Exposing the Amerindian victimization hoax

Yeah we get the same cultural Marxist shit over here as well. I actually went to the local museum years ago and read the actually history of the Amerindian tribes that actually lived in the area. They spent their time raping, murdering and torturing each other. While making slaves and rape slaves out of each other. They used to tie a captive to a pole and skin them alive in front of the village for fun. Placing bets on how long before they screamed. They would finish sometimes by cutting the captives heart out. There was a reason the settlers who showed [up in areas the Amerindians didn’t live.] Would save a bullet for themselves and their family if the Indians overran them, this is also why the European powers liked to use the tribes they where allied with as shock troops in wars over here. Most troops fighting the Amerindians always committed suicide rather then be taken captive. This is the reason the Amerindians where so hated by Whites over here in many places. They also couldn’t trust their words or their treaty. The Amerindian tribes would break it as fast as they gave it. Of course the Poo People’s hollywoodism always reverses the truth.

There was a huge war of racial extermination waged by a union of Amerindian tribes against the Whites in the 18th century they exterminated who regions of Whites and almost won. But where defeated by a British General who under false pretext allowed their commanders into the last fort in the area they had surrounded. Under peace talks the Amerindians being clever accepted to be able to case the place. They where also given the custom token of goods including blankets. From pox victims. The pox wiped their whole army out. And saved many people from being racially exterminated, raped and cruelly enslaved. But I am supposed to be full of guilt over this. Because White people don’t matter. Its fine to defend yourself and family from being raped and murdered. Unless the attackers happened to be Amerindian and the would be victims Whites to these goofy fucksticks.

One cases of so many. A White family homestead was overrun by the Amerindians the parents where killed, the infants where hacked to death with hatchets or by having their heads bashed against the ground. The older twins girls around eight. Where stripped and had their hands tied to each other and hung over a tree branch. The Amerindians cut deep wounds into them. Then placed pine corts in the wounds. Then lit them on fire and left them there to slowly die of exposer, shock and serious burns. They did this to each other as well.

The original Amerindian tribe that lived in the area I was born. Was wiped out centuries before by……Another Amerindian tribe. They where totally exterminated. Because there never was some Amerindian race they where different tribal nations who hated each other and where always at war. The different tribes would ally with different Whites and European powers to slaughter each other better. And fight each other along side different European groups in the great wars on the America’s like the seven years war. Pale faces and their Amerindian allies fighting Pale faces and their Amerindians allies. There was not some racial narrative over here like the Poo People pretend. The politics’ where complex and could change directions. It was not until the Poo People grabbed a lot of power in America in the later 19th century by Plutocracy that the actually anti Amerindian campaigns where waged. Get a bullet or go to the reservation. Because the Amerindian nations in those area’s where in the way of the Poo Peoples shekel grabbing. And they are goyim in the end. By this point many Whites where glad for this as the reason the West was so armed is to protect themselves from the Amerindians raids. For many of the Amerindians for them it simply was the normal continuation of their traditional life of tribal warfare, raids, raping, murdering and captive taking and slave trading.

The real history of the America’s is not some Thanks Giving day fantasy. That was sanitized in the 1920’s as the Poo People have been rewriting our history forever. The real Thanks Giving celebration was by the White Settlers in remembrance of their victory in a four year long brutal war. Against one of the Amerindian nations. That told them they had to pay extortion tribute or they would be attacked, murdered and their women and children raped and made slaves. Which is what this tribe did to the others around them White and Amerindian. The Settlers refused. And the war started as their homes where attacked. After four years and hundreds killed. They destroyed the enemy Amerindian nation totally.

That’s why we had Thanks Giving.

Something interesting is the area I was born was originally inhabited by Aryans over ten thousand years before the Amerindians showed up. Whites inhabited the American’s first going back tens of thousands of years. The Amerindians recorded this in their ancient tales. Upon showing up and encountering one White group after another. Some of the Amerindians they attacked and wiped out the Whites. While from their reports the Whites took a lot of them with them they simply won because of numbers. Others seemed to slow mix together over time. Which is why when the European settlers arrived they where shocked to find blonde haired, blue eyed, Amerindian Princesses. And very White looking Amerindian tribes that spoke Gaelic. And ruins of an ancient advanced civilization everywhere. There where still all White tribes living on the Pacific coast into the 18th century.Much the true history which still exists but has been removed and censored by the Poo People.

I am probably the only person I know who does not wear my part Amerindian family members like some token badge of PC honor. I like them and all. But I am not some cultural Marxist douche preening for social points. My care for my family members does not include a hate for myself and race.

Since cultural Marxist douches spout the same Poo People garbage about how Whites should go back to Europe over here. Like king Solomon of the Poo People in their myth shall my part Amerindian family members cut themselves in two and leave the Amerindian half over here and ride on the flying Unicorn with Satan666 back to Europe.

-High Priest Mageson666

In Brazil as well, the Amerindians are literary above the law. Once there was a case (of many) of an Amerindian who raped a little girl, and was acquitted in trial because according the law, for being an indigenous he was not conscious of his acts for his different “culture”, thus not guilty. They do not have be responsibilized by their acts but either way they can enjoy the bennefits of White civilization, such as the Armed Forces giving them free medicine, hospitals and granted vaccancies in Universities.

Is a pity that in Brazil there was no George Armstrong Custer to fight these savages in the past. A true Aryan hero who sacrificed his own life fighting the savages, not a mistake why Jewish “historicians” and hollyjewd slander him so much.

“I appeal to you as a soldier to spare me the humiliation of seeing my regiment march to meet the enemy and I not share its dangers.”
– George Armstrong Custer

-Egon Albrecht