Genocide Against Whites…

Jewish Harvard professor pushes for genocide of Whites and killing White babies.

“My concern is doing away with Whiteness. Whiteness is a form of racial oppression. Sure the suggestion is that is somehow possible to separate Whiteness from oppression and it is not. There can be no White Race without the phenomena of the White supremacies. In the same way if you abolish racial oppression you do away with Whiteness. Treason to Whiteness is loyalty to humanity. The task is to bring these minorities together in such a way that it makes it impossible for the legacy of Whiteness to reproduce itself”.
– Harvard Professor Noel Ignatiev, jew

“Google the Kaufmann, Morgenthau and Hooton plan.
Three detailed plans for the Extermination of the German people written by Jews.
Sterilization and Immigration are the methods described.
Food additives and vaccines almost without exception affect fertility and brainfunctions.”

The Jew creates the problem (the slave trade was run by Jews, and ownership of slaves was predominantly Jewish, the social system, the race mixing programs, everything run and controlled by Jews), provokes the reaction and pushes the solution.

Few people are aware of the power and control the Jews have. Those of us few Gentiles who are educated about the Jews, their diet, their lifestyle differences, attitudes, their names (many change their names to using Gentile names, such as authors, etc), are aware. I made a point many, many years ago in educating myself in regards to the Jews and still do. The extent of the control, holding key positions, and power they have is shocking to say the least. It is a FACT that the Jews control 96 percent of the media. This includes books, especially textbooks. This is glaringly obvious to anyone who is onto the Jewish problem and reads extensively.

The Jews also make it a point to promote Christianity, Christian principles and Islamic filth with their control of the media. Try finding any nonfiction book, even cookbooks that are devoid of Jewish names, such as in the acknowledge section.

The Jewish control of the media has given the abomination of Christianity credibility to the masses.

In closing, I also want to add how everything White is being attacked, including our diet. “Gluten free” “Lactose intolerance” pushing veganism, and other third world diets and lifestyles to attack Whites.

Third world lifestyles and diets are not for Whites. The diseases the Jews try to claim are often genetic and racial, not dietary. But you won’t readily hear this in any mainstream publications, anymore than how milk is good for you (for most European Whites).

As for those oh so pristine vegan diets and lifestyles of the third world, the average life expectancy of those people is under 50 years and even a lot lower.

If these third worlders are so advanced and pristine, then why do they rely on White medicine, and aid?

Ben Klassen made an accurate statement about Whites helping the Third World (A very common Christian theme); “Expanding and Proliferating the Misery.”

Where there were some 10,000 starving, dying of disease, etc, now with White aid, support, medicine and so forth, now their populations have exploded to where there are now 80,000+ starving, diseased and of course a ready supply of disposable slaves for the Jews who use them to invade Europe, rob them of their body organs to sell on the black market, as they own little or nothing. The Jew is a genius at abuse and exploitation.

Third world people in spite of the billions and billions in charity and aid from the White man, ever progress. This is NOT “racism” it is a FACT!

Right now, Israel is slipping. We need to stay on the ritual to wake up the White race as en masse and the RTRs and to fight back online.

Another thing I want to add here… Like a typical Jew, that maggot in the video blatantly lies, as we know, but the sad thing is so many people are brainwashed to the point of insanity and stop to think. In addition to this, many Whites flee further and further into the suburbs and live sheltered lives, until it is too late…

That maggot kike in the video states that Whites are “racist.”

What is of course left unsaid is just how racist and hateful nonwhite races are and can be. Race mixing is unnatural and an abomination. Doves and crows are both birds, but never flock together. Same can be said, lions and tigers are both cats, but they have enough sense to stay with their own.
Even baboons stay within their own families.

I lived in ghettos and mostly nonwhite areas for most of my life due to a lack of affordable housing. (The Jew makes it a priority to own property and land. This creates the homeless problem and affordable housing shortages).

I’ve worked most of my life as a cook in restaurants. This is where one sees plenty. Riding public transportation… etc.

My son told me about the black girl on the school bus, many years ago and after continually threatening the nonwhite driver who appeared to be an Arab or something, called him a “Philipeno Saudi Arabian asshole” and then got some other blacks to wait on him and physically attack him when he made the rounds in his bus. Rather racist.

The Mexican cook who said under his breath “White Castle’s the other way” when a group of blacks entered the restaurant. White Castle is like McDonald’s.

The Native American Indians kept black slaves. This is why some have the larger lower lip.

The blacks on the bus who attacked the Chinese woman, calling her a “gook.”

This goes on all the time and of course, the most racist and truly hateful of all…the goddamned Jew.

The real tragedy is people are indoctrinated to “have faith” and to just believe what they are told.

I don’t care what anyone says, the most vehement racism I have ever seen has come from Blacks. The Jews know this and use it, like in the video.

The White race REALLY needs to wake up. Many are in church every week, praying for and supplying energy for their own damnation and annihilation. “Divide brother against brother…”

Foul idiot toxic slime says “Live and let live.” Worthless IDIOTS!! Too goddamned stupid to even know history or see history for what it is. How many WHITE people have been tortured to death with the genocidal Inquisition???
That was one…

High Priestess Maxine Dietrich

The Ritual to Incite White Awareness and Action should be repeated as often as is possible. The Runes need only be stained ONCE. The stained Runes can be used repeatedly.

The Ritual to Incite White Awareness and Action PDF

High Priestess Maxine Dietrich