Classless Society in Communism, National Socialism, Capitalism

What most people know is that both the Communist jewish society, and the NS Germany society, both were CLASSLESS. The terms are really covered however…And the whole importance lies in the TERMS by which is this conducted… That means, that you are not predisposed by the birth of your parents, or simple hereditary right, to be anything.

Now in NS Germany what did this mean? The child of the shoemaker and the housewife could become a leader, a high official, or anything they wanted and had natural predisposition to become. EFFORT would have to follow through, same as proving this. The NS state took the responsibility of growing the talents in the child, and giving them all the possible selections so they could follow their future, which was already guaranteed if they followed through with their ambition. School was basically a series ranging from art, to science, to warfare. The child by age of maturation would know what they were best at and could possibly make a living from, or excel.

Even if someone had very low aims for their life, and they were the son of a war commander, that didn’t mean nothing. Goebbels had an elder son that he didn’t put in any position just because he was his son. He was a simple soldier in the Hitler Jugend. And didn’t get nowhere because of his “daddy”. This is obviously good, and forms a natural aristocracy, of the correct people in the correct positions: so, society can rise to higher levels. This is because of the understanding that everyone is UNEQUAL. This UNEQUALITY opens the doors for people to do what they are supposed, and feel better aligned to be doing.

The created shekel “Economic Class” cannot obstruct Tesla to rise in the higher ranks to create, for example. The other people in the NS state would actually push and bless Tesla to do whatever he had to do, because of a feeling and morals of commonwealth: they see in the success of Tesla their own success, and they will benefit all together from his existence. His existence would be a blessing.

If you pay attention, Marxism and therefore Communism always fixates on your income, and how many Shekels you possess. The same understanding has poisoned Capitalism, and the jews, exactly as Marx instructs, are using Capital to basically form Communist conditions within society, and then create an actual Communist revolution. Everyone is taxed according to income, etc., and everyone’s life is basically just their income. Without the Shekel, you can get nowhere, and you are equal to a piece of trash.

You cannot ‘prove’ yourself either in any way. The enemy as this situation climaxes, robs the “Public Estate” from people, such as free schools etc., and turns them into crap, so people can only advance by getting loans and getting in paid schools, which may NOT always work. People who start from poor families (open any economics book that has research) tend to by the high 90’s of percent to never rise in the next ‘socio-economic’ class.

Simply because, the system obstructs them. The only way this can happen is by coincidences or loans, both of which the jews have guaranteed to bear no fruit in many ways. It’s largely a hoax. I think the accurate percentage of failure is above 95% per generation.

In the jewish commie-land of Stalin, one’s hereditary rights meant something. If your father was a Lawyer for example, you were OBSTRUCTED from going to the same or in a higher social class. I know this sounds bizarre, but this is exactly what happened and it’s widely known from communist scholars. You were damned by serfdom, and you had to serve the lower classes. The jewish classes who were nothing, were FORCED to go to the top, because the reconstruction of society was basically a society where jews had to rule.

The mobster and gangster Stalin, was now ‘God’ over Russia. Because of the nature of communism, one doesn’t have any talents and any free will. This is all because Communism has to become “Finalized” and “Total”, and humans have to work to their death for whatever is forced upon them, like it or not. In short, the jews don’t give one shit.

Everyone is born “EQUAL”, and everyone has to do what the state forces them to do (personal preference doesn’t matter), and their talents are not taken into consideration. Tesla rots in the gulag aside the “Komrades” and jews spit in his face, until he is dead from deprivation, trying to build a house for Stalin’s new jewish hooker. “Equality Materialized”.

If Tesla was to run outside of the border, the “Comrades” would have killed him.
Because, aren’t we all equal? WTF are you doing trying to become an inventor? GTFO and go to work in the gulag. Tesla’s “Inequality” would have been a curse, something to be killed about even. Everything that is above the “mass” HAS to be exterminated, as it threatens the mass.

-Joy of Satan Ministries
HP Hooded Cobra 666
April 03, 2017

Reply from [HP. Hoodedcobra666]:

Lastly, we have Socialism. Socialism is as Lenin admits, the stage between Capitalism and Communism. Brief Socialism is needed, to wreck any powerful Gentiles in positions of power pretty much, and make them lose their wealth.

Then, they implement “Socialism”, another large, jewish hoax, built on promises like the psyop of xianity. If you give the money and wealth you have gained to the “poor” for free through welfare, everything will be okay. Said the jews to their dissatisfied people, which they have wrecked through capitalism. Because they hold the money of Gentiles through banks, this can easily happen by ripping off the money from the banks, or in other methods such as extreme taxation.

However, the jews are dishonest and thieves, and of course, they scam this money from their state position, for themselves. Therefore we have ‘Corruption’. This is very common in Brazil, the USA (jews emigrate to Israel after they do public stealing etc). This is only a short-lived transitory system, through which the jews steal money from the rich to make them less powerful, and raise the yids on a higher scale to push for Communism. Socialism gives the final blows to the economy, and then, people ask for Communism (which is what the jews expect).

While weakening both the rich and the poor of a country. The rich are weakened by removal of their wealth, the poor are weakened because they just rely on welfare and therefore do nothing at all to become advancing members of society: both are sinking in lower levels. The lowest level of climax being ‘Communism’. Jews remain untouched because they have safeguarded their money long before that state.