Christianity Is Jewish Communism

The Marxist system of life did actually work and for around eight hundred and more years. It was called the Christian Churches Feudal system. Rabbi Marx himself gives a constant credit to this fact himself in his work “The Communist Manifesto”. Let us examine as to why this is.

The Christian doctrine was created by Jewish oligarchs in the Roman Empire the leaders of this being the Jewish , Alexandria family. The coup that overthrew the Roman aristocracy then put the Flavian regime into power as the Imperial rulers. The Alexandria’s were the leading group within this new order and were made part of this new Imperial regime and their money funded it. Vespasian the first Flavian Emperor built a statue to the Alexandrian Jew who thought the agency of Titus had made him Emperor and created the Flavian Dynasty. Titus was married into the Jewish oligarchy via his Jewish wife. Vespasian’s family was also big in the banking business which was dominated by the Jewish Oligarchs as well. The important fact is with the Flavian Dynasty which was a cabal of Roman and Jewish Oligarchs, run by Jewish money power. The ideology they created and imposed on the population was Jewish and thus served the interests of the Jews. And thus the Jews were in charge at the top rung of this cabal. This ideology of Christianity had already been manufactured by the Jews in the city of Alexandria and the institution of this doctrine was run by the Alexandria family. As the intellectual head and patrons. This is confirmed by Eusebius the Christian historian and bishop in his own writings. Eusebius stated that Catholicism came originally from Alexandria were it had been practiced for several centuries before under the name of the Therapeutes. This was the Jewish institution that created the myth of Christianity. In the previous era’s this institution had stated they created Christ by cultural theft of the Egyptian Osiris and recrafting of the Egyptian religious narrative into Jewish purposes. The purpose of which is revealed in the Bible. In the final book of Revelation the creation of a world Messianic Jewish Kingdom. That is ruled by the Jewish leader in the form of Rabbi Christ and the 144,000 Jewish elect who symbolically represent the 12 tribes of Israel, the entire Jewish race. The creation of the Messianic Jewish Age. This is to happen after the destruction of the age of the Gentiles which ends the age of Edom [the apocalypse]. This is why Revelations is wrote in the theological language of the book of Daniel in the Jewish Torah. Where this was laid out by the Rabbinical authors of the text as the spiritual, ideological mission of the Jewish race. The Bible was created by the Jewish elites to fulfil this mission. The Christian ideology is the Jewish device to achieve global Jewish supremacy. This ideology was then violently imposed on the Roman Empire by the orders of the Flavians. With the order of Theodosius who by Imperial order decreed all must convert to Christianity or be executed. The Inquisition stated in the fourth century and was always in place till the Church lost power. This was the destruction of the Roman Empire in a wave of mass murder, torture and cultural genocide the entire Gentile world was wiped away and the world entered year zero. The birth of the Messianic age of the Jews. The replacement culture for the Gentiles was the Jewish program.

The economic and political system of life under the rule of the Church was all property was held in common, the organization of the people was into communes were the serfs worked the land owned by the Church who collected it from them. And after taking the majority of production for the Church, then disturbed the rest among the proles according to the needs of each. As the Communist manifesto dictates this method of Socialism as well. The Church owned the land and wealth and political power. They ruled by military force and the inquisition. Just as the Marxist State rules. The Church massacred two hundred millions lives. The Marxist ideals of society are found in the New Testament. Jesus preaches against wealth, and rails against the owners of his day. His was the doctrine of class warfare and abolishment of property ownership as this defined wealth. He preaches the destruction of the family unit and the assimilation of his followership’s into a classless, family less, radical egalitarian socialist society. That all nations[Nation in the original Greek text is Ethos which means race] have been created out of one blood and are equal, there is no differences between race or gender all are the same. The Kingdom that Jesus promises is not one in the sky but one on earth. He promises to bring this radical Communist society to earth with his return. The Christians are ordered in the New Testament to live in a society that is Communist by definition. This is evidenced by the social model described by the Apostle Paul.

It is not an accident when Pope John the 23 created Vatican two. Which was a purist return to the gospels. What was brought forth by Pope John was Liberation Theology, Liberation Theology was an openly declared Marxist Social Gospel. The Jesuits spread Liberation Theology all through Latin America to promote open Communist guerilla movements. The Communist insurgency in Latin America only ended with the six leading Jesuits preaching and pushing Liberation Theology were assassinated by the anti-Communist squads. The current Pope, Francis is a Jesuit who ordered the Priests under him to preach Liberation Theology back when he was a bishop in Latin America. Francis believes in Marxian Liberal Theology, openly. He is literally a Communist and the Christian leader of the Catholic Church.

The Churches doctrine is that the Messianic age is the arrival of the Catholic Church on this earth and its regime. This is because the Church is run by the Jewish race and always was. Like the Communist Party that was the secular remodeling of its Jewish theology. The goal of the Catholic Church is to create a global Jewish state based on Communism were the state is God. And the Jewish People are the state. Writings on the period of rule of the Church openly mention the Jews lived as a privileged elite under the Churches rule and were openly active within enforcing the Churches rule. The lived with wealth, power and protection under the Church when most Gentiles were literally enslaved on Church run, Communistic plantations. The writings of Luther reveal the doctrine of the Catholic Church was simply one of open worship of the Jews as God. How the Jews lived under the Catholic Church is the same as how they lived under the Communist State. They were given the property and wealth of the Gentiles taken by the Jewish Communists and protected as a privileged elite under the anti-Semitism act were even to criticism them was the death penalty. Just as the Jews were given the property and wealth of the Gentiles taken by the Churches state. They were allowed by the Church to lend money with interest [Gentiles were banned from this] and tax collect as well. Insuring all the Jews were wealthy when the Gentiles were starving and poor.

It is no mistake the Catholic Pope, is a literal COMMUNIST. And its no mistake that the Popes and their leading Priestly order when they made a pure study of the gospels found the Communist ideology within their own Bible. Pope Francis stated that Communism is just Christianity without the supernatural component. The supernatural element is simply what….. God wants you to live in a Communist global state. That’s is the message of the New Testament. Which the entire Catholic Church is built upon. The Jesuits had already worked out Marxian Socialism centuries before and employed this in their development of regions under Church control.

To note the doctrine of Christianity is one of materialism. The Christian religion does not have an actual doctrine of the soul. The pure doctrine of the Bible is that what is later called a soul is simply the breath of life which is what God gives man in the creation in the Garden of Eden. And when one dies the breath goes out and they sleep in the grave the Sheol. And upon the arrival of the Messiah the person will be reanimated from the dust of the earth again and judged. If found righteous according to Mosaic doctrine they will live in the material kingdom of God [God is the Jewish People] on this earth in the Messianic age. If not they will be totally destroyed and erased from existence. Christianity Is spiritually empty, Marxist materialism.

In the Bible the Jewish blueprint for their Global Kingdom was always Communism. And Communism fulfilled this doctrine of giving the Jewish People their earthly Kingdom. The Government of God on earth the Communist League promised as their motto, was achieved. In the Jewish texts the Rabbinical authors stated that “God” is a code word for the Jewish People and in the Torah, People is a term only for fellow Jews. As non Jews are considered by Rabbinical law to be non-humans and property of the Jewish race as Goyim, meaning animal, cattle. The Torah states that all animals are put on this earth to serve the Jewish People, including the Goyim. Hence you as a Gentile become property of the Communist State.

The government of God the Jewish run Communist Society promised to bring was the Messianic Kingdom of the Jewish People on earth. That is why every Communist Regime is called “The Peoples Republic.” And is run by Jewish rulers. It’s the Jewish Republic were only Jews are persons so only they have property, rights and political power. This is what the Torah promised the Jewish People their Kingdom would be. This is the return to life as it was under the Jewish run Catholic Church. Just replace Church with Party and Pope with Supreme Leader and God with The State.

Jewish Christianity is Jewish Communism.

HP Don Danko