Communism in Serbia

Serbia is officially the Republic of Serbia, and is a sovereign state situated at the crossroads between Central and Southeast Europe. This area is no stranger to war, within the past hundred years it saw the first Balkan war in 1912, and soon after the Second Balkan war ensued. After the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria, a member of the Young Bosnia organization, went to Austria-Hungary declaring war on Serbia. In defense of its ally Serbia, Russia mobilized its troops. The retaliation by Austria-Hungary against Serbia activated a series of military alliances that set off a chain reaction of war declarations across the continent, leading to the outbreak of World War I.

From ww1 and ww2 there were many border changes. On 1 December 1918, Serbian Prince Regent Alexander of Serbia proclaimed the Kingdom of the Serbs, Croats, and Slovenes under King Peter I of Serbia. King Peter was succeeded by his son, Alexander, King Alexander changed the name of the country to Yugoslavia. There were many border changes after both world wars and the country of Yugoslavia was dissolved in 2006.

In 1941, in spite of Yugoslav attempts to remain neutral in the war, the Axis powers invaded Yugoslavia. The territory of modern Serbia was divided between Hungary, Bulgaria, Independent State of Croatia and Italy (greater Albania and Montenegro. While other occupied territories engaged in civil war, between royalist Chetniks commanded by Draža Mihailović and communist partisans commanded by Josip Broz Tito (Jew).

1944 was a period of lawlessness, savagery, and brutality, were people were subjected to massacres, and violent conversions to catholicism. Josip Broz Tito made deals with churchill (Jew) and Stalin (Jew) to send in soviet troops to yugoslavia/ during the civil war, the communist would have lost if not for this. He Made King Peter of Yugoslavia sign a declaration that made Tito commander of all army units. On March 7, 1945, a single provisional Yugoslav government took office with Tito as prime minister and war minister.

Tito created a cult of personality just as Stalin did. A cult of personality arises when an individual uses mass media, propaganda, or other methods to create an idealized, heroic, and at times worshipful image, often through unquestioning flattery and praise. From Josip Broz Tito arose Titoism, in Russia arose Stalinism, and in China there was Maoism.

It was said that the political figures who created Yugoslavia did not represent the nations in the region, and understood little of the self-perceptions or ethnic-cultural affinities of the region’s various peoples.

Josip Broz was a member of the infamous Soviet Police-NKVD and the Soviet Communist Party. Tito and his comrades set up KGB style police units in the former Yugoslavia (UDBA and OZNA). These organisations conducted political repression on a grand scale. Yugoslav Communist state used youth indoctrination (Union of Pioneers of Yugoslavia), which were all too similar to the Soviet Union (Young Pioneer of the Soviet Union) and also the People’s Republic of China. Media and arts were used as a powerful means of propaganda and were all placed under heavy censorship, just as in every other communist state. It should be noted that most of the orders came from Russia.

Nonetheless, as well as Stalin used his conflict with Trotsky to purge more Russian people as “trotskists”, Tito used his conflict with Stalin to purge more of Blkanian people as “stalinists”. Jews uses their political conflicts and create them in the first hand to purge Gentiles whom hey blame of being on this or that jewish side.

There were 500 women on the top of the hill. They stood in the white blouses and seemed almost magical. Until we had to run their gauntlet. When we reached them, the beatings started. Not just token beatings. Everyone had blood pouring from their nose or ears. They smashed our sculls. They kicked us, punched us, hit us with clubs. We had to walk past their lines until we reached the top of the hill.

– Vera Winter, Economist

When you are sent down to Barren Island, of course everyone claims not to support Stalin. “I don’t approve of the Resolution. Nothing to do with me”. Then you’re told: “Fine. If you are so against it, go and seek out our enemies here” – “What do you mean?” – “All of you are supposed to be enemies. So find them and report them to us!” – “How?” – “Just talk to them”. Some would fail for it. They’d talk to each other, then run back and denounce one another. They believed they’ll be rewarded and they might get a lighter work duty. But that wasn’t the end of it. Someone would say: “There are so many traitors here. Tonight go and beat them up”. If you didn’t carry out the order, they’d say you were deceiving them. “You pretend to be on our side, but you are not willing to hit our enemy. Extra punishment!” That’s how the system worked. If you didn’t beat someone else you’d be beaten yourself.

– Alfred Pal, Artist

While jew Trotsky lived in great luxury in the West, many of his so called “followers” whom he never knew nor cared about were tortured, murdered and genocided in his name. Same for Stalin: this jew lived in great luxury and piece while a lot of “his followers” whom he never knew nor cared about were tortured beaten and killed as “stalinists” in the other country. Stalin, Trotskiy, Bela Kun, Tito, Kamenev, Zinoviev – all of them were jews of the same gang eternally infighting with one another, but in their “inner conflicts” million of Gentiles died. This is how the jew system worked.

The damage communism does

Commission on Concealed Mass Graves in Slovenia ~

In all it is estimated that there are 100,000 victims in 581 mass graves. The killings were executed by the Yugoslav Partisan Army in 1945 and 1946. A district of Slovenia’s city Maribor, the remains of thousands of victims of purges were found, and in Kocevski Rog and Huda Jama are other sites where thousands of people were executed.

Collaborators who had attempted to retreat with the Germans, Tito had most of them massacred at the infamous Pits of Kocevje.

Jazovka is a pit that was rediscovered in 1990, after the fall of communism in Croatia. The pit is located in Zumberak and was already locally known. The bodies of of civilians and Croatian soldiers were dumped there during and after the Second World War.

Goli Otok (Barren Island), a notorious prison gulag on the Croatian coast (former Yugoslavia’s Gulag). Austro-Hungarian government set up the prison during World War One. Communist authorities of Yugoslavia in 1949 made into a high-security, top secret prison and labour camp. Until 1956 it was used to incarcerate political prisoners. They included alleged enemies of the communist state, other Communist Party members, regular citizens accused of exhibiting any democratic, anti-communist behaviour. Inmates were regularly beaten and humiliated.

Assassinations and purges were organized to eliminate individuals who were deemed anti-Yugoslavian or who were publicly critical of communism in Yugoslavia.

Vrapce Psycho-Lager at Zagreb city: This was the oldest and largest psychiatric hospital in Croatia and ex-Yugoslavia, dating two centuries ago. During Tito’s regime in communist Yugoslavia, its buildings were partly misused also for punishing the dissident anti-communist intellectuals.

Koca Popovic, CHief of the Supreme Headquarters for Serbia of the National Liberation Army asked western allies on several occasions to bomb all the serbian cities in the south because of amount of alleged high concentration of german troops but in fact the real goal of the continuous bombing and onslaught was to weaken the support of the local people for the anticommunist forces of general Mihailovic. On september 6th 1944, in Leskovac, Allied bombs killed between 5 and 8 thousand civilians.

Gassed to death: 300 victims of Yugoslavia’s communist regime found in mass grave

~Read more:

You can see the bones from here. Yes, this is a cave. They were not just dumped in caves. In some places graves were actually dug. There are over 400 mass graves

~Watch more: Tito’s Ghosts full documentary [43:31], 0,39 minute

In the months before and after the end of World War II, ethnic Germans were killed, tortured and dispossessed throughout eastern and central Europe, notably in Silesia, East Prussia, Pomerania, the Sudetenland, and the “Wartheland” region. Altogether 12-15 million Germans fled or were driven from their homes in what is perhaps the greatest “ethnic cleansing” in history. Of this number, more than two million were killed or otherwise lost their lives.

Most of these former regular Wehrmacht troops perished in postwar Yugoslavia in three stages: During the first stage more than 7,000 captured German troops died in Communist-organized “atonement marches” (Suhnemärsche) stretching 800 miles from the southern border of Austria to the northern border of Greece. During the second phase, in late summer 1945, many German soldiers in captivity were summarily executed or thrown alive into large karst pits along the Dalmatian coast of Croatia. In the third stage, 1945-1955, an additional 50,000 perished as forced laborers due to malnutrition and exhaustion.

The total number of German losses in Yugoslav captivity after the end of the war — including ethnic “Danube German” civilians and soldiers, as well as “Reich” Germans — may therefore be conservatively estimated at 120,000 killed, starved, worked to death, or missing.

“The killing continued after the war, as Tito’s victorious forces took revenge…”

Testimonies ~

Frank Waddams a British Government representative who had lived outside of Belgrade, said:

“He knew first hand of ten concentration camps and had talked with inmates from nearly all of them. “ The tale is always the same, he said “Starvation, overcrowding, brutality and death.

“God save us if the communist come..”

On the 23rd of April in 1948, in a speech Harry S. Truman (the President of USA) stated:

“I am told that Tito murdered more than 400,000 of the opposition in Yugoslavia before he got himself established there as a dictator.

”People in communist ranks didn’t want to believe in the dark stories when they were told about the horrors of communism, “it must obviously be fascists propaganda.” Justice which was denied from a generation of patriots, wanted to believe that they would be truly liberated. But there was nothing but blood and horror.

“Serbian uprising was stifled with blood …”

Towards backa after the soviet departure, in april 1945 tito partisan was faced with trench and frontal warfare. forced mobilization of beardless youth was carried out, without any previous military knowledge or training and under command of partisan troops not used to classical military tactics were practically sacrificed in constant assaults on german trenches on the plains.

The youth received 3 days of basic training where they learned the difference between the barrel and the wheels of a cannon, and between the seat of the first and second gunners, the last day practiced with live ammunition. Those young people were sent to the Srem front, to a slaughterhouse. At the Srem front, if you lifted a stick or a finger or showed your head from a trench you would immediately be shot.Peasants afterwards had to go and cart their children back, for proper burial.

As regards to identifying victims, for a long time political propaganda had obscured exactly who was killed by the Communist regime and for what reasons. More than 20 years after the fall of Communism, Serbia still hasn’t managed to face up to the crimes that were committed by the old regime.

They have tried to cover everything up, but some people survived… With the testimonies from those brave enough to share their stories, we will never forget the true evil they faced. Crimes committed under communist regimes are referred to as a few different names with certain similarities; Red holocaust, Red terror, and/or Red age. Every communist regime has left a trail of blood.

“Paradise – both christian and communist – can never come while you are still alive. It can only come when you die.”


Titoism. Three pillars of Communist Superpower. The last step to paradise

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-Teloc Vovim [revised]