Communism is a religion

Danielou was correct when he called Marxism the last world religion.

Communism is a religion. This documentary film shows life in this society. They have literally created a religion of the cult of the Communist state and leaders. The head leaders are turned into near mythical-supernatural messianic beings on the level of a Jesus or Mohammed. Their lives are crafted into religious themed, mystical stories and complete with massive Temples and shines built to them across the nation. Their books are treated as Bibles or Koran’s and the people forced into a literal cult of worship of them as divine hero’s, full of religious zeal and fanaticism along with religious like parades and pageants. And the state as their church on earth. They even have a massive city built as the Vatican or Mecca to the state cult. This is something you would only expect to find in a place like Saudi Arabia.

As a wise person stated simply cross out God in the Bible and insert State and you have Communism.

This is what Jewish Christianity and Islam is designed to lead the planet into. As the Koran is just the Jewish Torah mixed with other Christian tales mixed with Mohammed. It plugs into the vortex of psychic power created by Judeo-Christianity.

The regime even made a calendar starting time at the birth of the original Communist leader. Where does that idea come from again:

The dating system of BC/AD was first devised in the sixth century by the Christian monk Dionysius Exiguus (c. 470-544), based on Christian beliefs, not on any discernible scientific facts. We are therefore working with backdated markers designed to make an artificial timeline supposedly created by the Lord God himself, when he miraculously took birth through the womb of a Jewish virgin girl.”- D.M. Murdock

This film also shows the reality of people forced to eat literal baked dirt and tree bark to try and stay alive, hundreds of thousands and more dead from mass starvation. Empty roads and cities, They can’t even keep the power on in their capital it has constant black outs. No economy of anything in existence. Death camps and massive graveyards to the point they are reusing body bags because the state is running out of them. So many people are dying from starvation and disease.

The whole nation is crumbled into a tombworld. Full of massive mausoleum style moments to the state cult that has exterminated them.

– High Priest Mageson666


North Korea Documentary – Secret Filming Of A Country In Ruins – Little Left To See In North Korea

The winner of the 2001 International Emmy award for Best Documentary,

Welcome to North Korea is a grotesquely surreal look at the all-too-real conditions in modern-day North Korea.

Dutch filmmaker Peter Tetteroo and his associate Raymond Feddema spent a week in and around the North Korean capital of Pyongyang — ample time to represent the starvation and deprivation afflicting a good portion of the population, and to offset such “contemporary” imagery as cars and public facilities with the conspicuous nonuse of these trappings.

As the filmmakers reveal, the North Koreans have no opportunity to compare their existence with that of the outside world, due to the near-total cutoff of news and free transportation.

The one predominant feature of this oppressed nation is manifested in the scores of statues, sculptures, and iconic paintings of North Korea’s Communist dictator Kim Jong II, who has gone to great and sometimes ruthless lengths to convince his subjects that he has inherited godlike powers from his equally “divine” father, the late Kim II Sung (whose mummified body still lies in state, à la Lenin).

Were this not all too painfully true, Welcome to North Korea could easily pass as a grotesque fairy tale, out Grimm-ing anything found in Grimm.

The film made its American TV debut via the Cinemax cable network on March 18, 2003.

~ Hal Erickson, All Movie Guide