Conservative and Liberal are 2 Masks of Communism

Conservates simply want to conserve how far ahead the jewish social/political[liberal] agenda was a decade ago where liberals want to keep chugging ahead.

So a conservate is simply a liberal who is dragging their feet and slow moving.

And a liberal is simply the gloss word for communist in mordern Western society. All communism ever is, was the jew took their liberal doctrine[which they destoryed France with in their revolution based on this red doctrine] and inserted it into a economic modality for the industrial era. Which they launched anew upon the world killing hundreds of millions.

It should be noted the first communist uprising was in Paris France not Russia. France was a hotbed of jewish infestation. Jewamania was running wild, the Russians where smart and kept them in the pale as a quarantine measure for the safety of Gentiles. The one Czar who freed them and gave them civil rights, the jews repaided him by brutally murdering him. He was a fool and paid with his life for projecting his compassion onto that vile and murderous talmudic lot called the kike race. The frog and the scorpion tale in reality.

He found out the hardway why they where quarantined in the pale to start with.

Now the jew has taken this updated liberalism called communism and simply changed class to race and is pushing it today as Political Correctness ie cultural marxism. And the root of all this is xianity. Nietzsche was correct in stating “the liberal is the secular priest, the priest in disguise.”

So we have always been in a struggle against the same jewish paradigm which has several mutations like any virus.

In the future the only universal doctrine will be the supremacy of nature and it’s aristocratic principal.

– High Priest Mageson666