Anti-Racist ‘Heathens’: So “Pagan” that They Want to End Our Bloodlines

“The Germans, I am apt to believe, derive their original from no other people; and are nowise mixed with different nations arriving amongst them…” –Tacitus, Germania*

“For myself, I concur in opinion with such as suppose the people of Germany never to have mingled by inter-marriages with other nations, but to have remained a people pure, and independent, and resembling none but themselves. Hence amongst such a mighty multitude of men, the same make and form is found in all, eyes stern and blue, yellow hair, huge bodies…” –Tacitus, Germania**

Anti-Racist “Pagans” Are Hypocrites

Apart from the conspicuous presence of feminists, faux-anarchists, marxists, jews, people of “color” (brown?), homosexuals, and self-hating White beta males amongst them, the thing that is most amusing about so-called anti-racist Heathens is the inherent hypocrisy of their comments on our pre-christian forebears in relation to the issues of racialism and politics. Anti-racists (read: anti-Whites) will scream at the top of their lungs that our Pagan ancestors “were not racist!”, doing so in such a way as to give the impression that they surely must have been staunchly racially egalitarian, pro-multiracialism, and that not only did they have no beliefs or collective tendencies which would suggest they would have opposed race-mixing, but they would even likely have considered such a position shameful, dishonorable, immoral, and unkind.

Before going any further let it just be stated that the so-called Wicca movement is made up mostly of feminists (including any “men”) who hate men along with universalist “Pagans” who bash christians while trying to outdo them in their attempts at signaling universal moral righteousness. They have merely secularized the judaic slave morality found within judeo-christinsanity. In reality they are nothing but a bunch of secular christians who have turned “God” into a woman, replaced misogyny with misandry, and who adhere to a modern “progressive” morality and worldview.

Much of the founding for the historical perspective of the anti-racist “Pagan” is tainted by contemporary jewish myths emanating from academia [Think Franz Boas, Ashley Montagu, Richard Lewontin, Jared Diamond, Stephen Jay Gould, etc.]. As a result, they are very often dogmatic when it comes to imposing a subversive, modern morality onto our forebears. Anti-racist “Heathens” have a notably egalitarian, i.e. judeo-christian, universalist morality and conception of good and evil. When they speak of racialism and anti-jewish sentiment they sound like christards neurotically seeking to instill in others the impression that their ways are sinful and that their fate shall be cruel lest they repent and atone. It is funny (yet sad) and truly ironic that so-called witches and Heathens are now taking on the role of the christian in their attempts to burn us at the stake of public moral opinion.

Let us not be reactionary and delude ourselves into believing that we are able to be exactly as our predecessors were, i.e., come to imagine that we are capable of experiencing being in no way different than they themselves, in the sense of how they interpreted and perceived their existence. Our own lives will be unique, adapted to the reality of our current collective circumstances, and not identical to the situations we faced thousands of years ago. Naturally, we must adapt to our present existential truth as it pertains to our race’s future life. As a race, as a people, we must deal with today’s conditions, just as they undoubtedly would have done.

Another point of incoherence coming from anti-White persons calling themselves Heathen or Pagan is the notion that there is a rational argument to be made that racialist Pagans are not real Pagans because they have an interest in politics. Everything is political at the collective level. Our forebears certainly were not apolitical. The political landscape and realities were surely different, but apoliticalness is collective impotency. They would have defended their interests as a people. The notion that these cultural marxists better represent our ancestors’ worldview is completely absurd, since if they were listened to we would eventually go extinct.

A lot of this is just common sense; or, should be, and most assuredly once was. It really is simple logic. Also, how do they explain the hypocrisy of their charge that Pagans who mix racialism with Paganism are abusing Paganism, and misusing it as a cover for politics, when they themselves have organizations such as “Heathens Against Hate” and “Heathens United Against Racism”? Are they themselves somehow not political, also?

Apart from Varg Vikernes, or those who point to Tacitus, not many racialist Pagans make the claim that they find explicit justification for their racialism in the myths, or recorded pre-christian European history, or any such thing. And so, this is yet another point of irrationality on the part of these so-called Heathens. They always feel the need to state that Pagans who adhere to racialism do not represent authentic Heathendom, as if somehow their opposition to it makes them more qualified representatives. Again, very few racialist Pagans claim they find explicit justification for racialism in the myth, rather they simply use reason, natural instinct, and common sense in their affirmation of its righteousness and just cause. It is not a coincidence that many racialists gravitate toward our ancestral ways. We do not use Paganism to justify our racialism, we use racialism to justify our Paganism.

If, based on the belief that there is no explicit mention of or dictate on race in the Lore, racialist Pagans are abusing and misusing their ancestors’ Pagan myths, symbolism, and imagery simply by being racial, then by that same line of reasoning so too are anti-racist Pagans abusing and misusing these myths and aesthetics by being so aggressively anti-racial.

Lastly, our pre-christian kin of days long past did not practice a dogmatic faith where their religion was separate from their everyday life. It was not unchanging, and its intended function was to advance and improve the collective life of the folk, not hinder it. Did they even have a name for their particular spiritual world conceptions, or did they just have terms to describe merely some of their beliefs and practices? If a clan member were to stop believing in certain things, would they no longer be treated as kindred peoples, or would they still be seen as kinfolk? Regardless, we see no commandment to race-mix, to remain apolitical, to not defend our racial inheritance, to be submissive, suicidal beta males, nor to be so anti-Nature as to consider our ancestors’ biological truths to be of arbitrary significance. We are them. They are us. We are our Pagan forebears, and in the most literal and meaningful sense, for if our Blood becomes mixed there shall be no return to the state of being which produced Paganism to begin with, but so long as the Blood remains pure there remains hope and the potential that future offspring – even those of the most degenerate members of our race alive at present – will one day achieve individuation in conjunction with Nature-derived enlightenment accorded them by whatever the divine force is which animates the cosmos.

Regards and Heil Wotan!

“Óðinn actually sends Heimdallr to Earth to create a better human race. His first attempt is called Trell (Thrall), but he is black, ugly and stupid, so Heimdallr pays no attention to him and keeps trying. The next result is Karl (Free Man), who had red-brown hair, is tall and strong. He is still not satisfied though, so he keeps trying. Then finally he gets a son called Jarl (Proto-Norse *EirilaR, English Earl), that is fair-eyed, intelligent, beautiful and fair (European). Heimdallr had finally created a man who is good enough for Óðinn and Valhalla, so he teaches him – and only him – the runes (secrets) of the gods and Valhalla is opened up to his kin. His kin is the only one that will be let over the bridge that leads to Ásgarðr (“the court of the Æsir” or “the yard of the Æsir”). The others will ignite and fall down like rocks if they set their foot on this bridge, that is guarded by Heimdallr.

To enter at all you need to be of Jarl’s kin and be innocent and not bring anything impure, but to be able to leave again after visiting you need to be alive too. Naturally it doesn’t really matter what you say as the guardian of the bridge already knows all the answers (he is after all Heimdallr, the white god or “Santa Claus” if You like, who knows everything there is to know about his children already), but if You try to lie to him You will certainly be surprised by what happens (just ask King Arthur and his knights…). As we know, only the good children get presents from “Santa Claus” on the Yule Eve, and the rest get their stockings filled with ashes (and that ashes is all that is left of other “bad” children who tried to cross the rainbow bridge) from the chimney.

This is the mythology, a pretty unmistakably racist statement left to us from our forefathers. So are people like me “blind”, and do we “misuse” the symbols and religion of our forefathers when we spread racism? Should I be ostracized from the “Pagan” movement when I only advocate views that are obviously in accordance with the views of our forefathers and their religion?” –Varg Vikernes, excerpt from Paganism: Part I – The Ancient Religion

“We cannot possibly get beyond our present level of culture unless we receive a powerful impetus from our primitive roots. But we shall receive it only if we go back behind our cultural level, thus giving the suppressed primitive man in ourselves a chance to develop. How this is to be done is a problem I have been trying to solve for years… The existing edifice is rotten. We need some new foundations. We must dig down to the primitive in us, for only out of the conflict between civilized man and the Germanic barbarian will there come what we need: a new experience of God…”

–Dr. Carl Gustav Jung

“Because the behavior of a race takes on its specific character from its underlying images, we can speak of an archetype ‘Wotan’.”

–Dr. Carl Gustav Jung, Wotan

“We are always convinced that the modern world is a reasonable world, basing our opinion on economic, political, and psychological factors. […] In fact, I venture the heretical suggestion that the unfathomable depths of Wotan’s character explain more of National Socialism than all three reasonable factors put together.”

–Dr. Carl Gustav Jung, Wotan

“When, for instance, the belief in the God Wotan vanished and nobody thought of him anymore, the phenomenon originally called Wotan remained; nothing changed but its name, as National Socialism has demonstrated on a grand scale. A collective movement consists of millions of individuals, each of whom shows the symptoms of Wotanism and proves thereby that Wotan in reality never died, but has retained his original vitality and autonomy. Our consciousness only imagines that it has lost its Gods; in reality they are still there and it only needs a certain general condition in order to bring them back in full force.”

–Dr. Carl Gustav Jung in a letter to Miguel Serrano

“The past of human existence as a whole is not a nothing, but that to which we always return when we have put down deep roots. But this return is not a passive acceptance of what has been, but its transmutation.”

–Dr. Martin Heidegger

“One form of Odin is dead, that is, the Odin who was the highest of the many gods who appeared as the embodiment of a generation still given up to natural symbolisms. But Odin as the eternal mirrored image of the primal spiritual powers of Nordic man lives today just as he did over 5,000 years ago.”

–Dr. Alfred Rosenberg, The Myth of the Twentieth Century

“As long as a people lives, its gods are immortal.”

–Dr. Alfred Rosenberg, The Myth of the Twentieth Century

“Through the racial question alone, i.e. through the eternal laws of blood, of type, of nature, we can understand life and history. The results of the inquiries of natural science in the field of racial science disprove the fundamental concepts of the past. The Folkish Movement is the first political consequence of the more recent findings of science. National-Socialism deliberately places race at the center of political thought. Blood and Soil are the two most important foundations of life. “Blood” and”soil” are however not material, but the highest ideals. As our Germanic forerunners already recognized, blood and soil are eternal and holy values. For eternal is the bloodline which manifests itself from the past through the present into the most distant future. And eternal too is the soil, hallowed by the blood poured forth in its defense. These highest core-values place a great obligation upon us: remember that you are a progenitor!

Only a people that observes the eternal laws of the preservation of the type, that believes in its own racial strength, has a future!”

–Hansjoerg Maennel, Race According to the NSDAP

“…behind me I see the path of my race passing back through the distant millennia until it is dimmed by the mist of time – […] My race’s entire path through time I do not know – but, I do know that I live and that I am only a link in the chain in which no link must fail, so long as my people live. Otherwise, I never would have been.”

–Wulf Sörensen (Heinrich Himmler), The Voice of the Ancestors

“The idea of metagenetics may be threatening to many who have been taught that there are no differences between the branches of humanity. But in reflecting, it is plain that metagenetics is in keeping with the most modern ways of seeing the world. A holistic view of the human entity requires that mind, matter, and spirit are not separate things but represent a spectrum or continuum. It should not be surprising, then, that genetics is seen as a factor in spiritual or psychic matters. And the ideas put forth by those who see consciousness as a product of chemistry fit into metagenetics as well – for biochemistry is a function of organic structure which in turn depends upon our biological heritage.

We of Asatru are concerned about our ancestral heritage, and we consider our religion to be an expression of the whole of what we are, not something that we arbitrarily assume from without. It also explains why those who do not understand us accuse us of extreme ethnocentrism or even racism –for it is clear from metagenetics that if we, as a people, cease to exist, then Asatru also dies forever. We are intimately tied up with the fate of our whole people, for Asatru is an expression of the soul of our race.”

–Stephen McNallen, Metagenetics

“Our religion is a function of who we are, not just what we believe. Since the human being is a holistic entity, our spirituality cannot be considered something apart from our physical ancestry. In terms of both genetics and metagenetics, our ancestors are encoded into our very beings. From values and temperament – which have been shown to correlate statistically with heredity – to the deeper issues of spirit, our forefathers and foremothers continue to influence us. It seems reasonable, then, to predict that people will tend to be most fulfilled by the religious and spiritual paths of their ancestors. Properly presented, the ancient ways of one’s people should exert a powerful draw on the individual.”

–Stephen McNallen, Metagenetics: An Update

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*Alternate translation: “The people of Germany appear to me indigenous, and free from intermixture with foreigners, either as settlers or casual visitants.”

**Alternate translation: “I concur in opinion with those who deem the Germans never to have intermarried with other nations; but to be a race, pure, unmixed, and stamped with a distinct character. Hence a family likeness pervades the whole, though their numbers are so great: eyes stern and blue; ruddy hair***; large bodies…”

***The original Latin term is rutilae comae, which Google translates literally as red hair. It can be seen rendered, in yet more translations of Germania (which was originally titled On the Origin and Situation of the Germanic Peoples), as red-blond, reddish yellow, and also golden red.

by Blut und Boden

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