Communism in Latin America and the Military “Dictatorships”

“If it is the will of the Brazilian people, I will promote the Opening Policy in Brazil. But there will come a time when the people will feel nostalgia for the military “dictatorship”. For many of those who lead the so called “end” of the dictatorship are not seeking the good of the people but their own interests.”
– Ernesto Geisel

Part of the arcticle below is true, but there was a real Communist threat in Brazil as well as in other Latin American countries, as really happened in Cuba and almost in Argentina. The communist terrorist Jewess and current president Dilma frauded the elections and already tried with her criminal gang called today workers party, to give a communist take over in the military regime times.

As noted by brother Katson here: Comunismo no Brasil e na América Latina
In the last 19 years, Brazil has to be ruled by communists who want to employ a communist dictatorship in Latin America along with the São Paulo Forum, they want the implementation of what they call “Patria Grande” (Great Homeland), the Socialist Republics of Latin America , URSAL, the last three presidents of the Republic, Fernando Henrique Cardoso, PSDB (Social Democratic Party), Luis Inacio Lula da Silva and Dilma Rousseff, who are of the same communist Party, PT (“Workers” Party), are all of Jewish descent. This project is already going to it’s ends, it was confirmed by the conclave of Washington that the presidential elections last year were rigged by the Cuban intelligence organ in partnership with the company of the electronic polls, the Venezuelan Smartmatic. The PT is proposing a constituent to create a new communist constitution in Brazil for the take over.

Shit Guevara
Catholic Church working with communism

Translated from metapedia:

The military regime in Brazil was an anti-communist puppet government installed by the CIA in Brazil during the Cold War, which had as its objectives to govern Brazil in accordance with the interests of the United States and weaken potential new competitors powers to US (Jewish) imperialism, which at the time already rivaled the Soviet Union. After Cuba became communist in 1959 (before it was a banana republic exploited by the American Jews) the US invented a supposed “communist threat” in the early 60s in Brazil to pressure the Brazilian military to run with President João Goulart (Jango) elected democratically, investing money in advertising in the media to alarm the public. The military fearing a possible US invasion (which was possible at the time) and knowing that the Brazilian armed forces had not the slightest possibility of offering resistance, gave a military take over (called by them counter-take) in 1964.

The regime in Brazil was a model for other military regimes installed by the US in Latin America and Europe (Greece). In the late 1970s however, the schemes began to distance from the US and to govern for the national interest. During the government of Ernesto Geisel (1975-1979), Brazil retired from the US and Israel and has established partnerships with eastern European countries and China. Argentina claimed the Falklands and Pinochet’s Chile also became nationalist. For the US this time it was necessary to remove these regimes installed by themselves, creating insatistafação among the population and making this go ask streets “democracy.” The defeat of Argentina in the Falklands War was decivisa to the collapse of the military regimes.

Democracies, elected (in compulsory elections) by an ignorant proletariat, helped to further weaken their countries, since almost all the money is wasted to support the corrupt political machine while almost nothing is invested in infrastructure and in the military.

With the increase in disorder and violence in Brazil, reappeared nostalgic supporters of the military regime for a time when there was public safety. Yet it should be noted that Brazil was relatively safe even before the military regime, since the population at the time was less urban, simpler and religiously devout. (My note, less marxized and marginalized than today).

Image: Protesters demand the return of the military regime in protest in Belo Horizonte, which also happened in Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo and other great cities. The banner says: Military intervention now! Brazil DEMANDS order and progress!!

-Egon Albrecht