Alt Right Scam

Three points to remember:

The jews know there is a major event coming that will cause the reaction from the population that might unseat them from power.

The jews such as Marx stated the ideal of synthesis the blending of opposites which allows a new form to emerge that is now controlled by the jews. The key principal of jewish subversion. Christianity a jewish political movement for jewish control, was a synthesis of Paganism into Judaism.

The Alt Right is the synthesis to control that reaction.

Trump as already mentioned is a jewish owned operative who owns companies that are fronts for the jewish elites the Rothschild’s and Rockefeller’s. Trump is the new mascot of the Alt Right, who is an open neo-con, that is the placing of a kosher, neo-cohen, civic nationalism based on jewish values, dissolving out the emerging awakening. The jews are seeking to control the right with a synthesis as they know the values of the right are a threat to them.

Now the jews are inserting their operatives into the growing awakening this way to misdirect people and put the jews in charge. This was done before during the Cold War when the jewish Rockefeller’s as Mullins stated created the John Birch Society, the same Rockefeller’s who created the America Communist Party and funded it. This disarmed the Right of the time and allowed for Communism [jewish globalism] to advance.

Now as the population is about to swing to the Right, they are pushing the new synthesis to control this. The Alt Right. Anyone who promotes the Alt Right is to be considered suspicious. They are probably an operative.

– High Priest Mageson666