMPLISH the Greatness and Godhood that we deserve by our heritage from our True Father.

Oh, I was forgetting, not to mention you will find dozens of Aryan young couples with twin babies and sometimes a third child, going against all previous statistics about fertility and modern family values. Just a coincidence? No way! This is nothing but our fellow SS collective effort of: spreading the truth, workings to expose the enemy, workings to attack the enemy’s core and our workings to AWAKE our people to their natural, pagan roots and to the truth. Don’t get it wrong, the enemy IS more dangerous than they were before, not as a signal of some kind of strength of will to survive, but as a signal of cowardice and their fears near to their well known total destruction. They know spiritual justice is near their hooked nose. This is the time we need to be the more relentless and focused we ever were. Spiritual Justice will be like Thor’s hammer on their pitiful balls.

Thanks the NS leaders and soldiers who gave their lives so we could carry the fight for today!

Thanks all the Gods of Duat and the Heroes of yesterday and today. Yes, you fellow SS who today make for mankind’s history a better and brighter future!

Thank you Heinrich Himmler, Hess and Goering who suffered and died for our cause!

Thank you Hanna Reitsch, Rudolf Kaldrack, Egon Albrecht, Wolfgang Schenck, so many other Aces of the Luftwaffe and so many other warriors of the Wehrmacht and the SS I’m not able to quote here but who lived to make a better future for our people.


Ilse Hirsch.
A member of the BDM, 1943, also a warrioress of Werwolf in 1945


Note on the “gay culture” issue: I just want to make clear that when I told about “gay pride” (the same as “gay culture”), I was reffearing to this JEWISH program. We are NOT against homosexuals in general. Gay culture is not to protect homosexuals but is a program to use them to realize the Jewish communist agenda, and then destroy gay people after it has been done.


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-Egon Albrecht